2017–And The Adventure Begins


I love new beginnings. All of ’em. Mondays, mornings, new years, new months, new seasons…The hopefulness of the start of something new excites me and motivates me.

As far as goals and resolutions, I don’t look at them as having a deadline. If/when I create them, I do so with the intention of them being something I work on for as long as I can, as long as life will allow. So any goals I set for myself, I’m not looking to have fulfilled them by the end of they year. If they take longer, they take longer. For me, the pursuit of the goal, the lessons I learn while I’m actively trying, is always what stays with me the longest.

Because of a year like 2016, I finally feel confident enough to go for my 2017 goals, because honestly, I never thought I’d be within reach.

I want to Boston Qualify. You all knew this was coming, right? Lol! In all seriousness though, I’m still quite a bit aways, but this is the year I want to start making my attempts. I’m motivated by a good training cycle and marathon from NYC, I’m motivated by friends like Katrina and Colby and Jennifer and Ashley, and I’m motivated by the fact that I’m finally confident enough to even consider it.

My first attempt will be at St. George in October. It’s no longer a lottery (per their website) so on April 1st, I’ll be at my computer ready to register, lol. I’ve also already signed up for California International Marathon (CIM) in December.

Right now my current marathon PR is 3:58 and my BQ time is 3:35. Realistically, I’d need around a 3:32-33 to get in.

Completing a half marathon under 1:45 this past December really boosted my confidence in thinking I could actually qualify. That was a criteria for me before I even considered trying. With Hanson’s Marathon Method, the longest tempo run is 10 miles, so if I were training to BQ, I’d need to do 10 miles in 8:00 minutes. With a half marathon at a 7:48/mile average under my belt, I feel like I can better tackle a Hanson’s BQ training cycle now.

Can you tell I’ve thought about this a lot? Ja!!!

And because I’m crazy, I really want to qualify in the age group I’m currently in: 18-34. Right now I’m 32, and your needed BQ time is for the age you’ll be on Boston Marathon race day. So let’s say it takes me two years to qualify and I’m 34—the time I would technically need would be for the next age group, 3:40, since I would be 35 on race day. Many have said I should wait and age in, but, I like the challenge of qualifying in my current age group time. If people have done it, why can’t I? So what if I’m practically a half hour away–details shmeetails. 😀

I want to sub 1:40 a 1/2 Marathon. This is equally insane to me as my BQ goal. When I ran the Scottsdale Half Marathon, I thought a sub 1:45 was a stretch (my previous PR being 1:48) and I remember saying that as long as I got that sub 1:45, I would be done with any 1/2 marathon goals.

Well I finished with a 1:42 and now I kinda want to try for a sub 1:40, lol! And this time, I’m serious that whenever I do get it, I’ll be more than satisfied having that as my long standing PR.


Like I said at the start of the post, I’m not looking to check these off this year. It would be great, but I know that it could take longer than 12 months. A lot longer. And I’m okay with that. I know trying for these goals, even if I don’t make them “soon”, will help me become a better runner. That’s still a win, right?

I have 3 marathons scheduled for 2017, two of which will be BQ attempts. I have 2 half marathons scheduled, one of which will be a sub 1:40 attempt.

Here’s to a fun ride trying to make these happen!! I hope you join me 😀

–What are your 2017 running/fitness goals?

–When you dream big, do you dream reeeeally BIG (like me, lol) or make goals that are more within reach?



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  1. I am so proud of you I AM SHAKING! It is most certainly within your reach. And I say- GO FOR IT. Why not? You’ve stepped so far out of your comfort zone and have reaped some pretty fanfuckingtastic benefits and PRs. You’ve always had the power, My Dear. You just needed to learn it for yourself. ❤ To a happy, HEALTHY 2017. I can not wait to follow along on your adventure! Much Love, Colby

  2. Ok, my goal this year is to start running again and never stop! For reals this time. First, I will sign up for races because when I do, I train. I want to BQ before I age in too, so I’ve got this year to do it. Yikes! And I want my 1/2 time at 1:30. My PR is 1:41:30, I ran it at the Fiesta Half with Ben on a day I planned to take it easy. I want to see what I can do when I mean business. Now that I’ve put it out there I hope I can hold myself accountable. I probably won’t be able to run the miles you put in, but I’ll strengthen train as well (that’s where I’ve seen huge benefits). Good luck with your goals and I’ll try to keep you posted on mine! 💞

  3. BIIIIIGGG GOOOAAALSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Go BIG, or go home, I say.

    The St. George Marathon is a great one for a BQ attempt. It’s a downhill course and you know I love downhill courses. I’ve heard really good things about CIM.

    I’m not doing a marathon this year. While I don’t regret doing Wineglass and Steamtown these past two years, I didn’t enjoy marathon training last year and I want to go back to focusing on what I love running – racing 5Ks and half marathons. I have some tentative goals in mind, but I’ll sit down and plan out definitive plans and goals when I’m ready to train. I’m still decompressing from a stressful fall/early winter.

    • Def BIG goals but I’m going to run marathons anyway so might as well go for it, lol!!

      I think it’s def important to run distances you enjoy–for you, 5Ks and 1/2s. I’m excited to see what those distances have in store for you in 2017! xoxo!!!

  4. Those are some awesome goals! You can totally reach them if you put your mind to it (and your feet to the pavement)! I’m running my first half-marathon this year (the Missisauga Marathon) – if all goes well, I’m hoping to run a few more this year and shave off some time!

  5. Go after it girl! You’ve done so well in the last year I’m sure all your hard work will pay off this year..or next for a BQ.
    I’m still figuring out my goals/intentions but I want to be a stronger runner and AVOID all injuries 😉

    • You know me, not shy about publicizing stuff, lol!! I felt like if I put it out there, I’d buckle down more and really commit. Like you said, it will not be easy, but it’ll be fun trying 🙂 Thank you for all of your support!!! I hope I can see you in a few weeks!

  6. 3 marathons? I can’t even settle on one. Giant goals but I think you can do it! Best of luck! I don’t make goals anymore, I didn’t last year and it worked rather well for me so this year will be the same. I do have plans though. 🙂

    • I know!! 3 is crazy. Heck, 1 is crazy! They’re spaced pretty well apart though so it won’t be too insane (I hope).

      Goals, plans…they’re all something to work for and look forward to, right? 🙂

  7. I could have written this exact post. I’m in pretty much the exact same spot. 1:42 half PR, hoping to break 1:40 next, and a 3:59 marathon, with BQ on my mind for my next 26.2 (but also accepting that these goal might not happen this year). Can’t wait to follow your training for these races!

  8. You’re just as crazy as I am lol. I say go after em all, what the helly, life’s to short to not push ourselves to the limit. I would go after he BQ now and not age in, I have an ego like that lol.

    I always look at the BQ and I know with a lot of hard work I could do it but man oh man it’s intimidating. I would need a 2:50 or so to qualify and I don’t have the passion for that right now. My passion is ultras right now so I’m focusing on that. We will see what happens down the road.

    • I would admit there’s ego involved in wanting to qualify with the hardest time, lol!!! I just figure, if it can be done, HAS been done, why can’t I do it…oh boy….LOL

      I’m on an opposite path in that I really want to BQ first and then venture into the world of ultra running. I’d love to do a 100k someday! I”ve loved following your trail running journey!

  9. This post makes me SO happy!!! I was really hoping that you would go for a BQ. I was telling my husband about you and he said “she can absolutely qualify.” You have the speed – your recent half marathon proves that. And you have the endurance. Those long tempos at marathon pace will marry the two together. You absolutely can do this. Don’t worry about where your current marathon PR is and how much time you have to shave off. You are physically capable of running a qualifying marathon and you are mentally tough. One thing I did was find other people who had similar half marathon PRs to me who ran marathon times I wanted and I thought about them over and over. Selfishly I wish your marathons were earlier (Mountains 2 Beach Marathon!!) so we could run together in 2018 🙂 🙂 Otherwise you bet I will be there in 2019 to cheer you on!

    I love that you don’t want to wait until your BQ time bumps up. I always thought that if I BQ’d I would be a total squeaker – like a 3:39:55 to meet my 3:40 qualifying time. I truly believe that if there hadn’t started being a need to beat the qualifying time by 2-3ish minutes I would have never pushed myself to run a sub 3:35. I remember reading an article once about how the BQ standard is good because it gives people a time to try for, but that it’s also limiting because people use it as THE standard for what they’re capable of running. Thought that was an interesting outlook.

    • I know so many people (online and in real life) who are going to Boston next year and it makes me itch to try for it early so I can meet up/go with them. BUT, I don’t want to rush things (and at the same time, am scared of peaking (if there’s such a thing)). One of my friends recommended M2B and Jack and Jill marathon which are mid year and spread apart from my other marathons enough to do them, but then that would mean FOUR marathons (OMG)–If I did do that, I’d probably eliminate St. George b/c there’s just no way I could do four fulls and be healthy.

      A section of How Bad Do You Want It talks about that–how time goals often restrict us b/c it sets limits to what we could *actually* do. I totally agree!

      P.S. I sent you a personal message on your Instagram!

  10. How fun! Big goals are so great, good for you! Where there’s a will there’s a way, I’m sure you will have a fantastic year. Best of luck! But, please, be honest….do you REALLY love Mondays? 😉

    I’m running the Chicago Marathon this year. It is my only goal race. I worked really hard last spring to get a time qualifier for guaranteed entry, and I’m so excited for it already. I do have a big goal for myself, but I’m being one of “those people” and keeping it personal. I’ve heard only good things about CIM and am toying with the idea of running it in 2018. Boy, between that and St. George, you sure know how to pick ’em!

    • Welllll, Mondays can sometimes be fun?? LOL!!

      Congrats on getting a time qualifier for Chicago! That’s an awesome accomplishment! It’s totally okay to keep goals personal, what works for one might not work for another 🙂

      I have a tendency to choose “big” marathons according to my husband, lol!!!

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