Week in Review

It’s pretty crazy how this week is the last week of January. Time is a flyin’!

I wasn’t very productive last week as I was hit hard with what I think was the flu. I had a low grade fever, snot, body aches, head aches, the works. Ew.

I rested Monday, and Tuesday I really started to feel it coming. I managed some core and glute work at the gym and 3 miles in the evening that were fast–I think because I just wanted it to be done. It was nice to see splits in the 8s though, despite feeling crappy.


Wednesday and Thursday though?


I was out. I felt so miserable, I was thankful my husband was in town as I called him asking for a sick day. He came home early so I could rest and boy, I needed it. (I did drag myself out of my bed to register for the New York Marathon Lottery though, lol!)

I felt a little better Friday and managed 20 minutes on the bike and some planking but my body was so weak and achy from being sick. 😦

I rested Saturday and did my “long” run on Sunday. I wasn’t looking forward to it as much as I wanted to because I still wasn’t 100%. I wanted 6 but managed to get in 5 miles and was so happy I had company for them.

Miles with my MRTT crew

Miles with my MRTT crew

And that was my week. Finally, I feel like a human being this morning and hope I can get some energy back to continue my Phoenix 1/2 Marathon training.

Hoping you guys had a better week than me!! We had amazing weather here in Arizona and I couldn’t even enjoy it, ja!

–If you’re stateside, how are you handling Snow-ville?

–Do you become a super baby when you’re sick? I totally call my mom and cry to her, lol!

–Did you put your name in the NYC Marathon Lottery?