My First What I Ate Wednesday

So yeah, I remember saying I’d never do one of these posts because well, I don’t cook and I don’t really have much to offer you guys.

However, yesterday, a friend of mine asked me what I was doing for lunch. I know she expected me to name off a take-out/drive-thru place (as that is usually what I do for 2/3 meals), but I surprised her by saying that I was making tuna. Then she surprised me by asking, “How do you make your tuna?”

Wait, there’s different ways to make tuna??

When I rattled of the ingredients, she was genuinely interested and said that it sounded like something she’d like.

Well I’ll be…..I, Helly, shared a recipe????

So I decided to go out on a limb here and share it with you all too just in case anyone else would like a different spin on tuna. Or maybe you already make it the way I do. Which in that case, is the reason why we’re friends.

Okay, so here’s what you need. And bear with me because I have no idea how these WIAW posts are supposed to go.

2 cans of tuna (or however much you want–I typically use two, serves about 4)
3 hard boiled eggs (you can use just the whites if that’s your thing)
Pickles (preferably sliced b/c you’ll chop ’em)
Jalapeños (whole or pre-sliced, and from the can for easy chopping)


I’ll cook if it means there’s less than 5 ingredients 😀

Step 1: Drain your tuna; put in medium size bowl
Step 2: On a cutting board, slice/chop your eggs (Leave only egg whites if that’s your preference. I used the whole egg). Pour the egg pieces in the tuna bowl.
Step 3: Chop one pickle slice (or more depending on how much pickle flavor you want)
Step 4: Chop your jalapeños (I use the entire small can. I like spicy.)
Step 5: Mix pickles and jalapeños in to the tuna bowl and you’re done!!


Some of my family members like putting in a spoonful of mayo, but I don’t. This is actually the healthiest Helly gets, lol!! You could also put in a little mustard but again, I like it just the way it is.

Eat straight from the bowl or–

  1. Make a sandwich
  2. Roll in a tortilla for a tuna burrito
  3. Put on top of a cracker for a quick snack

Never thought I’d see the day, but there you have it! My first What I Ate Wednesday 😀 Whatdya think??

–Do you like tuna? How do you prepare it?

–Do you like jalapeños? I love ’em!

42 responses

    • Yay!! I was worried about posting a WIAW as I mentioned on my post that I don’t cook and don’t really have extravagant recipes, lol! I wasn’t sure this tuna recipe was good enough for a WIAW, jaja!!

  1. Woah, that’s a loaded tuna bowl! I was a BIG fan of tuna but have slowly stopped eating it so much (for no reason). I’m pretty simple with tuna; mayo and some hill, sometimes celery. The best though is nacho chips/potato chips in your tuna sandwich!!! Try that one!

  2. I like tuna…some days…some days it just sounds awful. Other days, sounds good. Apparently my taste buds are moody or something. I like to cook, still don’t do WIAW. Not my thing but to each his/her own? Plus, they always make their pictures so pretty and idc how it looks. I just want it to taste good!

    • It’s good to hear quite a few people don’t like WIAW b/c there won’t be many (or any after this one) from me, lol!! You’re so right how a lot of people take some pretty nice pics of their food. I always wonder how long it took, and how they looked, trying to get the “right” picture, jaja!!

  3. This is totally NOT how you do a WIAW.

    For breakfast, you need to show us a picture of oatmeal with peanut butter (for protein) and shredded vegetables (so easy to hide veggies in breakfast and this way you get another serving in!) and a cup of coffee or tea.

    For lunch, there’ll be a photo of salad of lettuce greens and a small piece of pale white chicken breast meat. Maybe some baby carrots. You don’t eat all of it because it’s so much food!

    For snack, you show us five almonds in your palm and a small apple. Then you tell us that you didn’t eat the apple because you’re still full from lunch.

    For dinner, you tell us how you’re so famished and you made a super huge dinner. It’s another small piece of pale white chicken, steamed broccoli and carrots. You tell us that there was a sauce, but you didn’t feel like having it tonight.

    For dessert you go totally crazy and have a teeeny tiny piece of dark chocolate because you’re crazy that way and that dark chocolate has anti-oxidants.

    I can’t stand a majority of WAIW and skip right over them, so my heart sank a bit when I saw your title. Glad I read it anyway. I like your tuna recipe. I’ll probably add some chopped red tomatoes.


        But for realz, Helly – I am going to make your tuna recipe next week. I was just wondering if it would be weird if I put hard boiled eggs in my chicken salad. I haven’t done it yet, but I thought about it. Now I know it isn’t weird and I’m going to do it.

        I might eat some weird shit, like 5 almonds and an apple, but you will never hear me say that I didn’t eat something because I was “too full” or I didn’t use the sauce because I “didn’t feel like it”. I can get on board the healthy train, but I don’t understand the meaning of “too full”. Or how about those people who claim they “forgot” to eat. When someone says that I almost feel like they are speaking in a foreign language.

    • haha – came from Sarah’s post and just LOVE this reply. I also HATE WIAW as someone who has struggled with disordered eating really all of my 50 years of life.

      I tend to find that the posts come in 3 categories:
      – The ‘how I starved myself’ posts, which seem to be motivated either by (a) drastic undereating (showing how little they really ate), (b) social pressure (what they think they’re SUPPOSED to eat), or (c) direct dishonesty (showing one thing and eating another).
      – Post I categorize as “OMIGOD you guys look at HOW MUCH I eat!” … these typically come from disordered eaters trying to show the world they are now consuming 5000 calories per day for their 5’1″ 105lbs frame. Sorry … not buying it. When I look at something (as a 6’1″ 180lb guy) and think “no way I could eat that!” I find it bizarre … and sad.
      – ‘Bullshots’ – these are when the blogger uses ‘tricks’ to make their portions seems larger/smaller/different than reality (almost always larger). I was just looking at one blog I am not sure why I still follow, but on the WIAW post today there is a picture of the ‘huge’ piece of pie she had – not on a plate, with the piece for her husband out of focus in the background (using an artful 50mm lens with short DOF) … but you can still use the crust folds and the patterns in the whipped cream / meringue topping to see it is less than half a real piece, with great effort made to make it seem big.

      Related to ‘bullshots’, there are some people who spend so much time on constructing shots and arranging food that I wonder how they have time for running, family, friends, kids, work … or even eating the food! And of course it is always ‘grass fed’ and ‘organic’ and ‘cage free’ and on and on … I do what I can for sustainability, but with two kids in private colleges I’ll have to pass on that $75 omelet! 🙂

      As an final aside, I laugh at the ‘one square of dark chocolate’ thing. Ugh. That isn’t dessert … it is what I munch while DECIDING what to have for dessert …

  4. Except for the pickles, this sounds really good! I’ve never mixed eggs in before but I’m definitely a huge fan of the jalapeno lovin! I usually make my tuna by just mixing in some store-bought guacamole (it’s like a good substitute for mayo!!) unless I happen to have some avocadoes and onions. Then I’ll put a little more effort into it and add a dash of salt and lime juice 😀

  5. Being a vegetarian, tuna isn’t for me, but I like the idea. I do love jalapenos and would put them in EVERYTHING I eat if they didn’t bother my stomach.

    I share most people’s sentiment about WIAW… I always look at it and feel like the person eats next to nothing. Haha! I’m super glad this was different!

  6. You’re so awesome. I love tuna! I usually dump gobs of mayo into it. Oh and I always add pickles but have never even thought to add jalapenos!! BRILLIANT. And I’ve never thought to add eggs either but that dish would pack a lot of protein! I need to give it a try. Two of my kids love tuna sandwiches and one of them loves spicy, so I’ll make these for them tomorrow!

  7. lol – I don’t do WIAW posts either because why’s it gotta be Wednesday? What about Saturday or Tuesday or … 😉 I love tuna. Lately I’ve been buying it in the pouch instead of the can (less messy). I stir fry it with chopped onions and peppers, add a little soy sauce and serve it over brown rice or quinoa. Takes 5 minutes aaaaand yum!

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