Healthy Kids Running Series: Race #1 Recap

Sorry I’ve been MIA–It seems I needed a week off from my week off. Two weeks ago was my Spring Break and I enjoyed it so much I needed a recovery week lol!

Anyway, I’m alive 😀

Before I recount any running I’ve been doing, I first want to tell you about someone else who has been running.


Yep, I signed her up for a local Healthy Kids Running Series that consist of 5 races in the span of 6 weeks (we get Easter weekend off). It’s a 50 yard dasher that’s organized by age groups so my daughter is in the 2-3 year olds (seriously though, how cute is that?). The race is also separated by gender.

I wasn’t sure what approach to take: to hype the race and get her excited or downplay it like it was no big deal. I decided on the former as I didn’t want her to feel pressured or like this was a huge deal and get her nervous.

On Saturday night, I asked her if she wanted to run the next day and she squealed with delight! So of course we went straight to the closet to choose an outfit.

Pink everything <3

Pink everything ❤

I didn’t mentioned anything about an actual race though. Just kinda kept it low key.

I ran on Sunday morning with my husband (I want to tell you all about this soon!) and when I came home, my daughter asked me her usual, “Mommy all done run?” and I said, “Yep, now it’s your turn!”

Her eyes opened wide as she remembered and she squealed, “YES!!! I run like mommy!!”

My heart soared.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from her as she always gets excited about mommy running but she was seriously spazzing about her doing the running. I wanted to share and join in on the excitement but was nervous about making it into too big of a deal. In retrospect, I think I should have prepared her a little more.



We arrived at the race location just in time (3 p.m. which is my only major complaint about this series. It’s Phoenix. It’s hot. It was already 90 degrees at 3). Anyway, there were a lot more people/kids than I expected and then after a few minutes of waiting, organizers began grouping kids by age group.

My daughter’s group went first. She was still super pumped at this point as we walked towards the start line. She kept repeating, “I run fast! I run fast!” I knelt down next to her to point her in dad’s direction–who was at the finish line.

I love this picture so much.

Giving her the pep talk—looking fierce. (I love this picture so much.)

After our chat, I started to say my good byes but as soon as she realized that mommy wasn’t running with her, my daughter was not having any of it. Not. At. All.

I tried telling her mommy would run next to her on the sidelines but after the boys had gone and she saw they were solo, she refused to move an inch.

The whistle blew for the girls to go and they were off. Except my daughter. Two girls stumbled over each other and fell and when my daughter saw that, it was over for real.

In tears, she threw herself in my arms and said she wasn’t going. She didn’t want to.

I consoled her and told her it was okay, that we were going to do it together this time. So we did.

Running to the finish line

We crossed the finish line hearing dad and grandparents cheering loudly and it was then that she lifted her head up and smiled.

She turned to me and said, “Mommy, I ready!”

All I could do was laugh and tell her, “You’ll do it again next time!”

Of course I would’ve liked for her to have run it by herself, but for her first time, her first race, I felt it was a success. She experienced the race atmosphere, which is definitely daunting at any age, and I know that as she acclimates, it’ll become a more familiar environment.

I was so proud of her. I was so proud that at the end she wanted to go back for a do over. Just like mommy and the Phoenix Marathon, we’ll get it next time! We sure will! 🙂

–Were you involved in any athletics when you were young? What was your first sport experience?

–Do you get pre-race jitters?

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  1. This is the sweetest and cutest thing ever. What a special thing to do with her. I know it didn’t turn out exactly as expected but you will always have that special memory of her first “race.”

  2. I ALWAYS get pre race jitters and I’ve run enough of them at this point now. Poor thing. It was just a new experience for her as she associates running = mommy! She’ll get it next time! and I LOOOOOVE that picture! especially because as I mentioned before even though you’re giving her a pep talk the other girls were hanging on to your words. Inspiring mom, keep at it!! 🙂

  3. I said this on instagram too, but that picture of you pep-talking your daughter is the best EVER!!! SUCH a good photo and nice memory, even if she didn’t run by herself. Now that she knows what the deal is with the solo racing hopefully she’ll decide that she’s ready to run by herself next time. 🙂

  4. OMG. If i could have done the same for you at the marathon, I would have, too. But those were both more health related issues! But for your daughter to get those jitters and then to finally find the courage (even with a little help) is just fabulous. Also, i want her outfit.

  5. Aww she is so adorable! And her outfit! So cute! At least the race made for a precious picture of you two :). I don’t blame her for not wanting to race either! That has to be kinda scary in that atmosphere until she saw the other kids running. Heck, I bring my mama to my races when she’s not busy, haha I relate! ;). I’m sure she’ll have a blast once she gets the hang of it 🙂

  6. Your little runner is adorable! That is so awesome so what’s to follow in your footsteps. I hope my littles will enjoy running too! I was very active in sports when I was young and played, softball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and track and field. I played softball a few years before getting pregnant with Mason and would love to start playing again.

  7. OMG, so freaking cute. I loved doing the kids races with my kiddos, I feel like I’m just beaming while I watch them do something that I love to do 🙂

  8. Awwww this is the cutest thing ever! Your daughter is a champ and she bounced right back! Next time she’ll know what to expect and she’ll totally rock it! Also, I love that she gets a race outfit pic just like all of us bloggers 🙂

  9. She is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I so wish Betty and I could participate in this with you guys! You are the most wonderful and motivational mom to those adorable kiddos!

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