2017 Scottsdale Half Marathon–PR!!

I love this course. I really do. It’s been sooo good to me and Ben and we’ve always done well here. It’s a pretty much a *flat*, fast, loop in Scottsdale, AZ–nothing majorly scenic, but it’s pretty in Scottsdale and even though you’re passing through businesses and residential areas, the landscaping is well maintained and pretty to look at, lol!

My goal was to sub 1:40. I hadn’t really been vocal about that goal (except here), but my marathon training has me doing tempo miles at that pace and I figured it was a good time to give it a go.

And I got close….

So close.

I wore my Shalane F*CK YES! Momentum bracelet because I was on a mission for a sub 1:40 Eff Yes moment . When I crossed the finish line, it was more just like, F******CK. Lol!!!

Turning the corner and looking at the clock tell me I didn’t make it.

And because I’m honest, my immediate reaction crossing the finish line was disappointment– and I wanted to cry. But because my team’s tent was at the finish line, I was immediately met with hugs and congrats and I couldn’t cry. I mean, I PR’d, how could I be upset? I didn’t want to cry and be a baby with everyone so happy for me. So, I put a smile on my face and rejoiced, even though deep down I was sad.

My brother ran it, too!


I know PRs are going to get harder now. So after I pity-partied a bit, I truly began to celebrate my accomplishment. I’m pretty damn happy. Sincerely.

I ran fast, and I ran fast from the very start. I went in with a goal and I wasn’t afraid to fight for it from the get-go. From beginning to end, I raced.

That is so freaking awesome to me. I’ve come such a long way in the mental aspect of running. I remember telling my husband after I first ran a sub 1:50, that I didn’t think I could top that. That I would be perfectly okay without bettering that 1:48. Well, here I am, a 1:42 and a 1:40 later!

I’m wanting to get faster. I’m not afraid of running fast anymore. I mean, I still sometimes get freaked out when I see myself running sub 8s, but I’m getting used to seeing them more often and getting used to making it my “new normal”.

It’s insane. I never thought I would run the way I’m running now.

4th in Age Group, what?!?

And to think that I want to run faster! That my race day mantra now is: Make It Hurt.

It indeed was a F*CK YES! moment. Who was I kidding! A 2+ minute PR!!!

Turn and burn!

Love ya, Scottsdale!

The road to Boston continues! And that’s the real goal πŸ˜‰

–Do you have a favorite local race?

–Do you like running fast?

–When was your last F*ck Yes! moment?

23 responses

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Seriously, what’s 28 seconds? You should crack that 1:40 any race now. πŸ˜‰

    Isn’t it so funny how even with a PR you can feel sort of devastated at first if you had a bigger goal in mind? Glad you were still able to enjoy it & celebrate!

  2. SO awesome and that bracelet is the best! So freaking close to your goal, but seriously, that is a killer time. You are doing a fabulous job! Congrats on a great run. I love the Cherry Festival of Races in July. Traverse City is so beautiful and festive that time of year and you basically run the Bayshore Marathon course, or a portion of it.

  3. Helly, I have a long list of downhill half marathons where you can surely break 1:40. Also did you do a proper full taper for this race? I’m guessing you didn’t do a full taper, but rather a small one, because you’re focusing for the Phoenix Marathon. Things like that make a difference in race time.

    That 1:40 barrier will go down. It’s simply a matter of time.

  4. The fear of running fast is a real fear. I’ve thought that I was crazy for having that fear but I’m not alone. And I think that’s because we keep getting faster and we never thought we could. I just ran a 5 miler that I have run 4 years in a row. I ran a PR last year 38:39 never thinking that I could go faster than that. Toed the line again a couple of weeks ago for the same race worried that I would even come close to the previous year PR. Well crossing the finish line in 36:12 put an end to that theory. Now the question is can I go faster. Its the same with my half marathon. Stay true to your training and trust the rest in your body!! Well done!!

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