Week 1: #itsgoingdownatphx

Week 1 was fun but a tad stressful as my husband was out of the country again and it made it a little tough running and life wise. I’m home now so that has definitely helped (long story but I’m no longer teaching), and I’m actually one of those who likes their husbands so it’s def hard when he’s gone because I miss him so much.

Anywho, Monday, October 23rd was our anniversary–and he wasn’t here šŸ˜„ It was our first anniversary in 7 years spent away from each other. I ran 7 miles to commemorate our special day ā¤


Tuesdays are cross training days so I spent time on the mat doing MRYTLES and strength exercises. Later, I took my kids to our local running store for a Halloween mile fun walk/run, too. I even won a gift certificate!


This was supposed to a be a fun walk until little guy said, “Run, mommy!!”


Wednesday was the big timed mile I wrote about and while I didn’t hit my “goal,” I was happy I’d improved from my previous timed mile by 10 seconds. I know I have a faster mile in me.


I really wanted to meet up with my coach and her team to do this mile as I knew I’d be motivated by some of the faster athletes that would be there. But because I was solo parenting, I was resigned to a solo run after kid drop off around 9–which is already a bit warm here in Arizona.

Thursday I was back on the mat. I’ve been doing some exercises I’ve compiled from a few different places and have actually been pretty good about doing them–and liking them.

Friday was supposed to be an easy run day but because my husband would be out of town Saturday for my long run, I decided to switch some days around. I was also pressed for time for this 10 miler so I did 8 outside and 2 on the treadmill. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I made Saturday my rest day and cleaned up the house to prep for daddy coming home later that night.

Sunday I made up Friday’s 5 miler with a friend. We chatted the entire time and before we knew it, we were done. It was also surprising to see we’d almost negative split the thing! I love it when it just happens naturally šŸ™‚

Week one of Phoenix Marathon training rounded me out to 28 miles for the week. Very, very pleased šŸ˜€

Off to dress up and give out candy! Happy Halloween, friends!!

–Do you ever unintentionally negative split?

–Do you celebrate Halloween? What are you dressing up as? Check out the Insta for our family costume pic!

–What is your favorite candy? I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but I’d have to go with Three Musketeers. I’m more a fruity gal like Skittles and Starburst.

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  1. Nothing like cleaning on a rest day. /sarcasm (I really hate cleaning the house. I wish it would magically clean itself.)

    Excellent week of training, Helly! I love progression runs. I used to be scared of them because I didn’t understand how I could run faster after running so many miles, but after years and years of practicing and trying, I kinda do them naturally. Or, I’m really eager to get my run over with and go home. šŸ™‚

    • I was always awful at them until I did Hanson’s. I really learned how to dial in my pace and internalize it so that it was easier to negative split. And like you, I usually finish with a last one fast one to get it done, lol!

  2. That’s an awesome first week! I hope you and your husband got to celebrate your anniversary when he got home. I love your idea of running a mile to see your time and improvement. How often do you do this?

  3. I used to unintentionally negative split in training which helped me do them in races. My coach has to tell me now that for some runs “I want you to run xx miles CONSISTENTLY at XX pace; don’t negative split”. WHOOPS! Way to get a solid first week of training it. Also, you look so beautiful in your wedding photo!

    • Thanks! And yes, I think nailing the negative split first allows you to transition into internalizing a pace better so that you can consistently hit a pace. I felt I had a lot of improvement negative splitting from Hanson’s and then after my goal marathon, I ran a 5k, and all three miles were consistent (and the last one a smidge faster). I had NEVER done a 5k like that, LOL!!!

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  5. Negative splits are awesome! Especially when they weren’t planned. I tend to think the opposite is worse because it usually means you probably went out to fast. I actually am upset when I don’t negative split lol

    Continued success to you!!