Another Boston Blog Post–Happy Patriot’s Day!!

I’m sure Boston will be the theme in many blogs today ❤


Like many, I too, dream of Boston. I need over an hour marathon PR to qualify but a girl can dream, lol!

I’ve actually come across quite a few Instagrammers who’ve posted their transformation/journeys to Boston and there have been a few who said that for them, getting a 1:45 half marathon time allowed for thoughts of trying to qualify become more of a reality. I’m at 1:48:04 which is not horribly off 1:45 and I still think Boston is still in the dream category for me. I know everyone says to “Dream Big!!” and “If your dreams don’t care you, they’re not big enough!!” but maybe I’m too much of a realist. Or a pessimist. Or something. Lol! Either way, right now, all I want is to run a marathon feeling like I ran it they way I know I can. I know I have a marathon in me better than a 4:44 (my current PR). I think that’s why I’m so antsy to start New York City Marathon training. Let’s get this show on the road!! Lol!!

Speaking of New York, this weekend I had my second fundraiser–the burrito sale I mentioned last week–and it was a huge success!!


It was a burrito party in the parking lot!

It was a burrito party in the parking lot!

So lucky to have an amazing running family <3 (the duck is an inside club joke, lol!)

So lucky to have an amazing running family

With the money made from burritos, and with additional donations after posting pictures reminding people 😀 , I’m happy to report that I’M HALFWAY THERE!! This is so exciting for me because the charity amount is so daunting and to be halfway, it’s definitely making me feel less anxious about fundraising. (I super stress out about it, ja!)

In running news, last week I was tired. Just flat out tired. I didn’t get in a whole lot–

Tuesday : I got in a double run, first in the early morning with my MRTT co-leader brf. It was a great negative split 4 mile run and the miles flew


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.57.25 PM

My second run was another 4 miler in the evening with my husband and it was our run club’s run for Boston.


I ran this one with a little more consistent pacing–8:35, 8:43, 8:38, 8:47.

Friday : I didn’t run again til two days later and it was a slower trail run with my Moms Run This Town family. It was 4.5 miles of awesomeness.


Saturday : This was burrito day and it was an early wake-up to get them cookin’. I left the running to my daughter and son.



Sunday : I was supposed to hit the trails again for more Grand Canyon R2R2R training but after Friday’s early morning run and Saturday’s early morning burrito sale (and kids’ race immediately after), I couldn’t do another 4 a.m. wake up call. My body just flat out said no.

So instead, I met up with my MRTT crew at 6:30 for a flat 10 miler. I ran the first 2 miles with friends doing shorter runs and then I did the last 8 on my own. This was an amazing run for me as I’ve never run a training run in these paces. I’ve only seen a double digit run at this pace during a race!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.57.41 PM

I felt good the entire way and it really added to my excitement for marathon training. I only hope I can continue this momentum and stay injury free.

And that was my week!! 22.5 miles of running fun 🙂

–How was your running week? Do you like burritos? What’s your favorite kind? (I sold chorizo burritos) 😀

–Do you have Boston Marathon dreams?

If you’d like to contribute to my NYC Marathon Fundraising (and help me sleep at night), you can do so here.

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  1. Boston dreams, for sure…but for a while, they will remain dreams. My PR is 3:59 as for my AG (M45-49) I need 3:25, which in reality would have to be under 3:20….long long way off for me. But, I did run a marathon this weekend!! 4:15 in Salt Lake City to check Utah from the State list! And, we love Chorizo burritos…best of luck with your running, racing, and fundraising! Keep that dream alive, you can get there for sure!

    • It’s hard for the women and I don’t want to take anything away from those who’ve qualified, but boy, the guys have it tough. My husband needs a 3:05 (so basically 3:00) and that is SO fast!!! But people do it so it’s achievable 🙂

  2. Your other race times definitely suggest you are capable of a speedy marathon time, but remember, running is so much more mental than physical. I see so many talented, capable runners sabotage themselves with fear and doubt and negative attitudes. I too know people who have made long journeys to Boston and it’s not just the improved speed that got them there: it was confidence and guts. They spent years slowly chipping away, never giving up. I have a friend running Boston today who is a super fast runner…and it took her 11 attempts to qualify. 11! But she never gave up. Where you are now isn’t where you’ll be in the future. Running rewards those with patience, so don’t give up. I always like to say any goal worth having is worth waiting for. And most importantly – just enjoy the journey and celebrate the small successes along the way. Even if you never BQ, you’ve accomplished a lot and have so much to be proud of.

    • Thank you so much Hannah. You’re so right!! I do think I’ve progressed on my mental strength so much since my injury–I NEVER thought I’d be running the way I have been lately (esp post injury) but when I started running again earlier this year, I just went for it, just to see. And it really lifted some of whatever was holding me back. I still have a lot of work to do though. For example, someone posted on IG a 10 miler at a similar pace than me and I thought, “Holy cow, that’s fast” and then realized I had just done that. It’s hard for me to accept that maybe my speed/paces are changing. I don’t know why, lol

      • No, I can totally relate to that. It is weird to suddenly see things that used to seem so out of reach. Heck, my PR marathon was almost a year ago and is still sometimes hard for me to believe I ran 26 miles that quickly. It is definitely an ebb and flow though, as progress is not linear. There are times when you’re suddenly running faster than ever, and then all of a sudden maybe you’re back to your old paces for a while…it goes through seasons. But that’s part of the process and the important thing is to keep working hard and believing in yourself no matter what! Can’t wait to follow your NYC training!

    • I think I would have to commit to that–being in the best shape of my life. That’s what it would take. But it’s SO hard, lol!! I guess it’s how bad you really want it right?? I totally don’t think I could do it every year, jaja! I love food too much.

  3. I’m not a burrito person but I do love a fajita. (I don’t care for rice or beans. And I don’t really do cheese. And I love but can’t really have chorizo. I know. I am a tragic person). Girl, you just getting started! There is so much in those legs of yours to give!

  4. If your half pr is 1:48 you certainly have a much faster marathon time in you! Just keep logging the miles and I’m sure you’ll be PRing in NYC! It takes a long time to build endurance (many, many training seasons, not just one) so be patient and it will come! That is my BQ strategy, spend a year or two focused on shorter races while still running highish mileage. And then hope that was enough for my endurance to catch up with my speed!

    • That sounds like a good plan!! Coming back from injury I’ve done a few shorter races and they’ve definitely helped. I prefer the longer distances but then like you said, that doesn’t allow me to work on speed. I def credit doing a little training for the shorter races as helping me get faster. Now I just need to be patient as well and hope that my endurance catches up 🙂 We got this!

  5. I have Boston dreams but realistically my plan is to get old enough that qualifying is easier hahaha! No but really, I’d love to qualify. Even if I didn’t go to Boston, knowing I could would be such an honor.

    Funnily enough, NYC is actually harder to qualify for. I wonder why it doesn’t get the same attention and notoriety as Boston.

    • You’re right, NYC is super tough to qualify too!
      For some reason, I want to qualify for Boston in the toughest time (my current age/time requirement)–I think it’s the masochist in me, lol!

  6. Oh I’m sure you can qualify for Boston. Just focus on one day at a time and get confident enough to give it a go. I’ve known a few people that have taken 45-50 minutes off a marathon PR in one race. I don’t think your goals are unrealistic at all. I bet NY is going to be a great race for you.

    My first goal is to qualify for Chicago. Once I do that, then I’ll start setting my sights on Boston.

      • It’s 3:45, so a bit slower than Boston… a little more doable. I used to live an hour outside of Chicago, so I always knew and saw people running the marathon. I am running this year, but I want to run it as a qualifier in the future.

  7. You definitely have a way faster marathon in you! Look at your half-marathon PR and the paces you are running. I can’t wait to follow your NYC training and see what you do there.
    I would absolutely love to run Boston one day! It is such an amazing weekend here and I would love to be part of it. Hopefully one year we’ll both be there running!
    Love your burrito fundraiser!