Friday Five: 5 (Random) Things I’m Loving

It’s a free-for-all in the DC Trifecta Friday Five world so I decided to randomly share 5 things I’m digging. Here we go!

  1. Garmin Fenix 3


This thing is such an unnecessary beauty. The color, the features, everything but the price calls out to me. I’ve got a few Instagram buddies who torture me with wrist pics. Gah!

It’s got a ton of features–too many to name here but you could see them here–BUT, it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, so for those who are into that, or who think “How can it be that expensive and not have it!”, there’s a good reason to not get it, lol! (Unfortunately, that’s not a good enough reason for me to not want it, ja!)

My watch is barely a year old, does exactly what it needs to do, and I really have zero reason to spend a car payment on the fenix so for now, I’ll just be watching from afar.

2. Expos!

I know a lot of people aren’t into expos and sometimes I just want to get my bib and get out, but lately I’ve been digging them. Maybe it’s the shopper in me.

RnR Arizona’s expo was pretty awesome if I say so myself. They had a ton of booths, they were–in my opinion–organized so crowds weren’t horrendous, and if you did want to get out, there was a HUGE exit sign letting people know where to go.

Anyway, I checked out the Garmin booth where I checked out the aforementioned watch. It was cool to see it in person! I swung by the ProCompression booth to visit friends. We registered for next year’s race at a suuuper discount and snagged free shirts


And then I spent money at the Lululemon booth–I thought it was super cool how they had special edition clothing for our state


I even snagged a coupon for later. Which takes me to…

3. Lululemon

I got these Lulu pants a while ago (in Vancouver actually!) and am so in love with them. I was eating dinner with some MRTT friends when I accidentally spilled my cup of water on myself (typical Helly style) and everyone was amazed at how I simply swiped the drops away from my pants! So when I got the coupon at the expo, I went to my local Lululemon store and treated myself to the crop version! ❤


4. Local Running Shoe Stores

I’ve usually gone to my nearby RoadRunner Sports for shoes but lately I haven’t been digging the customer service. So, when it came time to buy back-to-running shoes, I hit up my local shoe store, Cadence Running Co., where I know the owner. He’s an Ironman athlete and I trust him and his employees completely.

It’s a small store and when I walked in, I was the only one. It was pretty cool to be the only one being helped and getting all the attention.


They determined I didn’t need all the support I was getting in my last shoes and recommended I go neutral. I walked out with these bad boys.


Since I’m coming back from injury and starting with low mileage, I was told this would be the perfect time to try out Newtons (because I was little nervous, curious, but nervous). So far though, they feel great!!!

5. Staying Home

I’ve been loving staying at home. It feels good to know I made the right decision taking a break from my job and enjoying my time with my kids. My husband continues to travel and I knew if I had continued working, I would’ve been in super stress out mode 24/7.

You can barely see it, but my son is swinging at a bubble, lol!

You can barely see it, but my son is swinging at a bubble, lol!

Thanks again DC Trifecta ladies–Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney–for hosting Friday Five!

–What are some things you’re loving lately?