Next “Race”: Sinister Night Trail Run

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, or not a lot, that I have a race coming up. I use the term race loosely though, as I don’t really “race” trail races. The trail game is strong here in Arizona; I think the trail game is strong everywhere, lol! Those runners are a different breed! So I don’t go in with any expectations other than to have fun running where I love to the most, out in the middle of nowhere.

I love road running, too. But I think it’s easier to get bogged down by the numbers. Out on the trails, I always absentmindedly turn on my watch, mostly out of habit than anything else. Because out there, time doesn’t matter.

The cacti, the dirt, the purple mountains, the breeze, the wild—all of that matters. They don’t care about how fast you’re going.


On the road, everyone seems preoccupied by numbers. The cars zooming to their destination over the speed limit, the stoplight and its countdown blinking how long I have before I can cross, the people on their phones distracting themselves , tapping their steering wheel impatiently. And me, looking down at my watch, how long have I been running, how far have I gone…


Anyway, I’m looking forward to my race on Saturday. It’s a 27k out in the mountains closest to where I live, so it’s not too far, and it’s trails I’m familiar with. It’s at night with a start time of 7:30.

Here’s the course elevation (I learned from my first one to look at those things, lol):

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.48.29 AM

It’s a 3 loop course of the 9k–I kinda like that because that means I’ll pass through the start, and the crowds, a few times. I have a ton of friends doing this race and I know that it’s just going to be a blast 🙂

More after the race!!

–Do you like trail running/racing?

–Have you done a night race before? How’d you like it? (I’ve done 3– two trail and one road one in Canada!)



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  1. I love trail!! I started out as a road runner, then got SUPER into trail for several years (to the point where I even said I would NEVER run a road marathon again) and then I went back to the road haha. But I agree with everything you said about trail being completely different and numbers don’t matter. I did run a nighttime trail race once. It was 6.66 miles long- cool huh??? I had fun and did well but I’m honestly surprised I didn’t kill myself. 🙂

  2. I was thinking about signing up for a night race, but it sounds a little scary for my ankles. There is a trail night race in June pretty close to where I live.

    Good luck on your race! I’m sure it’ll go great! Also, 27K is a pretty random distance. Haha!

  3. Your description of road running is so accurate – the cars zooming, the checking of the watch, etc! I’ve never done trail running, but running through the trails of Arizona at night does sound like an incredible experience. One of my husband’s good friends puts on a midnight marathon every year. My husband just goes and runs 13.1 miles by himself at midnight since it’s not in the same state where we live, but I think it would be SO fun to really participate in the event.

  4. I love trail running, but I’m so clumsy that I think I’ll kill myself if I did it at night. Ben still hasn’t recovered from the time I tripped early on in a trail half and crossed the finish line looking like a mummy from all the bandages I needed.

  5. I love trails! And trail races. I use my watch for overall mileage but never worry much about pace. Which is good since seeing a 20 minute pace on roads would freak me out but with crazy elevation gain, it’s great! Don’t know about the night part though. I can’t decide it that would be cool or freaky.

    • It’s both, lol!! The one I’ve done before was a little scary because there were moments when I was alone and I was unfamiliar with the trail. This race, I’ve frequented the trail/course more so I’m sure I’ll be less nervous, lol!

    • Their whole night series has awesome names: Insomniac, Adrenaline, Hypnosis, Vertigo… It’s a great trail running company locally owned called Aravaipa Running. When you move here, we’ll be all over those trails 😀

  6. Look at you in your trail gear. You so pretttttyyyy ❤ I love trail races for exactly the reason you said – the (lack of) numbers. Road races can get bogged down by numbers fo sho. GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!