Squat & Diet

Yep that’s pretty much what’s been going on over here….

I’ve been running, but what I’ve really been doing is squatting like I’ve never squatted before and trying to eat better. I have no idea who I’ve become.

So my coach right now is really focusing on pre-habbing (you know, doing the stuff people do when they get injured but BEFORE they get injured). Every Tuesday and Thursday I’m supposed to cross-train/strength train and like a good student, I’ve been doing all of my assignments. There’s more that I do besides squatting, but there’s def more of those than anything else. My Moms Run This Town chapter also has a month long squat challenge so everything has coincided quite nicely (or not? lol!).

Nothing has humbled me more than single-legged squats. Holy shit, those are hard.

I’ve become one with squats. After almost a month of squatting, I no longer dread them but accept them as part of my daily routine. While I have two scheduled days of strength training, I’ve found myself squatting and doing core work every single day. And after almost 4 weeks, I can finally begin to feel the hard work paying off.

It took me longer to get as motivated for the diet part, though. No surprise. But, last week was my first full week of being mindful of what I was putting in my mouth. My coach gave me a list of food ideas–this I love because I’m totally a person who likes being told what to do, in this case, eat.

Tuna has become my best friend. I’ve made this quite a few times. I’ve also been making a lot of smoothies which pairs great with our 105 degree temperatures πŸ˜€

1 cup almond milk
1 banana
mixed berries (to your liking)
spinach (or kale–I switch b/w them)

and voila! A yummy smoothie! Sometimes I’ll throw in chia seeds or Greek yogurt for funsies but with or without, it’s yummy.

I’ve been easing myself back into running. My coach has given me a break from speed work and tempos to concentrate on getting everything healed (foot feels amazing!). I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal with everything. I definitely felt my mojo drop a little and now that summer is arriving (my happy season), I’m ready to get to work.

100+ degrees? No sweat!

–Do you like squats? (They were seriously my death but now I don’t hate them as much anymore) Am I the only one who dances around trying to hold a single legged squat?

–What’s in your favorite smoothie?

–Your thoughts/feelings on summer approaching?

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  1. I love that you’re “pre-habbing”! Squats are good for ya! Just think about how much stronger you’ll be. Funny you should mention cross training. I’ve been doing the same as I sift through and figure out what my Plan is for the rest of the year. I peaked early. LOL! My hamstring has prevented me from my Plan B so now it’s back to the drawing board! Girl I have zero idea how you run in 102 degrees. Seriously. You amaze me. xoxoox

  2. Hi! Nice post! I like squats no the pain but better sore than sorry right! Now in my training I’m doing the squats with leg raise and the zumo they are for real a pain. I don’t have a fav. Smoothie but I like green juice spinach cucumber green apple and a little lime juice. My thoughts about summer is that I’m not ready for the heat since I have been mostly for around 10yrs around cold weather, noe that I’m in California this hot weather is hitting me. But not that hard because I’m from Puerto Rico where is summer all year round.

  3. OMG I’ve never even tried a single legged squat. Aren’t regular squats hard enough? I’d much rather add more weight than try single legged, but that is probably because I have poor balance. And that probably means what I need to do is get better at single legged squats and other things that require better core strength!

    I’m glad that your foot is feeling better!!!

    It’s been heating up like crazy here too so I’ve been back to a smoothie per day as well πŸ™‚ I make almost the same exact smoothie except I always add some greek yogurt. I like that it gives the smoothie a bit of a more creamy texture!

    • Yes!! I recently began adding Greek yogurt and it def gives it an extra something πŸ™‚
      My coach has been stressing the importance of balance. She says if you think about it, running requires balance since you’re on a single foot when you’re running. I’m like you where I’d rather add weight b/c my balance–or lack thereof– is embarrassing, LOL!!

  4. True story, the first time I read about single leg squats, I tried & couldn’t do even one & was all like, “I am clearly doing this wrong; you can’t REALLY have meant THIS.” Cue yucky hip injury a few months later. These days I am all about the squats!!

    I do eat my veggies, but I also drink an awful lot of wine, sooooo….. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

  5. I got tendinitis a couple years ago and was so devastated to not be able to run for a while. It turned out to be the biggest gift cause it forced me to start strength training–squats have changed my running and my life! Great post! Thanks!

    • I hope they change my life, LOL!! But I know what you mean. I got injured last year and the 6 weeks I took off actually helped me a ton–I came back faster than ever. Thanks for stopping by!! πŸ™‚

  6. I love back squats. I should go back to squatting (@ss to grass FTW!) but my gym doesn’t have a rack that I like and the lifting gym that I ADORE is inconvenient to get to. Your post reminds me that bodyweight exercises are good too, so I should do more of it. (Helly, please make me do it.)

    • DO IT!!!! I love bodyweight exercises. I don’t mind weights but I always feel so awkward–more than I already do just doing the body weight ones, LOL. Heck I’m just awkward all around, who am I kidding? πŸ˜€

  7. Whoa NICE JOB! I knew you were up to something! I started doing squats but they got me really sore in the legs and were interfering with my first love: running. I also tried single leg dead lifts and pulled a hamstring so I quit those too. I do hip/glute stuff though: donkey kicks, fire hydrants, leg extensions, and those have kept my SI joint in place, my hips stable, and my back healthy. YAAAAS. I still can’t get over that 4 mile run you did a couple of days ago in the afternoon heat. I read it out to Andrew and we were like whoa. RESPECT.

    • I do all of those too in addition to the squatting. My coach is trying to kill help me.

      I honestly don’t mind the heat. I loathe shivering in cold weather. Once I’m running, I’m fine but the before and after suck hard. I’d much rather sweat than shiver. Gross, but that’s me, lol!!! Can’t wait for you guys to visit again ❀

  8. I’m going through the opposite. Diet has been on point. All the cross training/strength training/prehab stuff I wanted to make a part of my base building? Yeah…no. Really need to get a routine started and stick with it. Excuses won’t get me to Boston.

  9. I have been obsessed with squatting since my sports therapist said I had a weak glute max (from the office job) I cant go up stairs without doing a squat each step haha

  10. I need to start squatting more!! I actually love them – well, except for the single leg squats – I’m too uncoordinated for that nonsense! Probably why I should do them though!