White Flag

Well….you might have guessed it….

I imagined this going differently, but I guess that is life.

I’ll still be running St. George; I’ll likely still try for the BQ–but, it will be without confidence, without expectation, without hope.

The last month has been a whirlwind. My kids both started school for the first time–my daughter in Kindergarten and my son in Pre-school. I went back to work, still teaching, but at a new school in a new district. All of this in the midst of the most rigorous training I’ve ever attempted.

I couldn’t do it.

And that’s really what it boils down to. I just couldn’t make it happen.

I know that many people have kids, have jobs, have training plans and somehow find a way to fit it all in. I thought I could be one of those people.

But I’m not.

Not right now.

The last couple of weeks have found me running three times a week. Three. Each week I would tell myself that I would prioritize my runs, each week I wouldn’t.

Last year in August I ran 153 miles. This year, for a “BQ attempt”–84.

After the second week, I e-mailed my coach and told her I was throwing in my white flag. It had nothing to do with her or her workouts. I love her and I love them. I loved the challenge, seeing paces I didn’t think I could..and doing them. But because I wasn’t doing ALL of the workouts, I knew I was only setting myself up for injury.

I’m not sure anymore… what my plans are. I’ll still run St. George, but I won’t be doing CIM. I don’t know if I’ll do Phoenix. I don’t know when my next marathon will be.

What I do know… is that life goes on.

I’ve had some pretty good races in the last year. I think it’s time I took a little break.


Somewhere in the middle of caring and not caring

March has been interesting. It’s the first month where I’ve not been actively training for something. NYC Marathon training started last July and I’ve pretty much been going non-stop since.

I knew after Phoenix Marathon last month though, I was ready for a break.

At the same time, I’m super excited to get started on BQ training, so I was hesitant to do absolutely nothing during my recovery month.

Some days, I’ve been motivated to run and strength train but honestly, most days other days I’ve simply eaten all the things.

I’m surprised I even reached 50 miles this month. Most have been “easy” and some have been an attempt to run fast, lol. I have a half marathon at the end of April that for a moment, I contemplated attempting a PR (it’s flat, super local, and a fun race) but my heart isn’t into training for that. I have Boston Qualifying on the brain.

So that’s why I don’t care so much about not caring. I was due a stress-free month, and I needed this little break to prep for my BQ attempt at St. George. It’s funny that the first day of April is registration, though. Once March is over, the fun begins again. 😀

–How long, if at all, do you take breaks from running?

–What do you do to maintain fitness on your running breaks?

Marathon Training Week 8 Recap–Halfway There!

I can’t believe I’m halfway there! In less than two months I’m going to attempt my first marathon!

You bet I'm going to tell the world I ran a marathon! : )

You bet I’m going to tell the world I ran a marathon! : )

Saying I’m nervous is an understatement.

I’m nervous because I haven’t stuck to the training plan as much as I’d like. I’ve significantly dropped my mileage the last two weeks to help with my shin injury and even though I would have liked to have continued with the plan’s mileage, I do feel like my shin has been muuuuch better with extra rest. My doctor had said to lessen mileage up to the 1/2 marathon happening in two weeks and then reassess. I like that plan. Hopefully, I can slowly increase again to finish the training strong.

Sunday, December 29th: Cross-train day, 10 bike miles. One slow streak mile.

Monday, December 30th: One slow streak mile. Blogilates video-Abs on Fire

Tuesday, December 31st: One slow streak mile.

Wednesday, January 1st: Commitment Day 5k! Recap here : )


Thursday, January 2nd: Rest Day

Friday, January 3rd: Blogilates videos-Victoria’s Secret Abs and Butt on Fire

Saturday, January 4th: 12 miles at marathon goal pace. I set out on this run to try and complete at my goal pace of 10:00/mile. I amazingly felt really good the entire way until….I got lost! At mile 11, I reached an unfamiliar point in my route and stopped to try and familiarize myself with my the surroundings. I saw I was in downtown of the city! Luckily, I saw a woman walking by and asked what the nearest major crossroad was. I recognized it and realized I was about 2 miles away–not too bad since I had one mile left of my scheduled 12 miles. I started running and then heard the 11 mile beep: 11:08. What?! I had been consistent with my 10 min pace and was bummed that I didn’t stop my watch when I asked for directions. I decided that I was going to book it to make sure my average pace was 10. So yeah, my last mile was 8:34 lol!


Total Weekly Mileage: 17.89 miles

Next week I’m hoping to slowly get more mileage in leading up to my 1/2 marathon January 19th.

–How was your fitness week?

–Have you signed up for a race this year?