A-Hiking We Will Go!!!! Off to the Grand Canyon!!!!

I’ve been a little MIA from the blog-o-sphere as I’ve been life busy and life has a way of letting you know who’s boss–lest you ever think otherwise…lol!!

But this weekend, I’m off for another adventure. I did the Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim a couple of years ago with my running group and even though it was absolutely amazing, I said I’d never do it again unless my husband decided to do it.

And this year he decided.

It’s fitting that the both times we’ve EVER visited the canyon it’s to cross it both times, lol! And we’re both native Arizonans!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.13.32 AM

The photo above depicts the routes we’ll take. The first day will be South to North Rim and then the second day will be North Rim to Bright Angel. Total amounts to around 45 miles.

We don’t plan on running but taking our time as this will be our last visit to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and we really want to enjoy it. Though a part of me would really like to do this all in ONE day someday (I know, I’m crazy), I’m really just excited to share this adventure with my husband, and if it’s really the last time I do this, I want it to be with him.

So until Friday, it’s all about packing and making sure we have everything we need. I’ll post the amazing details when I return!!

–Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon??

–What “Wonder of the World” is on your list”?? The Pyramids would be really cool. And the Great Wall of China. There’s so many!! 😀




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  1. Amazing!! My husband wants to do this one day! Umm, I was born in AZ and lived there until I was 10 and still have never been to the Grand Canyon 😬 I would love to go and would really love to take my girls when they’re a little older. Have an amazing time!!

      • Yep! I lived in Arizona until I was 10 (with a few early years in CA) but my dad and his wife are still in AZ. We haven’t been out in years unfortunately – I’m a little scared of the flight from Boston to AZ with 2 little ones!!! But I REALLY want to make a trip out in the next year or two!

  2. Because you are the only person that I know who has done Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim I always associate the Grand Canyon with you! I hope you have so much fun together with your husband! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. I am so happy you and your husband get to do this together! I am also SHOCKED that you are native to AZ and only have been to GC twice!!!! We went for the first time this past summer and were blown away by the beauty. We were only there for a day and that was enough for me because I knew we couldn’t go IN IT. The next thing I was to do is go IN…. R2R. My dad and I want to do this together, but I am very nervous about it. I want to go with an organized group.

    • I know, it’s sad! My first time ever was the first time I did it and my second time will be this time, lol! Oh Helly…. I would def go the group route. We’re not technically an organized group but the people I’m doing it with have done a dozen times. REI has organized groups. I’ve been meaning to tell you that. I’m not sure of the details but I do know they do them.

  4. Whoa whoa whoa, that looks AMAZING!!! I’d die to see the Grand Canyon. We fly over it when we come in and out of AZ and I always have my face pressed up against the plane window the whole time. HAVE FUN!

  5. That is such an epic event, have fun and be safe. I hope to knock out the standard R2R later this year. Maybe someday be on your level with the R2R2R lol