Friday Five: Current First World Problems

New York City Marathon is a “wish-list” marathon for me and to have the opportunity to run it is just unbelievable. I still can’t believe I’ll be going soon!

When my husband and I started planning, we decided we’d make a trip out of it because we weren’t sure when we’d be able to visit again. Our number one priority while there (besides the marathon) was:

Seeing a Knicks game.

Well, in the days that we’re there, guess when they play. Just guess. Go on….


And that would’ve been okay. I would’ve gone to the game barely walking, limping, sore as hell.


I mean, really??? Really, New York City??? Don’t you guys know there’s a freaking marathon taken place at the same time!!!??

Now before anyone starts blaming us for poor planning, the NBA schedule was released only a couple of weeks ago. We booked our hotel and flights the day we found out we’d be doing NYC. And yes, we’ve checked to see how much it would be to stay longer and extend our flight (because they play again the day we leave at the exact hour of our flight). The price to make the changes would be outrageous. Ridiculously outrageous.

So we’re bummed…..really bummed 😦

Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Well, because:

This was our Broadway play/show/etc.

For some, going to New York means having to see a show or play. For us, seeing a Knicks game is the equivalent. It was going to be our “main event” so to speak. What we were looking forward to the most.

We are HUGE basketball fans.

Both my husband and I are big basketball people. I grew up watching the NBA for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite players played for the Knicks. I wasn’t alive to see Willis Reed or Walt Frazier but I loved reading about them and seeing classic clips. Growing up Patrick Ewing was a fave and I had a HUGE crush on Allan Houston (anyone remember him?).

Houston, we most certainly DO NOT have a problem.

Houston, we most certainly DO NOT have a problem. (Source)

I was bummed when Stoudemire left our Suns to play for the Knicks, but I wished him well (and now he’s retired so I wouldn’t see him anyway, lol). I’m not a huge Carmelo fan but with the addition of Derrick Rose, the Knicks would be actually kind of exciting to see.

Madison Square Garden is a historical landmark (to us)

There are arenas and stadiums whose name everyone can recognize, and this is one of them. Of course, New York City offers some impressive landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the World Trade Center museums (all which we do want to see), but a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden would’ve been a huge check off our list. Huge.

We bond over basketball.

My husband likes to run but he doesn’t love to run like I do. He’ll go to museums with me but they wouldn’t be his first choice of places to visit. If we didn’t go up the Empire State Building or swing by to check out Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC home, he’d be totally okay with it.

But the one thing we both can agree on, we both would be ridiculously happy doing, is watching a Knicks game at the Garden. It would be a memory we’d treasure forever, as corny as that sounds. When we went to Chicago last year, we were giddy taking a picture in front of Jordan’s statue outside the United Center.

 I heart Mike.


Basketball is OUR thing.

We’re not sure when we’ll be back to New York.

After (hopefully) completing NYC Marathon, we’re not sure when we’ll come back to visit. We know if we do come back, it will be with our kids and when they’re older. I can count on the Knicks being around then, but I’m worried about Madison Square Garden. I’m worried that what happened to Yankee Stadium will happen to MSG. And it really won’t be the same visiting a renovated Madison Square Garden. It just wouldn’t.

So there you have it. My current first world problems. No Knicks game for Helly. Tear.

–What current problem/situation (that’s really not that big of a deal) has you bummed?

–Are you a basketball fan? What sports team would you like to see play in person?

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Friday Five: June Favorites!

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up with the DC Trifecta Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney but to celebrate the middle of the year, I figured, it’s time! 🙂

June was a good month.

1st: I reached the century mark in mileage!

Ended the month on the 'mill

Ended the month on the ‘mill

This month of pre-season training was a success as I’m feeling good going into marathon training next week. I’m ready as I’ll ever be for Hanson’s craziness, eeek!!!

2nd : I tricked my kids into eating fruit. Now my son LOVES fruit and chooses that over regular dessert any day, but my daughter–she loves her chocolate. One afternoon in June, I was about ready to chop an apple when I got a bright idea. My kids love fries (just like mommy) and it occurred to me that I could cut the apple to look like In-n-Out fries.

VOILA!! Apple fries!!

VOILA!! Apple fries!!

The kids ate it up!! Of course, I sold it by saying, “Wow!! Check out these apple fries!!” Apple, gone!!

3rd : I continued my Mom-of-the-YearMonth status by finding these amazingly cheap PJ Masks costumes on Amazon. If you’re not a parent, these three characters are from a Disney cartoon that my kids (and all kids) are obsessed with. When they came in the mail, my kids seriously thought I was the coolest mom in the world.

Catboy, Owlette, and Gecko <3

Catboy, Owlette, and Gecko ❤

4th : The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship. This was seriously history. My brother and sister live in Ohio so I’m a Cavs fan by association. Plus, I’ve always liked Lebron (except during the whole “Taking my talents to South Beach Fiasco”).

Game 7 was a mini party at my house and a scream-fest the entire game. When it ended, I was left with no voice but no matter–we got the win!!


5th : I got to meet Corey and see The Goonies on the big screen! Our movie theatre shows classic movies every Tuesday and last Tuesday they were showing The Goonies with a special appearance by Corey Feldman. I of course had to go.

My buddy and I got there super early and already the lines to take a picture with him were looooong. We were told we wouldn’t be able to meet him.


But Goonies never say die.

We ended up in a line near where he was doing interviews and were able to snag a picture as he walked by us. Then, my buddy bought a CD of his (who knew Corey sang?) which guaranteed him an autograph.


Big time cheesin'

Big time cheesin’


The inside of his CD…..yeah……

It was a super fun night and the movie never gets old. Such a good one.


Overall, June was pretty happening. 😀

–How was your month? Running mileage?

–What’s your favorite fruit?

–Are you a Goonies fan?



Friday Five: 5 (Random) Things I’m Loving

It’s a free-for-all in the DC Trifecta Friday Five world so I decided to randomly share 5 things I’m digging. Here we go!

  1. Garmin Fenix 3


This thing is such an unnecessary beauty. The color, the features, everything but the price calls out to me. I’ve got a few Instagram buddies who torture me with wrist pics. Gah!

It’s got a ton of features–too many to name here but you could see them here–BUT, it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, so for those who are into that, or who think “How can it be that expensive and not have it!”, there’s a good reason to not get it, lol! (Unfortunately, that’s not a good enough reason for me to not want it, ja!)

My watch is barely a year old, does exactly what it needs to do, and I really have zero reason to spend a car payment on the fenix so for now, I’ll just be watching from afar.

2. Expos!

I know a lot of people aren’t into expos and sometimes I just want to get my bib and get out, but lately I’ve been digging them. Maybe it’s the shopper in me.

RnR Arizona’s expo was pretty awesome if I say so myself. They had a ton of booths, they were–in my opinion–organized so crowds weren’t horrendous, and if you did want to get out, there was a HUGE exit sign letting people know where to go.

Anyway, I checked out the Garmin booth where I checked out the aforementioned watch. It was cool to see it in person! I swung by the ProCompression booth to visit friends. We registered for next year’s race at a suuuper discount and snagged free shirts


And then I spent money at the Lululemon booth–I thought it was super cool how they had special edition clothing for our state


I even snagged a coupon for later. Which takes me to…

3. Lululemon

I got these Lulu pants a while ago (in Vancouver actually!) and am so in love with them. I was eating dinner with some MRTT friends when I accidentally spilled my cup of water on myself (typical Helly style) and everyone was amazed at how I simply swiped the drops away from my pants! So when I got the coupon at the expo, I went to my local Lululemon store and treated myself to the crop version! ❤


4. Local Running Shoe Stores

I’ve usually gone to my nearby RoadRunner Sports for shoes but lately I haven’t been digging the customer service. So, when it came time to buy back-to-running shoes, I hit up my local shoe store, Cadence Running Co., where I know the owner. He’s an Ironman athlete and I trust him and his employees completely.

It’s a small store and when I walked in, I was the only one. It was pretty cool to be the only one being helped and getting all the attention.


They determined I didn’t need all the support I was getting in my last shoes and recommended I go neutral. I walked out with these bad boys.


Since I’m coming back from injury and starting with low mileage, I was told this would be the perfect time to try out Newtons (because I was little nervous, curious, but nervous). So far though, they feel great!!!

5. Staying Home

I’ve been loving staying at home. It feels good to know I made the right decision taking a break from my job and enjoying my time with my kids. My husband continues to travel and I knew if I had continued working, I would’ve been in super stress out mode 24/7.

You can barely see it, but my son is swinging at a bubble, lol!

You can barely see it, but my son is swinging at a bubble, lol!

Thanks again DC Trifecta ladies–Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney–for hosting Friday Five!

–What are some things you’re loving lately?