A Day in Hell’s Life

Happy Friday!!

Linking up with the DC Trifecta team: Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for their Friday Five–A Day in the Life of Helly!!

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Oh boy,

Here’s the breakdown.

1. Morning

My alarm (or really, my body, because I’m just used to it now) goes off at 5 a.m. I try to get as ready as I can before any kids wake up. The goal is for me to be done by 5:40 so that I start waking kids up at 5:45. I need to get them dressed, fed (quick breakfast snack), and dropped off at school by 6:30 if I hope to make it to work on time–I have a 45 minute commute.

My husband is a champ at helping out but there are some days that he’s gone before I even wake up.

Ready for school!

Ready for school!

2. Work

My school starts at 7:45 but I like to get there at the least 30 minutes before to get any last minute copies made or make any lesson plan changes. My first class has 37 students so I start with a jam packed room full of 15 year old freshmen. (Coffee, all the coffee.)

Second and third periods are freshmen classes as well and I like that because I teach the same lesson plan in the morning.

My planning prep period is the hour before lunch so I have an “extended” lunch break. This is what all teachers covet–that or having last period off.

For lunch, I usually head to over to my favorite pizza place nearby. They have an amazing lunch special where I can get a couple of slices of pizza and a drink for under $5. This was also the place the guy questioned if I’d be able to eat 3 slices. Humpf!! Lol, he was new and didn’t know I could dominate three so I forgave him.

After lunch, I have my two sophomore English classes. These classes are smaller but oh man, this is a tough age group. Sixteen year-olds in the afternoon are energized and ready for school to be oh-ver!!

School ends at 2:20 but I stay until 3:30ish grading, lesson planning, getting copies ready for the next day. I have to be out the classroom door no later than 4 though, because I’ve got a 30-40 minute commute back home.

Posing for a quick pic at work :)

Posing for a quick pic at work 🙂

3. Kid pick-up duty and early dinner

I love seeing my kids’ faces when I pick them up. They’re so excited to see me. BUT, they BOTH want mommy to hold them and an almost 3 year old and an almost 2 year old are quite heavy to hold at the same time. It usually results in a hysteria fit from the one who ends up walking to the car.

My arm workout.

My arm workout.

We’re home just before 5 and we’ll hangout while I make them their dinner. I’ll have something light to eat with them but nothing heavy as I usually workout in the evenings. Dad tries to get home around 5:45, just in time for me to head out for my run club runs at 6.



4. Workout

Tuesdays and Wednesday I run with my run club in the evenings. Thursdays, I try and squeeze in a workout right after work (so I can spend extra time with m kiddos) or I’ll run a short route in my neighborhood. During the week my runs happen right around 6 in the evening and my long runs take place early Saturday mornings.

running circles under a full moon

running circles under a full moon

5. Bedtime

After my run, I make it home to hang out before the first kid’s bedtime. My son goes down around 7:30. Once he’s out, my husband and I have dinner and then it’s my daughter’s bedtime. As soon as her head hits the pillow (around 8-8:30ish), mommy and daddy go straight to bed as well.

Whaddya mean I have to go to bed?!?

Whaddya mean I have to go to bed?!?

This is the first, and sadly, only time in the day where my husband and I have alone time. We’ll chat (sometimes while we foam roll, lol!) about the day, what the next day looks like, and then we go to sleep (by 9, 9:30 at the absolute latest) to do it all over again the next day! 😀

–How would you describe your typically day?

–Are you a morning person? (I’ve become one now that I’m a parent lol!)

–Or are you a night owl?

38 responses

  1. I am very much a morning person! Probably to the point where it’s obnoxious. I blame all the endorphins.
    You are so ADORABLE! I wish I had any reason to dress so cute for work. Usually I’m just in jeans.

  2. Oh my you have a busy day! And props to you for teaching high school! I can imagine that’s tough. I’m absolutely not a morning person but I’m a nanny and work early so I have to get up at 5:30am. It kills me! And then I’m usually up at night til about midnight!

  3. omg you do go to bed so early. that’s awesome. once summer rolls around and i start back running before the sun comes up, i’ll be going to bed around 10. but i am truly a night owl and while i love sleep, i also love staying up late 🙂

  4. I love seeing how other working mamas juggle it…your schedule looks a lot like mine and I like to be in bed by 9:30 too but most nights its closer to 10, 4:30 am comes WAY to soon! You are doing a great job juggling it all and I love your outfit at school, you are gorgeous!

  5. I’ve always thought that school starts waaaayy too early, and your day proves it! Although it is nice that you end at a decent time, it just blows my mind how much you do before I even get up. I am a morning person, but not quite THAT early. Also, thanks for being a teacher. Definitely a hard job with a HUGE impact on society.

  6. yes, high school = a lot of coffee…bless their souls haha 🙂 I’m definitely a morning person. I get my solo runs and workouts in in the morning right now and some afternoons I run with the team when they don’t have harder workouts or meets and I don’t need to be timing them. I also go to bed 9-9:30 and am most definitely ready for it by that time :). Even in college, when friends went out, it was about the last thing I wanted to do haha I wanted to spend time with them so I forced myself to sometimes lol, but the idea of a night starting at 8-9 was just exhausting to think about haha I don’t know how some of them made it to practice the next day!

  7. Wow, that’s a busy day! Mine are pretty structured too. M/W/F it’s work, run, rehearsal, and T/Th it’s work, cook, sleep! And then weekends are full of errands and socializing. It’s crazy!

  8. ok, this post came in through email and i thought it said a day in “hell” I was like poor Helly! lol… I am a total night owl and I actually don’t get up until after 8 during the week. Your kiddoes are absolutely adorable!

  9. Your kids are so cute!!! We’re on the same page – I’m up at 5 and trying to get as much as possible done before the little one is up. Then I get her ready for the day and I usually manage to get to work by 6:30 – it’s not far from where I live – phew! And by the time 9 or 10pm roll around – forget about it!