Chicago Marathon Fun!

So despite not running how I would’ve liked, everything else about Chicago and the race was absolutely amazing.

We arrived Saturday morning (maybe I should’ve given myself an extra day?) and went straight to the hotel to drop off our luggage. We stayed at The Congress Plaza which was right across the street from the start line! Yes, this was soooo perfect. Kristina was staying here too and somehow, we weren’t able to make a meet up happen 😦 But, through internet convos, we both agreed the hotel was …interesting. It’s an older hotel and I actually liked it because it has a lot of character. So what if it was said there were ghosts around?

Then we headed to the Expo. I don’t do Expos very well and we didn’t hang out long. I realized afterward that I probably should’ve stuck around to buy more Chicago Marathon gear but my husband’s wallet thanked me for keeping the visit short.



Being silly at the #TeamRMHC booth

After the Expo Team RMHC had their dinner and it was here that I got to meet up with another fellow blogger/Instagram friend, Meg @MaxFitGirl29


Insta Friends

My husband and I ate our little hearts out and then bolted. I was exhausted from traveling and wanted to get in a good night’s sleep. Surprisingly, I was actually able to sleep and didn’t have any of those pre-race night jitters keeping me awake.

I had made plans with @SuzLyfe for a pre-race meet up and I found her right in front of my hotel. We squeezed.

Love at first sight. <3

Love at first sight. ❤

After the race, Scott@PirateBobcat and I made a meet-up happen–at a bar, naturally.

This dude. Serious coolness.

This dude. Serious coolness.

As soon as we met and exchanged the initial awkward intros of “Yep, I’m Helly,” we started gabbing like we’d known each other for years. Which we kinda have considering we’ve followed each other’s blog for quite some time now. I fell in love with his friends and it was perfect post-race relaxation.

The next day, Monday, I met up with Amber@PbandPrs at The Bean! She nailed a marathon PR in Chicago (3:19!!!) so we took a celebratory pic.

Even more badass in person--she nabbed a 3:19!!

Even more badass in person.

Afterward, my husband and I had to go visit The Greatest Of All Time–aka: Michael Jordan.

 I heart Mike.

I heart Mike.

Then we headed over to Wrigley Field to meet up with Scott and his friends again. We had an absolute blast. Seriously.



With Scott & Friends….at a bar, again, right in front of Wrigley Field 😀

Tuesday morning we ate breakfast at the famous Lou Mitchell’s



Route 66 right out front Lou Mitchell’s!!

and afterward, we headed to the airport for home! It was such a whirlwind trip full of fun stuff and fun people and even though I hadn’t raced how I would’ve liked, I left with only great Chicago memories ❤

–Do you tour cities you race in?

–Ever bean to Chicago? (See what I did there, Scott?)

32 responses

  1. What a cool trip! Chicagomis an awesome city.

    I try to give myself at least two nights before a race/hard workout if I am traveling via airplane. The changes in air pressure seem to affect my legs and I need a day to walk around and get some fresh blood into them. Maybe that had an effect on your race?

  2. Wow you got to meet a lot of bloggers!!! How fun!!

    I am obsessed with Kristina. I would have slept outside her hotel door. She would have had to come out sometime and acknowledged me. 🙂

    I do not do expose well either. I HATE people. Expos should have drive throughs where you can just have someone hand you your race packet/bag and get the hell out of there!

  3. I am GREEN WITH ENVY! Suze and Scott et al for beers?!?! I should have flown out! Someday we’ll meet up. I’m seriously considering NOLA. Squeeee! I loved running Chicago. It was my first! Awwww. 🙂

  4. Yep, we absolutely tour as much as we can during our run cations! We had a great time exploring Chicago as well and it is great to relive the experience through the perspectives of other runners. We already have most of 2016 planned as we continue our journey to run a full (half for my wife) in every state! Good luck with all your running and touring planning!

  5. You met so many cool people!!! That is an amazing experience. I don’t do expos well, there are SO MANY PEOPLE at races like Chicago that they are tough to get around! Love it. You had such an awesome trip!!!