Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 11

Week 11 brought some big milestones–my highest weekly mileage to date and I REACHED MY FUNDRAISING GOAL!!!



Two burrito sales, one raffle, and countless pleas for help (lol!), I was blown away by the generosity of my family and friends (both close to me and those I only know online). Thank you SO much to those who generously donated to this important cause ❤

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Easy Runs–9:40-10:40
Long Runs–9:30

Monday, September 12th–5.5 Easy Miles @10:19 avg. pace

This was an easy run around my ‘hood. It was hot and humid.

Tuesday, September 13th–1 mile WU, 6 Strength Miles @8:35 pace, 1 mile CD

I was determined to get in a full warm up and cool down as I’d been slacking on ’em on my Tuesday runs. This brought the first “Strength Run” (10 seconds below race pace) of the plan and what will be every Tuesday from here on out.


There was supposed to be a 400 recovery between each mile and that’s where I slacked. I just did all the miles straight. Afterward, I felt fine but after talking to a buddy, we both agreed that I should keep them in the plan as that’s additional mileage I’m supposed to have and I could def use the recovery even though I may feel fine (it was also 95 degrees and humid out when I did this). I don’t want to jeopardize anything so far in.

Wednesday, September 14th– Rest Day (but, 10k steps)

No running, but I met up with my run club and walked with some friends to get my 10k steps in.

Thursday, September 15th–1 mile WU, 8 Tempo Miles @8:45, 1 mile CD

I’m always nervously excited about tempo days. I actually like them and they really help build my confidence, but at the same time, I still can’t take in that I’m going to try and do this for 26.2 miles.


Another run with stellar splits ❤

I’ve been really lucky to have friends to run these tempo miles with me because the miles just fly by. Next week, the tempo distance goes from 8 to 9 and I’ll do 9 tempo miles for three weeks before moving on to 10. Hopefully, my friends still want to run them with me, lol!!

Friday, September 16th– 6.5 Easy Miles @10:08 pace

Easy miles around my ‘hood. It was hot.

Saturday, September 17th–16 Long Run Miles @9:23 pace

I moved my long run to Saturday because later that night I’d be going to a bachelorette party and yeah…I didn’t think I’d be awake enough Sunday morning for a long run, lol! I didn’t drink any alcohol, but I’m really not used to staying out late (I was home by 10 but that’s late for me jaja!!!).

Me and the soon-to-be Mrs. :D We were college roommates! <3

Me and the soon-to-be Mrs. 😀 We were college roommates! ❤

Anyway, my run that morning started at 4:30 a.m. and wowzers…..it was cold out!!! Yes, you read that right!!! It was 65 degrees and I was chilly at the start lol!!

We (I was running with my NYC Marathon buddies) immediately felt the difference running in colder weather. The miles were cruising by us and we were going faster than we usually do. After mile 5, every mile was below my long run pace—oops!! Luckily, everything averaged out to be pretty close to my 9:30 target pace.

Warm-up 5

“Warm-up 5” lol


In addition to my tempo runs, my long runs have been super confidence boosters. This was my first “Hanson’s 20” (longest run of the plan) and for it being such a high mileage week, I felt so good on this run. I have 3 more of these 16ers and I was happy to cross one off the plan 😀

Sunday, September 18th–5 Easy Miles @10:14 pace

Easy miles around my hood. These were nice and slow because I was so tired from my early morning long run and night out the day before.


Highest weekly mileage ever at 51 miles !!! I never thought I’d run so much and I’m just so thankful I’m doing well and feeling good 🙂

–How was your running week?

–When is the last time you went to a bachelor/bachelorette party? (It’d been a looong time for me, lol)

–What is your highest weekly mileage?


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  1. Yay! Congrats. So awesome. The last bachelorette party I went to was 3 years ago for my own. I had a 16 mile training run that morning and by 10pm I had to excuse myself. My feet were just killing me in heels and I was exhausted. Real life of the party!

  2. Well done Helly, you’re certainly on target form. Never been to a bachelor party but I’m assuming it’s the same as a “Stag do” here in the U.K- groom to be goes out and gets drunk… I’ve been to a few but they are usually too wild and over the top for me now!

    My running week was good I did a marathon in heat last Thursday and a 30 miler (ish) trail on saturday so I’m all ran out today….

    Highest weekly training mileage was about 80 last year but now I’ve dropped it a little though I’m building up to that again by Xmas. Highest actual was about 106 in August just fine when I did 4 marathons back to back in 4 days – for a laugh. I was soooo tired at the end of 4 days but I loved everyday. Two of those 4 I was a guide for a blind runner so the pace was nice and gentle and conversational so all was good.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. 51 miles and meeting your fundraising goal! 🙌 So many great runs in there from your strength to tempo to long run. It looks like Hanson’s is definitely working well for you! Hmm, last Bachelorette party . . . eek, it’s been so long (like maybe 9 or 10 years!) that I can’t even remember!

  4. Oof, those marathon race pace runs–SUPER intimidating. I always have the same thought (“How the heck am I going to do this for 26 miles????”) & have to remind myself that, no, seriously, just trust the training & it’ll all work out on freshly tapered legs. 🙂

  5. That’s awesome you are running NYC. It has been on my bucket list along with Boston and I hope one day to get to experience it too! Great job on a good week/long run!

    I have never run 50 miles in a week! I think the max I have hit is lower 40s, which I constantly tell myself they are all “quality” miles, because I tend to feel like a lower mileage runner, but it works for now!