Week 7 & 8–St. George Marathon Training: I’m still here

Whew!! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but don’t you worry–I’m still alive, I’m still running. I know all 5 of you reading have been anxiously awaiting my recaps ā¤ I’ll keep it somewhat brief since I have two to cover šŸ˜€

July was cray. August looks like it wants to give it competition.

Week 7

Monday, July 17th–5 steady miles on hilly route

I met up with a BQ training buddy. Forgot to start my watch but got the 5 miles in. This was the beginning of a cut-back week and I was so thankful for “just” five miles.

Tuesday, July 18th–2 easy miles, strength training

Two easy miles on the treadmill and some strength exercises–squats, core. I haven’t been as diligent on these cross training days, to be honest. I do some exercises, but I know I could/should be doing more.

Wednesday, July 19th–Rest

I switched my Wednesday workout to Thursday so I took today off (which technically, was supposed to be another cross training day).

Thursday, July 20th–2 mile WU, 3 x 800 meters in 3:48 (7:40 pace) 1 minute RI, 3 x 800 meters in 3:28 (7:00 pace), 2 minute RI, CD

It was a very early start (4:45 a.m.) but it got done. I struggled pretty mightily with the second set of 800s (like major huffing and puffing) and was crazy shocked I nailed it.

Friday, July 21st–3 easy miles

In the hood, easy peasy.

Later that evening, I went to the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert (country music folk) and didn’t get home til midnight. That kinda derailed my long run plans for the following morning.

Saturday, July 22nd–Rest

I couldn’t. I had planned to meet up with a friend at 4 to get in a downhill 12 miler but there was no way that was going to happen on three hours’ sleep.

Sunday, July 23rd–12 miles downhill, 8:49 avg

So this was my son’s birthday and we celebrated the day/night before. Despite the craziness (and lack of sleep), I felt really good on this run. Downhill helps, of course, lol!! I went out and did the first 12 miles of the Phoenix Marathon. I think I could run that course in my sleep. I think I kinda did, LOL.

Total Miles: 29.25

Week 8

Monday, July 24th–Rest

It was my kids’ first day of school, so running in the morning wasn’t happening. And when I picked them up after school, I was so excited to hear about their day, the last thing I wanted to do was leave them to run.

So I didn’t run.

Tuesday, July 25th–2 easy miles, strength training

Treadmill miles and core. I texted my coach about the missed workout and she gave me the okay to just nix it and move on.

Wednesday, July 26th–2 miles WU, 3x800UP/DOWN, 1 mile CD

I decided to try squeezing in a run before school drop off….yeah…nope. It was just too much driving to meet up with friends, run, drive home, get kids fed/dressed, take kids to school

Anyway, the workout was tough but the fact I had teammates there helped push me to try a lot harder than if I had been on my own.

Thursday, July 27th–Rest

Nothing. No core, no strength training…nothing.

Friday, July 28th–16 mi les

So my husband is also training for St. George and he always gets one weekend day to long run. I had an event on Sunday (that wouldn’t allow me to run) but I couldn’t take his Saturday. Which meant….long run on Friday!!!

It was insane. I woke up at 3:45, rolled out of bed and headed downstairs. I got on the treadmill for 6 miles–at five a.m. immediately ran out for 7 miles and then came back home to finish off the last 3 on the treadmill.

I don’t usually like running this way (who does?) but I didn’t want to be running in the dark outside on my own at 3:45 in the the morning and I didn’t want to do the entire 16 on the treadmill. It wasn’t conventional, but it got the job done.

Saturday, July 29th–Glorious Rest

Sunday, July 30th–1.5 easy miles

It was my Moms Run This Town chapter’s 3rd Annual Summer Virtual 5k. Each year I’ve put on this event with my co-leaders and each year, it just keeps getting better. I absolutely love organizing it (I think it’s the teacher in me) and I love bringing women together for something so fun–running!

Checking runners in

At the start line

Handing out finisher medals


Total Miles: 25.52

Total Miles for July: 149.01

It was a pretty crazy month of hot runs, long runs, bad runs, hilly runs, early runs, and fast runs–but I’m still trucking along. I’m still not sure about this BQ; I’m not sure I’ll ever be confident about it. But I’m proud that I’m continuing to train, continuing to give the best that I can. Two more months! šŸ˜€

–Have you ever had to break up runs between treadmill and outside?

–How was your July?

–Can you believe it’s August?!?

9 responses

  1. I am so bummed that it is August already! You are doing a fabulous job. Life makes marathon training really difficult, especially when you have a family and a partner who is training too. There’s nothing wrong with making things work in a way that is best for you. I’ve definitely done the half treadmill/half outside before. It is almost more important to get it in mentally than anything else. You are awesome!

  2. Impressive that you got up at 345 to run on the TM, then outside and back again! I could/would have done the same thing – well, maybe not the 345 but running inside/outside to avoid heat! Way to get it all done! I’m sad July is over and really can’t believe it’s August!

  3. Wow girl, 4am. That is INSANE, but hey, BQs aren’t just handed out (although I wish it was to me!) ! I sometimes wonder if my coach would prefer me to run a lot earlier than I currently do to avoid the heat/humidity, but I don’t know if I could rock 4am! What time do you go to bed at night? I think I am going to nix my 2018 BQ thoughts for a September race; this heat and humidity is not allowing me to run anywhere near the paces I need to be at šŸ˜¦ So I think I’ll just run Philly again in November and hope for that 2019 BQ! But I will keep working as hard as I can.

  4. You’re getting it done, Mama! I’ve never broken up a run like that but I totally would in order to get the miles in. I’ve finished runs on a treadmill before.

    Wow! Your kids start school early.

  5. Oh, I do that treadmill thing all the time! I do it for mental reasons (it breaks up the run a bit) but now that I’m pregnant I do it so I can be near the toilet. I always have to go to the bathroom several times during the first couple of miles and then I’m comfortable heading outside for a longer stretch. We gotta do what we gotta do! You’re doing GREAT!!

  6. Hang in there and believe that you can do it!! If you can believe it you can achieve it. Yes I’ve ran on the treadmill and hopped right off and continued outside, or vice versa. Whatever you need to do. There is no right or wrong, you do you! Sometimes I feel like if I don’t run at 4 am ( Like I used to) then I’m not being bad ass enough, or hard core! I’ve totally had to adjust my schedule, and I run when I can and where I can and I don’t care what others think!! You are doing great!