Chicago Marathon Training: Week 14 Recap

Hey, what’s up? Hello!

It was a meh week of training last week, if I’m honest. Since starting work, it’s been tough getting in the longer mid week training runs. I did have a highlight though!

Monday, I was visiting my home town enjoying the Labor Day weekend. When I’m home, I like to run the Turkey Trot 5k course to sorta practice it. It’s not a tough course but it gets me every. single time. This time was no different. It starts off with a very gradual decline and when you turn around at the mile and a half mark, that becomes a very gradual incline. And that minuscule incline kiiillls me for some reason.

This run was so bad. I couldn’t even blame the weather.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.01.49 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.02.01 AM

My PR for this course is 25:43. I’ll be gunning for it this November.

Tuesday, I took the day off from running. I’m trying to recall why but can’t. Ja!

I met up with my run club at the track on Wednesday evening though. My buddy, Runner Jenny, was making an appearance and I was looking forward to hanging out. That’s kinda what these track sessions have turned into. More socializing than working out, lol! Our coach had a 1×1600, 4×400, 1×1600 workout for us and Jenny and I took it easy, chatting the first mile away. Another buddy, Raq (my BQing bud), told us to get moving on the 400s so picked up the pace. I was at about the low 7s for my first two 400s.

At the beginning of the third 400, Raq told Jenny and I to give this lap all we had. She wanted to see one of the four P’s: Puke, Pee, Poop, or Pass out. So basically, kill ourselves for one 400.

We were up for the challenge.

I was right behind Runner Jenny at the start and we were going faaassst. I stayed with her and at the second to last turn, began to surge. The last roughly 200m I ran like I’d never in my life ran before. Well, pretty much the entire 400 was me running like I’d never in my life ran before.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.10.40 AM

12004059_956057107791924_2686789077633477238_n There were two different points where my pace was 5:51!!!!! I know that it wasn’t for a long distance or time, but I NEVER in my life thought I’d see those numbers before. Ever.

I had been going so fast that I felt light-headed afterwards! LOL.

My husband of course said he knew I had it in me all along and that with training, I could see those numbers again. I love him.

Thursday morning I woke up sore from the craziness of the prior day’s events. I usually run in the evenings but we went out for burgers for dinner and I liked that much better.

I moved the run to Friday, my usual rest day. I like having Friday as a rest day because my husband and I usually have a mini date night during the day. He’s off of work earlier than usual on Fridays so we usually grab a bite to eat before kid pick up. This Friday was no different except we went out for steak and lobster instead of our usual light afternoon snack, lol!

I didn’t want to skip my run though, and after a couple of hours (maybe two and a half), I went for my run. Sure enough, in mile 2, I felt my palms start to itch.

I was having an allergic reaction.

It wasn’t a surprise. I had a feeling that even though a few hours had passed, and even after I’d taken some allergy medicine, it was still too risky to run after eating.

I was able to finish my run though and make it home in time to overdose on Benedryl.

This made for a groggy 3:30 a.m. wake up though, as I had plans to meet up with a friend at 4 in the morning Saturday for our long run. I somehow got myself out of bed and dressed.

It was an uneventful 13 miler, which was good. I was worried maybe I’d still have remnants of whatever caused my allergic reaction the day before.

After 5 miles, we met up with the rest of the crew and my three of my friends kept me company for the next 8 miles. They did a great job of keeping me at pace, closer to the 10s. I commented how frustrating it was that keeping it close to 10:00 was so hard. How would I go faster in the marathon? Trust thy training, Helly–they told me. It’s tough, but I know I gotta.

Very happy that I got faster as the run progressed #win

Very happy that I got faster as the run progressed #win

That was my week in a nutshell. A sub 6 pace for like two seconds, an allergic reaction during a 4 miler, and a tougher than it shoulda been long run 😀 23 total miles

I hope everyone has a great week!!! ❤ , helly

–What is the fastest you’ve ever ran? Even if it was just for a few seconds?

–Have you ever experienced any of the four P’s?

–How do you convince yourself to trust the training?