Progress, Not Perfection

Welp, I’m T-minus 3 days for race day!! I mentioned a 10k I have planned for on Sunday and my intentions are to run it FAST. I’m a little scared, lol!!

Truth be told, I really want a PR. And considering I haven’t actually raced a 10k, a PR isn’t too farfetched. I last ran a 10k about two years ago when my friend Amber visited me to do an Arizona race. I recommended Lost Dutchman because of its beautiful desert scenery.

Except it was cold, cloudy, and torrential down pouring that day 😦

Fun times

Despite the awful weather, we both had decent races. She placed 5th female overall and 2nd in her age group for the half marathon and I placed 1st in my age group for the 10k (even after stopping to tie my shoe!).

Amber the Runner and me ❤

I ran a 47:14 with a 7:35 average pace.

Fast forward almost two years and I feel like I can beat that…

…but by how much?

That is the big question.

I have a number goal in mind…an ambitious one, but my hope is to run the race HARD, whatever that might produce. I know my “hard” is different than my “hard” from two years ago so I’m curious to see what I can make happen given good race juju.

I’ve had some pretty good training runs lately that has boosted my confidence. But, my diet has still been realllly bad #storyofmylife

I was invited to work with a trainer at a gym called PNP Fitness (Progress Not Perfection) and while at the beginning I thought we’d be talking more things fitness, our conversations have turned to all things diet.

You all know I’ve struggled with food/eating healthy for a looooong time. I feel like each time I try and change my habits, I fall back to the same unhealthy patterns.

Meeting with Will from PNP these past few weeks has been some good tough love I’ve needed. He’s really made me confront some of the reasons I go to fast food and convenience.

Some things I already know:

-I know fast food/take out is expensive.
-I know fast food/take out is for the most part unhealthy.
-I know I’m not teaching my kids healthy eating habits.
-I know that some home cooked meals can be quick if fast and convenient is what I’m looking for.

I know those things, but I really don’t care or as bad as it sounds, care enough to change.

And that’s pretty much the honest truth right there. I don’t care enough to change my eating.

The dreaded ‘why’ question

Will started breaking out the ‘why’ questions. And I hate them, they’re annoying, but only because they make me think about something I don’t like thinking about.

He asked me why I qualified for Boston. This was interesting because it wasn’t how.

I qualified because I worked really hard, trained really hard, wanted it really bad.

I cared.

Post Boston I don’t really have anything I care about as intensely. Will asked if I wanted to get faster or if I was satisfied with where I was.

I don’t know. Sometimes I want to get faster, and sometimes I don’t care.

Will I be bummed if I don’t PR on Sunday? Yes. But I have to realize that just focusing on running can only get me so fast. At some point, other aspects of my training will have to change.

Like my diet.

Do I care enough?




–Is your diet an area you struggle with? Have you ever talked to someone about your diet?

–Do you struggle with caring about things?

Check out my Instagram on Sunday to see results from the 10k–wish me luck!! xoxo, helly


8 responses

  1. Ditto on so much of this. I know I need to change my habits and try sometimes but do I really try? It’s more of a half ass attempt. This month hasn’t helped as I have spent the majority traveling for work and only get reimbursed for eating out not buying groceries. But really it’s so much deeper than that.

  2. Girl, you got this 10k PR! I’ll be cheering you on from Boston! My diet is something I have struggled with for years, but I like to think I make as many good choices as I can without eliminating anything I love from my diet. The last few months I lost weight (wedding is next weekend) but I wasn’t necessarily trying, the level of stress made me not hungry (but I am boozing more, so I figured those calories would add up). Anyway, I can relate to you 100% on the diet dilemma. You will find your happy medium. And btw, you look fantastic 🙂 GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!

  3. I do struggle with caring about things. Caring seems to wane and wax for me, which makes it difficult, but I’m learning to embrace the times when I do care and really push forward. When I fall back into not caring, I give myself a little break, knowing that the care will come with time… Good luck Helly! Hope you have a nice easy run that you are able to push through with ease!

  4. 1. Geez, you’re able to run fast on trail. I sloooooooowwwwww way down on trails. I think it’s because I’m clumsier than the average person, so I need to be extra careful about footing, even with relatively good/untechnical trails.
    2. Good luck for your race on Sunday!!!!
    3. Change is hard, but you know how to do hard things.