Here We Go Again!!! Phoenix Marathon Training Recap Week 1– Will Third Time Be The Charm?

Welp!! I’m going for it!!

This will be my third time training for Phoenix Marathon–it was my first marathon a mere year and half ago (and my current PR), it was my first DNF this past February, and I’m hoping it will be my first sub 4:30 this go around.

That’s my goal and by golly, I’m gonna get it!

I’ve trained for two marathons with this being the target and both times I felt ready, feeling confident that 4:30 was in my reach. One ended with me getting halfway and in tears (my DNF), and the other ended with me not being able to run strong enough and finishing with frustration and anger (Chicago).

But both have left me stronger.

Having come off a Ragnar weekend, my first official week of Phoenix Marathon training had only 3 runs, two of which were very strong.

Tuesday, I met up with my run club for a 4 miler. It was my first run post Ragnar and I surprisingly felt strong. The first two miles were great but the last two were a little tougher as we had the wind against us–I still managed sub 9s for all 4 miles and that made me really happy 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.54.47 PM

Wednesdays are track nights at my run club and I definitely felt tired from the previous day’s hard run. I wanted to go though because I was going to be officially crowned Runner of the Month!!


My Runner of the Month Question & Answer 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.12.45 PM

I love my run club and there are sooo many awesome, amazing, deserving people that to have been selected made me feel super special. Our coach said I had trained really hard for Chicago and “killed it” and I couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness (mixed with anger) that I didn’t share that sentiment. But, I quickly hid those emotions and accepted my crown with pride.

And then I ran two easy miles with Runner Jenny. We opted for 4x800s instead of the 3 mile repeats coach had assigned.

I rested Thursday and Friday but met up with my run club buddies Saturday morning for our long run. All of us are running the inaugural USA Half Marathon in San Diego next weekend and wanted to get in 10.

The first 5 we stayed steady

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.00.35 PM

and then we negative split the last 5 miles..

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.01.31 PM

well, almost negative split..damn .3 seconds in mile 9!

It was a great run that was a perfect hard. We were able to chat most of the way which let me know I was working at it but not killing myself at those paces.

Which ended me with 16 total miles for the week! I’m not sure yet what plan I’m going with for Phoenix but it’ll be something. I like having a schedule telling me what to do, lol!

–How was your running week?

–Do you have a go-to training plan or one that you like more than others?

–How many races did you have to go through to reach a goal time? (Crossing my fingers third time is the charm! 🙂 )





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  1. I am running Phoenix too! It will be my first time running that race, and I am super excited! Last week was my first week of training as well. Looking forward to reading more about your training and progress! Good luck!!

    • Yay for running Phoenix!! It’ll be nice here around that time and perfect for a vacation from your cold, Boston weather, lol! (Although, I’d love to someday run a certain race there 😉 ) I’ll be following your journey as well! 🙂

  2. You are a BAMF ROM ;D I think you will have an amazing race, and, if need be, I’m just going to have your run with a client of mine who is also doing Phoenix! You will both then have amazing races and everyone will be happy!

  3. Yay for beginning your marathon training! Get it, sister! Wellll, this is my breakdown from the beginning of my marathon running craziness: Tt took me 3 marathons to break 4 hours. 5 marathons to reach a Boston Qualifier (back when females under 34 needed a 3:40, now we need 3:35!). 16 marathons to break 3:35, 27 marathons to break 3:30, 29 to break 3:20, 32 to hit 3:10 and 33 to break 3:10. I’m currently shooting for 3 hours and I am up to 38 total marathons, so I will let you know when I reach that 🙂 I’m hoping 39 is the lucky number for that one 😉 Sometimes these things take foreverrrrrr!!! But nothing worth having has ever come easy!!!! Now go and get your 4:30!!! WOOOHOOO!

    • Thank you SOOO much for sharing your journey. It really helps me see that it’s not easy–sometimes I get down on myself when I see my friends do their first marathon and get sub 4:30s on their first try 😦 some of us have to work a little harder for our goals.

      And holy shit, you’ve done a ton of marathons!!!

  4. Awe, I loved reading your answers for runner of the month. I love that quote too! I have no doubt you’ll nail the sub-4:30. No doubt. You’ve got the mental strength for it now, after suffering through Chicago the way you did, and a marathon is 90% mental strength!

  5. Sounds like a great start to your next marathon plan. My wife grew up in and around the Safford and Tucson area, and Tucson was my first marathon in 2012. Phoenix sounds like a great race. In terms of goals, it took me 5 attempts to break 4 hours over a 2 year period, which I finally did by all of 5 seconds (but hey it counts) at Chicago last month. Best of luck with the new training plan.

  6. I have a feeling this will be the ONE!! I have done 4 marathons and while I’ve improved with each one, I still haven’t hit that goal I’ve been reaching for. Time and patience are everything! I’ll be cheering you on!

  7. I think the amount of marathons depends on the goal time. If you’re run/walking a 6 hour marathon and want to drop 30 minutes off, it’s likely easier than dropping 30 for somebody running a 4:00 marathon. Good luck with your training! My first marathon was Chicago this year; not ready to commit to another full yet but maybe next Fall 🙂