Week 5–St. George Marathon Training: All Together Now…


and I know it’s “supposed” to be hard. And I know that it’ll make me stronger. And I know that it will all be worth it.

But it’s still hard.

Monday, July 3rd–8 Miles; 2 mile WU, 5×1 mile @7:15 pave (1:30R), CD to complete mileage

I was still in my hometown and I needed to do this run, so another 5 a.m. run it was.

I made my husband do this with me and he heard the struggle (me swearing) on each mile. There’s no way I could’ve come close to these times without him–this shit hurt. And I didn’t hit the mark on any of the miles, but I was still pleased with how I did. Except for that one split that wasn’t even close–that has been a recurring theme in this training…a random split that’s way off, lol


Tuesday, July 4th–Core strength, stretching, foam rolling

It was Independence Day and we actually traveled back home on this day so a good chunk was spent in the car. I made sure to do some core work and rolling when I got home though.

Wednesday, July 5th–6 Miles; 1.75 WU, 6-5-4-3-2-1 minutes @6:50 pace, CD

Soooo, with work looming, I’m getting myself used to evening track workouts and this was the first one of this cycle.

Not recommended.

I wasn’t expecting to hit my paces because of the heat, and except for the first and last intervals, I didn’t. (The six minuter was actually supposed to be 7:00 minute pace and I was close–the rest were supposed to be 6:50.) But nonetheless, I was really happy with this run.

Thursday, July 6th–Core strength, stretching, rolling

I haven’t gotten myself to bike/spin for cross training but I have been keeping to doing some core work at home. I’m hoping it’s sufficient enough, lol!

Friday, July 7th–6 Easy Miles at 9:17/avg

I met up with my BQ training buddy Ashely for this run. Nothing fancy (including no picture, jaja!).

Saturday, July 8th–15 Miles @9:47/avg

I did not have this. 😥

Absolutely awful.

You know how there’s moments in your training where you doubt you’ll reach your goal. That was this run for me. I just couldn’t move. Couldn’t. And to think that I would have to run 11 more miles than this at almost two minutes faster, completely crushed my spirits. There’s no way I can do it.

I know it’s hot. I know it’s supposed to be hard. I know this. But it still sucks. I looked back at my summer training last year and I nailed a 15 miler around this same time period. And actually, last summer’s running was good! This summer, while my speed work has been great, my long runs have been incredibly abysmal.

At least there was a pretty sunrise #thelittlethings

Tomorrow is another day.

And that was Week 5..sigh…..I know, I’ve been doing pretty good so far and we’re going to have those runs/weeks. But I feel like every long run this cycle has been so hard. The long run specifically.

Total mileage: 35

–When in the training do you (if ever) struggle with believing in your goal?

–Do you prefer short and fast or long and “slow” runs? I used to prefer the latter, but I’ve been doing a lot better with the shorter stuff. The long run has not felt “slow” or “easier” at all, lol!



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  1. Yikes! Those temps are something else. Training is supposed to make you question things. You are pushing your body in ways that will make it difficult. And then when we compare previous training cycles, it can really mess with your head. Trust the training. You’ve got this!

    • Thanks, Suz!! You guys are seriously the best. I know I should welcome all…methods of encouragement, lol (I’ve had some interesting ones been sent to me)…but my blog readers just get it and know exactly what to say ❤

  2. girl, i dont know what is worse, being here in boston with 80 degrees and 85% humidity or your 111 degrees! you are killing your workouts, and do NOT get down about your long run pace. the summer is upon us and one “bad” workout doesnt indicate your current fitness level. keep it up GF, that BQ is within your reach! 🙂

  3. Something that really buoyed my spirits would be doing a cutback long run after a cut-back week. Suddenly it would feel *so* much easier, which was a good reminder that the reason easy runs feel hard is because cumulative fatigue is a thing. I also like to think back to all the great, fast races I’ve run after training cycles where easy runs have sometimes felt hard. Ie, two weeks before my marathon I ran a 17 mile long run. It was awful and slow and I kind of wanted to cry from the second mile & it was all I could do to manage a 10-10:30 pace. Two weeks later I ran my marathon at 8:04 pace & it felt easy. I don’t believe in race day magic, but I DO believe in being rested and tapered, which makes a HUUUUUGE difference!