Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap

Hi all!! I hope everyone had a good weekend and Father’s Day (those stateside) 🙂

It was tough getting in runs last week as we were in a Heat Advisory the whole week with temperatures in the 115s — yes, you read that right. But, I managed to squeeze some short runs in and one long run.

Monday was spent on the bike for 45 minutes (10.5 miles) and some strength training.

Tuesdays I join one of my running groups but it was the big game between the Cleveland Caveliers and the Golden State Warriors. (I’m basketball obsessed.) So I braved an afternoon run.

Hot run.

Hot run.

My training plan called for 5 but I had to call it done at 3. Way too hot even for me.

The Cavs lost but this was the first NBA finals in years where I didn’t really care who won. I wasn’t yelling at the t.v. (or swearing lol!) and really just watched it for pure enjoyment. I wasn’t upset that Golden State won.

Wednesday I had plans to hit the track for some speed work but the thought of speed work in 110 degree weather just didn’t sound appealing. So I went out a little late early in the morning for a 4 miler.

93 degrees at 8 a.m.

93 degrees at 8 a.m.

Thursday was Adventure Run at a local running store and this month’s theme was Disney!! My run club always has a good turnout there and sure enough, there was about a good 20 of us there–about a handful dressed up (including me!).

Goofy Helly.

Goofy Helly.

The Road Runner Sports Adventure Run has you running to different checkpoints in the neighborhood in search for raffle tickets. You try and make it to as many checkpoints in the hour you have to run before the raffle starts.

The main checkpoint this month was the water park where runners could go down a water slide for tickets. Ummm, count me in!!

Soooo much fun!!

I only got in just under 3 miles but all was well 🙂

Friday was a rest day and Saturday my husband and I got up eeeearly to get our long run in. We had 11 on our agenda and we both met up with our run club to get er done. He left to run on his own (meaning, fast lol!) and I ran the first 6 miles with my two buddies and then finished out the last 5 by myself. Overall, it was a tough run but I was pleased that I finished it and finished it averaging the same pace as my previous long runs so far in this cycle (the 2 during preseason and last week’s).


Sunday I was planning on resting but I was slacking on my steps for my 10k a Day Challenge so my husband joined me on an evening run–this time running the entire way with me 🙂 .

Fast 2.5

Fast 2.5

I always seem to run fast with the husband lol!

Overall, a good week. 23.42 running miles and 48.9 cumulative miles when I count my steps. Met 6/7 days of my 10k Steps a Day Challenge and did really well with hydration. I slacked this week on strength training but still managed to squeeze in a couple of days. So far, so good!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all have a great week! ❤ , helly

–Have you gotten on a water slide mid-run?

–Do you run in obscene temperatures?

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  1. I’ve never done a water slide mid run but I’ve totally shamelessly walked into peoples yards and stood in front of their sprinkler when it was particularly hot! And I don’t mind running when it’s super hot out, I just CANNOT handle the humidity. So not built for it. Great week of running! Keep it up : )

  2. I understand how you feel with the temperature. Instead of speed the past couple of weeks I’ve been just trying to finish the runs (it feels like im running fast…but not the case in this heat). Nice you were able to get your steps and Sunday run in with your husband 🙂

  3. Dear lord those temps! It was 88 in Anchorage last week and I thought I was going to die (no AC and it’s hard to sleep with the windows open because it’s so bright out at night) but I would legit have died in Arizona! But that water slide option at the adventure run kind of sounds like it makes up for it 🙂

    • My running club ran that big marathon in Alaska this past weekend!! Like 20 of them were there and 2 of them BQd!! I wanted so badly to go with them but I went with going to Chicago. Their pictures look amazing though–like all of yours! 🙂

  4. Today was the first hot humid run that I’ve had, and to boot, I had dead legs (thanks, leg day on SATURDAY), headwind the first half (but NOTHING the second half, booooo plus no cooling breeze), and I got DIVEBOMBED BY A BIRD. Not even kidding. It was an eventful run, but it got done!

    • Thank you and yeah, it’s tough hitting the paces I want with this heat but I’m definitely taking it into consideration when I don’t hit them (it makes me feel better having an excuse 😉 lol)

  5. I’ve never gone on a water slide mid run….but I have to admit lawn sprinklers look mighty fine when I’m running by them! Wow, those are some warm temps! I would have hit out in the coolest place ever, way to go!

  6. Hahaha disrespectful is the perfect way to put it! I think this summer is already hotter than last summer, or at least it really feels that way right now.

    The NBA playoffs this year was such an odd experience for me. For the past few years I’ve been SO into it and this year I mostly just tuned into the 4th quarter to watch the ending of important games. I was happy for the Warriors though; they had just a great year and deserved to win. The Cavs will have their chance next year and probably the next year after that too as long as Kyrie can stay healthy. Even though I have certain feelings towards the Cavs as a Heat fan, I felt so bad for Kyrie watching him limp to the locker room in his last game. Poor guy.

    • That’s really cool of you to have nice words to say about the Cavs. So many people hate on LeBron and he really is a great player, questionable actions, but great player. I totally agree that Kyrie being out made a big difference for them. It’s just too much for James to do.

      Do you think Wade will finish his career with the Heat? I hope he does. I’m not liking these rumors of him possibly going to L.A.

  7. Goofy Helly is awesome! The temps here don’t really get obscene – it only goes up to the 90s with a bit of humidity… but I can usually still suffer through it for an hour or two. I hope you have a great (cooler) week!

  8. Great job getting in runs in that heat! I cannot even imagine. I have been trying to get up early to beat the heat–unsuccessfully. The water slide sounds awesome!

  9. Yikes those temps! I can’t believe how well you’ve done with them. That’s the hardest part of Chicago training is the hot weather. Great work! Roadrunner does the adventure runs here too. I’m thinking about having our charity team do one for a training run one week.

  10. Holy hot weather Helly! That’s crazy. I think you’re doing an amazing job of adjusting your runs though. That speed on the run with your husband was pretty killer too – way to go! I sure hope it cools down for you soon though because those temps just sound dangerous :/