Week 12 Phoenix Marathon Training Recap

And it’s 4 weeks until game time ladies and gentlemen!

Last week was a pretty relaxed week mileage wise. I had done my awesome 20 miler the week before so all my runs this week were steady Freddy.

Monday was spent still resting from that 20 miler. I foam rolled and stretched though and it felt oh, so good. I did some planking and wall sits but nothing major. Just something to make me feel like I did something lol!

I met up with my running club on Tuesday and got in a good 5 miler. I felt great after the days’ rest and ran them at what actually felt comfortable, an exact 9:00 minute average/mile.

Wednesday was track day and I remembered the last time I’d done Yasso’s I was at about a 4:06/800. So, my goal was to keep it at that pace for the 7x800s that were scheduled.

I got there a little early and did the first 800 solo. I clocked it in at 4:11. I figured I was feeling the fatigue of my cumulative mileage and didn’t let it faze me. I decided that the day would be a 4:10 800 kind of day. So, the next 6 were all +/- 3 seconds from 4:10. Yay!

We uncharacteristically had inclement weather in the Valley last week, with quite a few days of cloudiness and rain. Thursday, right after work, I went for a quick 3 and half miles before I had to pick up my kids. I ran through a few sprinkles but avoided any downpours.


Took a rest day Friday and felt like I needed it. I wish I could say that it was an ultimate rest day but my daughter was sent home from school when I was juuust about to get to work. I turned back and picked her up; she ended up being sick all weekend 😦

I woke up early on Saturday to get in my 12 mile run. The weather predicted rain and I figured the earlier I started, the more likely I’d be able to avoid the down pour? I don’t know, lol!

What I do know is that they were some tough 12 miles. Like I said earlier, my legs felt heavy and I was just feeling blah. I’ve been feeling like that lately; just blah.

Anyway, I finished which is always a good thing 🙂


The rest of Saturday and Sunday were spent at home taking care of my daughter. Thankfully, the weather had cleared up by Sunday afternoon (not before some bizarre fog though)


I wasn’t driving 😉


and we were able to watch the Superbowl with the sun shining outside.

Overall, a decent week. Nothing to write home about but good enough to make me feel like I’m trucking along. I’ve got 20 miler #2 this weekend which will mark the beginning of TAPER TIME!!

Total Mileage: 24 miles

Water Intake: Another eh. C


So I mentioned I’ve been feeling blah. Whenever I have these downer moments, I think of things that make me happy. My kids make me happy. Running makes me happy. Clothes make me happy. Yes, the last one is very seriously true. One of my running friends said she’s learned a lot about me through my blog and that she didn’t know how into fashion I was until she read one of my About Me posts. Yep, clothes make me happy.

I was thinking about this and decided to do a fun clothes related challenge for the month of February. I’m calling it 28 Days of Red. Wear a shade of red everyday for the month of February. Yes, I think things like this are fun lol! You can see all my shades of red by following me on Instagram at @hellyontherun (and join if you’d like!) Today is Day 3 🙂


Pink rose cardy


–How was your running week? Any races this month?

–Do you own many shades of red? What color could you wear for a month straight?


24 responses

  1. Great job getting those miles in! Not so much with the water though… I bet that little water droplet looked pretty sad some of those days! 😉

    What color could I wear for a month straight? Definitely blue because I wear jeans every day but that’s cheating. I think I could do red too as long as pink and orange counted as qualifying shades. I work in the office of a manufacturing facility so I wear my running clothes with jeans to work a lot (and for some reason I have A TON of bright pink and orange running clothes!).

  2. I only own a few red shirts – but Go Red day is coming soon so I need to make sure they are clean! For me, purple would be my color of choice. I love purple! As for running, I’m just getting back into the swing of it after an injury. So lots of short runs and run/walk for me – gotta get that hip used to the impact!

  3. Yay almost there! It’s been quite the training journey for you, congrats! I love the idea of wearing a different shade of the same color everyday for a month. I would probably go boring with black because that’s what I wear at work most days anyways. Happy red wearing!

  4. Your sweater is so pretty! Great week of workouts! It sounds like you’ve been nailing your interval workouts lately! That’s a really good sign when you’re able to stay in such a short range like that 🙂

    I took Saturday off and ran Sunday morning. And my eye lashes gathered a ton of condensation lol it was crazy!

  5. I don’t have very much red at all. Orange is my favorite color, so I could probably wear something orange every day for a while. Hopefully this challenge helps you break out of your funk!

  6. Cute clothes! I love your cardigan. I don’t have much in red, but I could definitely wear shades of blue for a month. Good luck in your last 20 miler before the race!

  7. I love your red challenge but would fail it in three days because I have like three red or pink things. 🙂 AWESOME idea though! And you are kicking so much butt in your training. Not long now!

  8. Love the shade of red challenge, however I don’t think I have any shades of red in my closet :/ No races for me this month but I do have one on March 1st! You are doing so great in your training girl, so inspirational!