Week in Review

It’s pretty crazy how this week is the last week of January. Time is a flyin’!

I wasn’t very productive last week as I was hit hard with what I think was the flu. I had a low grade fever, snot, body aches, head aches, the works. Ew.

I rested Monday, and Tuesday I really started to feel it coming. I managed some core and glute work at the gym and 3 miles in the evening that were fast–I think because I just wanted it to be done. It was nice to see splits in the 8s though, despite feeling crappy.


Wednesday and Thursday though?


I was out. I felt so miserable, I was thankful my husband was in town as I called him asking for a sick day. He came home early so I could rest and boy, I needed it. (I did drag myself out of my bed to register for the New York Marathon Lottery though, lol!)

I felt a little better Friday and managed 20 minutes on the bike and some planking but my body was so weak and achy from being sick. 😦

I rested Saturday and did my “long” run on Sunday. I wasn’t looking forward to it as much as I wanted to because I still wasn’t 100%. I wanted 6 but managed to get in 5 miles and was so happy I had company for them.

Miles with my MRTT crew

Miles with my MRTT crew

And that was my week. Finally, I feel like a human being this morning and hope I can get some energy back to continue my Phoenix 1/2 Marathon training.

Hoping you guys had a better week than me!! We had amazing weather here in Arizona and I couldn’t even enjoy it, ja!

–If you’re stateside, how are you handling Snow-ville?

–Do you become a super baby when you’re sick? I totally call my mom and cry to her, lol!

–Did you put your name in the NYC Marathon Lottery?


31 responses

  1. Sorry you had to deal with being sick – but so glad you are starting to feel better! Great job getting some runs in πŸ™‚ Good luck getting into NYC! It’s a great race that I would love to do again one day, but not this year πŸ˜€

  2. the snowpocolypse is fuuun!! It’s scary at times when you’re just walking and then BAM you fall into a mound of snow, but the pre-made fortresses are making for some epic snowball battles!

  3. oh, man! sorry to hear you were so sick. I was worried coming back from AZ and hitting the ridiculous cold that was DC coupled with flying that I’d come down with something. I felt totally run down for a couple days after getting back but luckily with a little rest and no exercise I was back to myself. Feel better my friend!

  4. I hope you are feeling better. I was totally excited the other day when I realized that we are almost through January and have had decent enough weather to run mostly outside. Yay! I am so excited and hope you get into NYC. Then I will definitely get to see you as we will be out there for work then.

  5. It’s so funny–I always associate being in Arizona with NOT being sick, but I guess allergies and such take no prisoners. We are balmy at 30 ish deg, no snow. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  6. We got pounded with snow and are now on our 6th snow day. I can’t even right now. Glad you are feeling better, the flu is no joke and impressed that you still got some workouts in!! No NYC lottery for me as much as I would love to. I promised the hubby no marathons so he could do one. We have found it extremely difficult to both train.