Not A Whole Lot…

was planned last week after Sunday’s trail run/hike because my quads were massively paying the price. Yet, in true Helly fashion, I still managed to get in quite a few workouts.

Monday –I got on the stationary bike for an easy 30 minutes recovery (5 miles) and even did core work, but even planking hurt.

Tuesday –It was my very good friend and fellow Moms Run This Town chapter co-leader’s birthday so we did 4.3 very early miles. You can guess her age but I’m not telling.

Then I somehow thought it would be a good idea to run again later that evening and got in 4 miles with Runner Jenny. We kept a good steady pace, thank goodness, because I couldn’t muster any speed.

Wednesday –I went to my run club’s track to spectate only. I’m holding my first fundraiser for Team V–Run NYC (yay!!) and went to give out details–it’ll be another burrito sale 😀

I was coerced into running because that’s what running friends do, but I only did a lap around the track before I said no more. My legs were super tired.

Thursday –I took my kids to the gym daycare and got in another easy 4 miles on the stationary bike. More core work after.

I had all the intentions of resting the rest of the day but the opportunity to run with my husband came up (which is rare) and I couldn’t pass it. We got in a good 3.1 miler at a great pace (for me).

Friday –Rest Day

Saturday –Rest Day

Sunday –This was a big day, my daughter’s birthday party!! It was in the morning but I managed to crawl out of bed at the crack of dawn for a quick 5 miler. Afterward though, party time.



my little family <3

my little family ❤

Despite feeling super sore early in the week, I was surprised I was able to get in as much as I did. By Sunday though, I was super tired and after all the birthday party fun, I crashed like whoa. Ja!!

Bike: 9 miles; Run: 18.3 miles

How was your week??

Do you remember birthdays from your younger years?? I do. My brother and I are were born in the same year (Him, January; Me, December) and our birthdays are three weeks apart, so naturally (arg) we’d share birthday parties. Our cake was literally split in half, one side princess, one side batman. I know I have a picture somewhere, lol!!


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  1. What a rip-off for you and your brother! Is that the brother that started running and has the cool transformation story? You two are pretty close, so I guess sharing a cake would be okay. Ha ha! And I love how you guys have burrito sales down there. The fundraisers here are just cookies and chocolate. See, this is why I’d love to live in Arizona. Burritos FTW!

    • Thank you my friend. I always say to myself how I wished I looked like you post runs. You always look so pretty and not not like you just ran a gazillion miles. Did you see the pic my friend posted of me from our run yesterday? Yikes.

  2. My brother’s and my birthdays are 5 days apart (well, with 3 years separation!). It meant that the month of March was birthday cake city in our house – not that I’m complaining! Good job getting all those workouts in, that is total #beastmode. I would have slacked off for sure. How exciting that you are running NYCM!!!

  3. Your family is beyond precious! Happiest of birthday to your little girl! ❤ As always killing it in running and oh so proud of you! Cant wait to see what this year has in store! ❤