Pre-Season Marathon Training: Week 3

It was a good week.


I almost left it at that ^^^ Wouldn’t it have made for a funny blog post, LOL??

Anyway, here’s the boring details 😀

Monday, 6/13–4 easy miles, 9:37 avg

I was hellbent on getting my easy miles to be easy going into Week 3, and I did a way better job at keeping it steady.

Splits–9:38, 9:48:9:35, 9:34

I think it helped that it was 90 degrees out (at 7 p.m.).

Tuesday, 6/14–5 morning miles, 9:11 avg; 3 evening miles, 9:37 avg

I did a two for Tuesday helping my girl Foxy Jen on her workout. 1 mile WU, 3 miles of something–I forgot what her specific plan was, lol–and one mile CD.

Splits–10:14, 8:54, 8:53, 8:49, 9:05 <—we didn’t do so well keeping the last mile a cool down :/

Momma duck sitting on her baby ducks <3

Momma duck sitting on her baby ducks ❤

Then, I ran 3 easy (and very hot) evening miles with some buddies.

Obligatory post run ice pop

Obligatory post run ice pop

Wednesday, 6/15–Rest Day

Hanson’s has Wednesdays as the sole rest day. Gonna start sticking it in there to get used to it.

Thursday, 6/16–7 morning miles, 9:31 avg; 2.2 evening miles, 10:35 avg

Another double. I did another workout with Jen. She had a 1 mile WU, 5 miles MP, and 1 mile CD. I really think that the only way I’ve been helping her is by keeping her company because I seem to ruin her pacing. She was supposed to be at a 9:45 pace for her MP miles and our splits were:

Splits–10:01 WU, 9:33, 9:37, 9:36, 9:18, 9:14, 9:29 CD =FAIL

Then, in the evening, it was RoadRunner’s monthly Adventure Run! Our group decided the only thing we wanted to accomplish was running to the water slide and back. It’s been ridiculously hot here in Phoenix.

Orange you glad to see me??

Orange you glad to see me??

After the run were the raffles and I won a free entry to a local 5k next month!! 😀

Friday, 6/17–Rest Day

I meant to run. But I had gotten home pretty late the night before and said no to my alarm clock. So I spent the morning tracking Suzy‘s marathon online (she killed it, tying her PR of 3:06 <– you read that right).

Plus, my husband and I had a rare date night and no way would I ruin my hair with a morning run.

Yes, I made my husband take a pic of me. Yes, I'm wearing my Garmin.

Yes, I made my husband take a pic of me. Yes, I’m wearing my Garmin.

We had plans to go a Spanish rock concert of two my favorite bands, Hombres G and Los Enanitos Verdes. It’s seriously times like these when I wished the whole world spoke Spanish. People are missing out on some amazing music.

Saturday, 6/18–Easy 4 miles, 9:58 avg

After a week of two doubles, a mid-week longish run, a mild hangover, and 100 degree weather, it wasn’t difficult keeping the pace easy for this run.

Splits–10:25, 10:11, 9:53, 9:26

Total miles for Week 3–25.58 I feel really good with the build up; week one 21 miles, and week two 22 miles. It’s still super low compared to what awaits me, but I like where I’m headed and how I’m feeling. Just want to stay injury free 🙂

–How was your running week?

–What is the last concert you saw?


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  1. Great week!! I hate ruining my hair with a run. Mine is very thick and curly, so if I pull the straightener out, I always hate to go for a run and ruin it. I had a good week of running. I just started marathon training (again), so I’m back to tempo runs and intervals. Haha!

  2. I’m not going to lie, I really hope that one day you do leave the blog post like that and just see what happens.
    Last concert I went to… I went to Taylor Swift a few years ago! She was insufferably egotistical and full of herself, but it was a good show for sure.

    • I hope it’s just b/c you want to see what people say and not b/c you think my blog is boring 😦 lol!!

      Taylor reminds me of a few Disney characters that I can’t stand b/c they’re soooooo annoyingly “perfect”. When my kids want to see those shows–Princess Sophia, Doc McStuffins…–I say, why don’t we watch something else….like Scooby Doo!! 😀

  3. That was a good week! I wish I could get my hair to look that great! I had fabulous hair from my pregnancy and then it all fell out. Then it started growing back and when I straighten it, I have spiked hair where it was growing in! So curly it is. Sigh.

    • Yeah, my hair has a wave to it so I just shower, sleep and let it air dry, and curl the top layer. I workout too much to style it daily. And my hair falls out like whoa–even post pregnancy. My husband has to periodically unclog our shower drain :/

  4. Aww, thanks for the kind words, lady! You looked smokin’ on date night! WOWZERS. Not that I’m surprised or anything. You’re a looker! Nice job running through the heat. I can’t even imagine suffering through those temps.

  5. What a great week of pre-training training! You are in a great place to start your marathon training. LOL, I am so with you with not wanting to ruin a good hair day with working out!! Hope you and your husband had a great date night!

  6. The best thing about that Garmin is that you can totally dress it up. You look great!

    What a great week! I feel like someday I AM just going to write “It was a good week” or just a single sentence per workout. Workout recaps get a little boring to write! But I do like looking back on them sometimes…And I like to see what my fellow runner-bloggers are up to!

  7. Double runs, very nice. Watch for overuse especially in this heat.

    Good call on the water slide at roadrunner. I would probably make the same decision and winning a 5k on top of that, pretty awesome!