Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 9

And just like that, we’re halfway there….

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Easy Runs–9:40-10:40
Long Runs–9:30

Last week was a good one and I felt like each run was a success.

Monday, August 29th–5 Miles Easy, 10:30 avg pace

I met up with my good buddy Jen who is training for Chicago marathon. We kept the pace nice and easy and had a great run catching up. I haven’t been able to run with her as much as I’d like because of our different training plans/schedules so it was a good way to start my running week.

Tuesday, August 30th– .5 mile WU, 6x800s (w/400 R), .5 mile CD

I shortened the warm up and cool down because of the route we take with our Tuesday night group run. It’s not ideal but….oh well. It was a great run nonetheless and I was super excited to see that I nailed the workout. The goal pace was 7:30 and here’s how I did:


This was a Cloud 9 run 😀

Wednesday, August 31stREST DAY

I ended the month with another monster total mileage (for me). I also only missed 2 days when I had some shinny shin shin pain. Luckily, some modifications have helped it and I’m a-okay!


Thursday, September 1st–1 mile WU, 8 miles Tempo, 1 mile CD

This run had me scared as it was my first 8 mile tempo run (of three). The tempo runs are set up in thirds so that from here on it’s 3 eight milers, 3 nine milers, and 3 ten milers. So I’ll be having a medium-esque long run (10+ miles) on Thursdays from here on out.


So the first one was tough…it was 84 degrees and 55% humidity at 4:45 in the morning and what has usually been a relatively comfortably hard pace was just brutal. Plus, I think I’m definitely feeling the accumulated fatigue now. The goal pace was 8:45 and this run was at about an 8:52 pace average for the 8 tempo miles. Ugh.

Friday, September 2nd–4 Easy Miles, 9:44 avg pace

This run was faster than it should’ve been (and shorter) because I skipped my early morning hill run workout to let my husband run. I keep saying I forget that he’s training for a marathon and I say that half jokingly, but I sometimes do forget. I’ve been pretty selfish about making sure *I* get my runs in and I haven’t been more accommodating to him.

Side note: I’ve found Hanson’s to be a pretty lonely training plan. It’s so much running and pace specific that it doesn’t work well with running with other people. I’ve missed out on running with friends quite a bit and while I’ve tried to make it work, it can get tough with different training plans, different life schedules, kids, and a spouse also training.

Saturday, September 3rd– 15 Long Run Miles @ 9:28 pace

I switched my long run days so that I can run with friends (see Side note above). I have two friends also training for NYC Marathon and it has been difficult getting our schedules to match. I hate that we haven’t run together more, especially since we’re training for the same race.

Anyway, it was a great run. I didn’t worry about my pace; the run was about hanging out with friends.

At the mile 12 mark, my friend said she needed musical assistance so she plugged herself in and got in her zone. I started to pull away from her then as I felt good and I finished the last three miles at goal marathon pace–8:46, 8:43, 8:32. This is where I really feel/see the benefits of Hanson’s. I can’t believe I felt that good at the end of a 15 mile run.


start time–4:30 a.m.

Sunday, September 4th–5 Easy Miles, 10:14 avg pace

Easy recovery miles around my hood to finish off the week.

It was a 44.16 mile week of good running and I’m stoked to be at the halfway point feeling strong. I know things will start getting tough as the fatigue settles in and the mileage keeps climbing. Here we gooooo!!!

–How was your running week?

–How many of your runs are solo runs? The majority of mine are and I don’t mind running by myself, but there are times when I really do enjoy company.


22 responses

  1. Most of my runs are solo, especially now that I’m in training. I’m neurotic about paces because of training. If someone isn’t feeling well and has to run more slowly and I’m forced to run more slowly, I’m upset because I wanted to go faster. If I’m running slowly because I’m not feeling well, then I feel bad for slowing people down.

    I run best with people who have the same pace and running philosophy as I do, run with group if it suits you, but speed up or slow down as you need to and don’t expect others to do the same.

    • I definitely don’t expect people to adjust their pace for me. But, I’ve felt that people have expected me to do it and that’s where I’ve had trouble running with others this training cycle. I’m like you in that I’d prefer to stick to the prescribed pace and some people aren’t as stickler to paces as I am, lol!

  2. What a week! And half way there. So exciting. I can’t wait to be there and cheer you on. I do almost all of my runs solo (minus the ones that I push Mary on). Rock and I sometimes run together. Sometimes those runs are awesome….sometimes not 😉

    • Most of my runs are solo as well but since most of my friends are running friends, if I don’t run with them, I don’t see them 😦

      I rarely run with my husband….like, super rarely, so when I do I actually like it, lol!

  3. So much greatness in this post, Helly! Soooo happy to hear that your shin is better and not giving you any trouble. Do you look at that calendar and feel so proud of yourself? Because you really should! That is a fantastic tempo run this week and how awesome to have finished your long run so strong. I’m really struggling with my long runs this training and you definitely motivate me to keep at it.
    We really are so much alike – when my husband and I are training for races at the same time I always forget too! Luckily he’s super flexible about his running and will go whenever and wherever, where I’m much more uptight about when I run and the exact route/pace I want to go. LOL! 🙂

  4. Hello- about 98% of my runs are solo- I have a running club Monday nights that’s cool and my wife and I train about once a week but mainly just me and the road in front. I sort of like it that way. My 10o miler I did totally self supported and that’s the way I like it. I do like running marathons with friends but there comes that time when either they want to go faster/ slower or you do. Wish you luck on your marathon though it looks like your training is working very well and you will be totally fine. For me I know miles 14 to 22 will be boring/ mundane so I mentally prepare for that time and try to focus on form and pace- works for me. Jake

  5. you are doing a fabulous job of getting through the Hanson’s plan…i have the book but have not really considered trying it yet so it is great to read your progress and experience…your pace at distance seems to be getting stronger and you are doing an amazing job of keeping up with the training plan especially in that insane heat…and, to your question, i run almost exclusively solo…best of luck with the second half!!

  6. That’s great that you can run with other people who are training for marathons. Even if you don’t run many runs with them, it’s still someone to talk to about your plan and to maybe meet up with for shorter runs when you don’t feel like getting out there. I run solo here. But I live in a place where the average age is 65yo if you can believe it (I’m NOT 65 or even close). It’s difficult to find anyone who runs down here, let alone who is training for a marathon.