Somewhere in the middle of caring and not caring

March has been interesting. It’s the first month where I’ve not been actively training for something. NYC Marathon training started last July and I’ve pretty much been going non-stop since.

I knew after Phoenix Marathon last month though, I was ready for a break.

At the same time, I’m super excited to get started on BQ training, so I was hesitant to do absolutely nothing during my recovery month.

Some days, I’ve been motivated to run and strength train but honestly, most days other days I’ve simply eaten all the things.

I’m surprised I even reached 50 miles this month. Most have been “easy” and some have been an attempt to run fast, lol. I have a half marathon at the end of April that for a moment, I contemplated attempting a PR (it’s flat, super local, and a fun race) but my heart isn’t into training for that. I have Boston Qualifying on the brain.

So that’s why I don’t care so much about not caring. I was due a stress-free month, and I needed this little break to prep for my BQ attempt at St. George. It’s funny that the first day of April is registration, though. Once March is over, the fun begins again. šŸ˜€

–How long, if at all, do you take breaks from running?

–What do you do to maintain fitness on your running breaks?

18 responses

  1. I’ve barely run this month though I’ve was doing many other sports – this is the least amount of running I’ve ever done! I was hoping it would increase but had a minor set back with a car accident late last week, whomp whomp!

  2. Not ran for a month due to IT Band issue so I took full advantage and put on a stone in weight. Back to running this week with a marathon Easter Monday so I’ve got 3 weeks to get back to fitness. Should be ok, it’s been really good to just relax and not care but I’ll be glad to get back to running. It’s good you are relaxing as BQ is your goal.

  3. I think it is great that you are taking a break. It is so important to give your body and mind a rest. Every runner does that. If we don’t, we run this risk of injury or just a mental break down. You want to be fresh and excited for your next round of training to come along. Easy runs are so important for all of us and have so many benefits. You are totally doing the right thing!