Week in Review

It’s pretty crazy how this week is the last week of January. Time is a flyin’!

I wasn’t very productive last week as I was hit hard with what I think was the flu. I had a low grade fever, snot, body aches, head aches, the works. Ew.

I rested Monday, and Tuesday I really started to feel it coming. I managed some core and glute work at the gym and 3 miles in the evening that were fast–I think because I just wanted it to be done. It was nice to see splits in the 8s though, despite feeling crappy.


Wednesday and Thursday though?


I was out. I felt so miserable, I was thankful my husband was in town as I called him asking for a sick day. He came home early so I could rest and boy, I needed it. (I did drag myself out of my bed to register for the New York Marathon Lottery though, lol!)

I felt a little better Friday and managed 20 minutes on the bike and some planking but my body was so weak and achy from being sick. 😦

I rested Saturday and did my “long” run on Sunday. I wasn’t looking forward to it as much as I wanted to because I still wasn’t 100%. I wanted 6 but managed to get in 5 miles and was so happy I had company for them.

Miles with my MRTT crew

Miles with my MRTT crew

And that was my week. Finally, I feel like a human being this morning and hope I can get some energy back to continue my Phoenix 1/2 Marathon training.

Hoping you guys had a better week than me!! We had amazing weather here in Arizona and I couldn’t even enjoy it, ja!

–If you’re stateside, how are you handling Snow-ville?

–Do you become a super baby when you’re sick? I totally call my mom and cry to her, lol!

–Did you put your name in the NYC Marathon Lottery?


No Running–Week 6: I CAN RUN!!!

Longest six weeks ever.

Not really, but almost. I just can’t believe I went 6 loooong weeks without running! Thank goodness that’s over with–well, technically after my appointment today (Monday). You better believe I’m lacing up tonight! (Slowly, of course)

Anyway, I hadn’t recapped my last two weeks mainly because I’ve kept myself quite busy 😀

Week 5:
Monday-Core video
Tuesday-25 min bike, 60 sec plank (side ones too!)
Wednesday-25 min elliptical, 20 min bike, 60 sec plank
Thursday-7 miles on the bike, 60 sec plank
Friday-Arms video, 60 sec plank
Sat/Sun-60 sec plank

Week 6:
Monday-Core video, 30 min elliptical, 60 sec plank
Tuesday– 60 min w/ personal trainer
Wednesday-55 min spin class, glutes, 60 sec plank
Thursday-45 min swim, arms, 60 sec plank
Friday-45 min elliptical, 60 sec plank
Sat/Sun– 60 sec plank

Whew! I’ve definitely been using my newfound SAHM status to get to the gym. Luckily, my kids have adapted well to their “gym school” 😀


After I get the all clear, it’ll be all about slowly getting back into running shape. I’ve done my best to keep my cardio up and cross train so that the transition isn’t impossible. I’d like to be 13.1 ready for Phoenix 1/2 Marathon, which is over a month away. I’m not expecting PR miracles there, but I’d still like to do relatively well.

So happy to be back on track. Thank you guys so much for sticking with me on my running hiatus! Quite a few people have told me that I’ve done well getting my workout on despite not being able to run and the truth is, I just love working out. I love sweating. I love hearing my heart beat fast. I love the feeling of fatigue from a hard workout. It’s one of those things you either ‘get’ or you don’t. I love that you guys do ❤


–Tips for getting back into the running game?

–How was your running experience after an injury?