Half Marathon Training: Week 1

A pretty uneventful week one, but I’ll take it! As I mentioned in my previous post, I take full advantage of easy days, lol!!



5 miles, 9:03 avg.


3 miles, 8:50 avg. Cross train at gym. I hate burpees. I hate mountain climbers.


5.5 miles, WU-3x1mile (w/90sRI)-CD

I had low expectations going into these mile repeats as 1.) it’s hella hot here in Phoenix and 2.) i’m hella out of shape. Keeping that in mind, I didn’t sweat (ha!) the fact that my paces were not close at all to what I expect my mile repeat to be at (which I don’t really even know, lol).


Focusing on positives (which is the only way to go), I was pleased that I was able to negative split.

Celebrating ‘Merica with the run club and the fam ❤


Glorious rest day


3 miles, 9:30ish pace??

The watch died mid-run and when I realized this, I cut the 5 miles to 3 and called it a day. Because does the run even count if it’s not on Garmin? Really though, I started way too late at 7 a.m. and it was 96 degrees out. I was done anyway.

1% ain’t gonna cut it, Helly


10 miles, 8:50 avg.

This was a hard run. It was hot (notice a repeat here?) at 90 degrees at 5 a.m. It’s just been hard for me to get going. I love the heat and much prefer it to freezing temps, but for some reason, I have not acclimated well this summer.

I’ve been finishing with a last one fast one to help my self-esteem and I was happy that I had the strength to finish the last mile at 8:03.


26 total miles–And that was week one in a nutshell. I can tell this is going to be a rough cycle already, but I’m going to channel my inner Phoenix Marathon training to get this done. It’s awesome to improve as a runner, but it only gets that much harder to keep on improving, lol!!!

–Are you ever intimidated by your own progress? Like, you’ve set a monster PR and then you wonder how/if you’ll top that?


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6 responses

  1. You’ll do great!!!! We had a couple of scorchers and I just died. I look at the paces you do in the heat that you do them in. Heat training is amazing, even though it’s so tough when you do it.

  2. SAME, I much prefer warm to cool weather, but I am having a horrible time acclimating this summer. It’s been impossibly hot and humid for the last month and I’ve really been struggling. I’m trying to hydrate even more than normal this week and to bring Gatorade on the run with me. I hate carrying a bottle but I think I’m running out of energy at the end of my quality runs because I’m dehydrated. I’d love to see negative splits like you, but the last time I did mile repeats they were positive and I was dying by the end, thankfully running always gives us a second chance :). Here’s praying for both of us to get some cooler weather and to see temps in the 80s hahaha!

  3. Nice first week! I’ve been fighting the heat this summer too. I had the 4th off last week and instead of getting up early to do my run I chose sleeping in. Big mistake. I made it through my run, but it was not pretty. There’s still plenty of summer running left, so here’s hoping we acclimate soon!