What’s the worst that can happen?

Recently, I had a good convo with a buddy about this BQ business. I was having some serious doubts last week (and really, I think there will always be a little of it). I don’t know, sometimes I think that maybe I’m not ready or I have too much time to cut off or there’s too much life going on.

But then I was reminded again that this is about running.


One more time, all together now….


So what if I don’t make my goal?

The worst that can happen, isn’t so bad.

When he said that, it’s like a light bulb went off. The worst that could happen would be me trying again . How is that bad? I love running. Trying again means…running. Wasn’t I going to do that even if I did get the BQ?

Nothing really changes with or without it. I’m still going to run. I’m still going to challenge myself in different ways. And those challenges will be difficult. But they will still be fun. Because it’s running. And I love running.

Sometimes when we set goals for ourselves–time goals, distance goals, mileage goals, # of races goals–we forget about what it is that gets us to those goals.


Back to the basics, Helly.

–Have you had a life reminder lately? What do you think you need a reminder about?


12 responses

  1. πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š i think you’ve got this, but you’re right, what’s the worst thing that will happen? Keep plugging along, my friend. Run with your heart, not with your head.

  2. Absolutely agree. I’ve always said if running ever gets to where it’s not fun, I don’t want to do it anymore. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves it gets to where it’s not fun. Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude about it.

  3. THIS!!! Exactly! While it would be great to always check off goals one by one, life just doesn’t happen like that most of the time and quite honestly, you learn more about yourself and how to be a better person when you face obstacles. You are an inspiration and you will keep inspiring as long as you’re running and sharing your joy ❀

  4. I’ve got two sides to me, almost to the point where you can split me right down the middle. On one side, I’m so competitive that I’d never let myself have an easy-going attitude about running because as soon as I relax a bit then I lose my edge and my edge is what makes me fast. Like, I’m not the person who will have an a, b and c goal for a race because as soon as I do that then I’m giving myself permission to finish in my c goal. I’ll subconsciously give up on my a and b goals. BUT. The other side of me knows deep down that every day that I wake up is a gift, and every day that I’m able to run is a bonus. And there are times where I really do need to remind myself to just smile out there, that I GET to run those tough workouts that I GET to run those marathons and that I GET to run at all. I think this is what you’re saying here too–perspective is everything. Just don’t lose your edge, because I know you’ve got this BQ in you.

    • We have a similar mindset which is why I think we’re friends, lol! Yeah, that borderline b/w competitiveness and being grateful simply for the ability to run blurs quite a bit. Love you!!