A Mid-Week Q&A

Happy Wednesday! My beautiful fast friend Hailey @StridingStrong tagged me on this fun questionnaire. I like reading other people’s answers to random questions–I’m not sure if people like reading about me but I’m gonna do it anyway 🙂

What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?

Oh there’s a lot I’m sure I could surprise people with lol!! Um, let’s see.

First, and probably most shockingly, I swear a lot.

Second, I really, really like sports. Not like the, “oh I wanna be cool and pretend to be interested in sports so I can seem cool” but legit enjoy watching sports and ESPN, reading about sports, and talking about sports.

Finally, Hailey mentioned how she is super shy and would purposely misspell words in school so she wouldn’t win the Spelling Bee. I’m a word nerd (and not shy) and won the Spelling Bee when I was in middle school lol.

And when I tell people I'm an English teacher....

And when I tell people I’m an English teacher….

Have you ever met someone famous?

I’ve met a couple of people–Rihanna, Ice-T. More athletes– Amare Stoudamire, Mark Cuban, Erik Spoelstra, to name a few. I’ve also met one of my favorite authors, Jeffery Deaver. He wrote The Bone Collector that was made into a movie with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

What is something you hope will never come back in style?

I like Hailey’s answer. Glitter lotion and glitter lip gloss. There’s no need.

What is one thing on your travel must-see bucket list.

I saw it last year. I really wanted to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa for some reason lol. Next on my list is Mt. Rushmore. 🙂

Who would you want to play in a movie of your life?

Julia Roberts. Love her.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Belle, duh.


What would you sing at karaoke night?

Oh, no no no no no……. (I def sing in my car solo though–love me some Pink)

Who would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with?

My husband. ❤

What is your biggest pet peeve?

The condescending “Sweetie” or “Honey”. Unless you’re 60 or my grandmother, don’t “Sweetie” me.

52542585 What clothing item/accessory/shoes do you have way too many of in your closet?

Everything. My closet is pretty insane 🙂

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!!! ❤ , helly

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  1. haha – I love this!! I had no idea glitter lip gloss/lotion was ever IN style – but yeah it need not come back 😉 My biggest pet peeve? I have several but when you hop on a treadmill next to me and there are like 20 open ones I will give you the side eye and not in my head!

  2. hahaha I ❤ how your first surprise for us is that you swear a lot. Lol. I just can't picture it, that's too funny. I think it's because we both have that young sweet and innocent look ha ;). And I'm not surprised at all that you won the spelling be. Confession…I totally spell check my comments to you hehe :). Grammar on the other hand, is not my strong suit, so if I ever need ahem someone to double check it on say a paper worth a lot of my grade in grad school coming up…I may or may not know who to ask 😀

    I didn't know that The Bone Collector was a book before it was a movie. Whoops 😀 I guess I should put that on my list!

    It makes me so happy that you sing in your car too. And Pink does have some good jams for car singing!

    Ahh that pet peeve. Yes, yes, and yes. I'm with you, older people can call me whatever they want, but for example, if you're my waiter/waitress, you're probably not that old in the first place, and I don't need to be asked "and what would you like sweetie?" Ugh! Same with commenting on eating habits. But we've talked about that before… Don't judge me for my love of carbs! 😉

  3. Love this! I had the same questionnaire and my favorite was who would you want to play you in a movie… I would LOVE Blake Lively to play me but if we were trying to be realistic, I think I’m more of a Chelsea Handler. Have a great day!!

  4. Ugh, I hate “hon” and “sweeties”, a male customer called me hon twice today and I just wanted to smack him. I have a similar first response- my language resembles that of a trucker. 🙂 That Belle meme is awesome and something I say a lot. 🙂 Great answers!