Week 11 Marathon Training Recap

It’s the 5 week countdown!

Last week was pretty productive considering I’d run a speedy 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

Monday, I went out for an easy 3 miler (9:39) to shake the legs off from the previous day’s race.

I met up with my run club on Tuesday and got in the 5 miler I had scheduled (9:22). My husband ran as well and we enjoyed this beautiful sunset

Photo: ABC 15's Facebook page

Photo: ABC 15’s Facebook page

Wednesday we were supposed to continue our Yasso’s at the track but the high school had a soccer game. I ended up doing 3 negative split miles around a local park: 9:34, 9:14, 8:44

Thursday and Friday I foam rolled, stretched, and rested. It’d been 4 days straight of running and I wanted to make sure all was well for…..

Saturday‘s 20 miler!!

My plan had been to run part of the 20 on the actual course but–I was in a car accident on Friday. I’m okay; it was just a fender bender (and my kids weren’t in the car, thankfully!) but I was pretty shaken up and not at all comfortable being away from home so early in the morning. My car (barely 2 months old 😦 ) got some rear end damage…

So, I hit the good ‘ol canals nearby and met up with a friend, who was also doing twenty, at 5 o’crazy clock in the morning.

I loved that my buddy is pretty much the same pace as me so it was a stress free run. I struggle running with people faster than me because 1. I don’t like feeling like I’m slowing them down and 2. I don’t like pushing myself unnecessarily trying to keep up.

There was none of that on Saturday as my buddy Jen and I cruised along stopping for a quick Gu break every 5 miles (and a bathroom break at mile 17). We knew we wanted to take it easy and not over exert ourselves on this long run–no need for speed here.

For the most part, we stayed within our desired pace of 9:45-10:00 with the occasional over 10 minuters that didn’t bother us at all.

We talked and laughed and sometimes ran silently and it was just an overall peaceful run. I really could not believe that I could honestly enjoy 20 miles, but I did!

We were feeling so good that at the end we felt we could pick it up a bit and our last mile, mile 20, clocked in at 9:18!

I experienced 0 cramps (a first for me in a run of that distance) and overall felt pretty good. I mean, I didn’t feel like I could go do another twenty, but if it’d been race day, I certainly felt I could have gone another 6.2. I was just really happy that I ran it conservatively, comfortably, and that I finished feeling like I still had something left in the tank.

20 miler 1 of 2: DONE!

20 miler 1 of 2: DONE!

The rest of the day was actually a busy one. My daughter had soccer

My sassy soccer player <3

My sassy soccer player ❤

and it was 2 weeks in a row of Anna and Elsa!


Me and 3 princesses (again)


It was Frozen/snow day at my kids’ school on Saturday–Unfortunately, my son was napping and missed out on the fun 😦 but, he did get a haircut when he woke up! 🙂

My lil handsome stud

My lil handsome stud

Overall, a busy and productive week!

Total Miles: 31.04 When I uploaded my runs to GarminConnect, I saw that I had reached 100 miles! This totally shocked me as I hadn’t been trying nor has it felt like a 100 mile month.

There's still a week left!

There’s still a week left!

Water Intake: D-

Eeeek :(

Eeeek 😦

How was your running week? Do you track your monthly miles?

Have you been doing better than me at hydrating?

Who was the last character/famous person you had your picture taken with?

27 responses

  1. That’s great that you had such an enjoyable, stress-free 20 miler! I can relate with your comments about struggling w/ people who are faster… I especially wouldn’t want to have that stress on a 20 mile run!!

    I also like that your speedy 1/2 marathon was just another step in your training plan and you were able to go out running the next 3 days without any issues. I still haven’t worked myself up to a 1/2 (I think I’m about ready to sign up for my first 10K though!) but it’s very inspiring to see how quickly you bounced right back into training without any fuss. Halfs can seem a little intimidating when you read about runners tapering for days beforehand and taking weeks to get back to normal life afterwards!!

    • It was important for me to not go all out for the race–I think that’s why I was so surprised with how well I did. Like I could have pushed harder but didn’t want to because my focus was/is training for the marathon. So to have done so well on a race that I tried but not crazy tried, makes me soooo happy 🙂 When I ran the race last year with the goal of sub 2ing, I was a deathly disaster afterward because I had seriously given it all I had lol!

  2. I rarely have issues hydrating–I’m probably on the brink of over hydrating, lol. My training hasn’t been the best of late–calf issues. But I’m happy that you are still kicking ass and taking names!

  3. Awesome job with the miles lady! I am so excited for your race!! I have been doing really well with hydrating thanks to my app, knowing I have to see it everyday motivates me to get it all in. My mileage has been fine but no where near as high as yours, I still don’t have any races on the books yet so I have no real reason to increase it quite yet, so I am enjoying cross training more and logging lower miles! I love that pic of B, his haircut is adorable and L is the cutest little soccer player!! Have a great week Helly!

    • Mr. Water Drop definitely motivates me–the fact I’ve been letting him down gets me back on the ball lol!
      I’m excited for the marathon–to run it and then be able to do some other things like trail running 🙂 HOpe you have a good week too! ❤

  4. Awesome job on the 20 miler! (And training in general!) You certainly started the year off with a bang 🙂 I’ve been slacking on the water intake too…

  5. Great job on another strong week, esp after that half! That’s so awesome that your 20 miler was pretty much perfect- what an amazing confidence booster as your taper is quickly approaching 🙂
    I’m already at 72 oz of water today- I’m like a camel. I’m not sure I could function on less than 50 oz lol

  6. I do track my miles and I haven’t hit a 100 mile month in close to a year! Can you believe that? I blame all of the calf issues and time off I’ve had to take. You are still killing those runs, great job!

  7. Yay! I’m so glad you had a nice strong long run and finished feeling good! I thought of you today because as I was driving, I saw a sign that said “street closed special event February 28th” by Brown. I’m assuming it was for the marathon! I was very impressed that they are on top of things early!:)