Chicago Marathon Training: Week 14 Recap

Hey, what’s up? Hello!

It was a meh week of training last week, if I’m honest. Since starting work, it’s been tough getting in the longer mid week training runs. I did have a highlight though!

Monday, I was visiting my home town enjoying the Labor Day weekend. When I’m home, I like to run the Turkey Trot 5k course to sorta practice it. It’s not a tough course but it gets me every. single time. This time was no different. It starts off with a very gradual decline and when you turn around at the mile and a half mark, that becomes a very gradual incline. And that minuscule incline kiiillls me for some reason.

This run was so bad. I couldn’t even blame the weather.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.01.49 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.02.01 AM

My PR for this course is 25:43. I’ll be gunning for it this November.

Tuesday, I took the day off from running. I’m trying to recall why but can’t. Ja!

I met up with my run club at the track on Wednesday evening though. My buddy, Runner Jenny, was making an appearance and I was looking forward to hanging out. That’s kinda what these track sessions have turned into. More socializing than working out, lol! Our coach had a 1×1600, 4×400, 1×1600 workout for us and Jenny and I took it easy, chatting the first mile away. Another buddy, Raq (my BQing bud), told us to get moving on the 400s so picked up the pace. I was at about the low 7s for my first two 400s.

At the beginning of the third 400, Raq told Jenny and I to give this lap all we had. She wanted to see one of the four P’s: Puke, Pee, Poop, or Pass out. So basically, kill ourselves for one 400.

We were up for the challenge.

I was right behind Runner Jenny at the start and we were going faaassst. I stayed with her and at the second to last turn, began to surge. The last roughly 200m I ran like I’d never in my life ran before. Well, pretty much the entire 400 was me running like I’d never in my life ran before.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.10.40 AM

12004059_956057107791924_2686789077633477238_n There were two different points where my pace was 5:51!!!!! I know that it wasn’t for a long distance or time, but I NEVER in my life thought I’d see those numbers before. Ever.

I had been going so fast that I felt light-headed afterwards! LOL.

My husband of course said he knew I had it in me all along and that with training, I could see those numbers again. I love him.

Thursday morning I woke up sore from the craziness of the prior day’s events. I usually run in the evenings but we went out for burgers for dinner and I liked that much better.

I moved the run to Friday, my usual rest day. I like having Friday as a rest day because my husband and I usually have a mini date night during the day. He’s off of work earlier than usual on Fridays so we usually grab a bite to eat before kid pick up. This Friday was no different except we went out for steak and lobster instead of our usual light afternoon snack, lol!

I didn’t want to skip my run though, and after a couple of hours (maybe two and a half), I went for my run. Sure enough, in mile 2, I felt my palms start to itch.

I was having an allergic reaction.

It wasn’t a surprise. I had a feeling that even though a few hours had passed, and even after I’d taken some allergy medicine, it was still too risky to run after eating.

I was able to finish my run though and make it home in time to overdose on Benedryl.

This made for a groggy 3:30 a.m. wake up though, as I had plans to meet up with a friend at 4 in the morning Saturday for our long run. I somehow got myself out of bed and dressed.

It was an uneventful 13 miler, which was good. I was worried maybe I’d still have remnants of whatever caused my allergic reaction the day before.

After 5 miles, we met up with the rest of the crew and my three of my friends kept me company for the next 8 miles. They did a great job of keeping me at pace, closer to the 10s. I commented how frustrating it was that keeping it close to 10:00 was so hard. How would I go faster in the marathon? Trust thy training, Helly–they told me. It’s tough, but I know I gotta.

Very happy that I got faster as the run progressed #win

Very happy that I got faster as the run progressed #win

That was my week in a nutshell. A sub 6 pace for like two seconds, an allergic reaction during a 4 miler, and a tougher than it shoulda been long run 😀 23 total miles

I hope everyone has a great week!!! ❤ , helly

–What is the fastest you’ve ever ran? Even if it was just for a few seconds?

–Have you ever experienced any of the four P’s?

–How do you convince yourself to trust the training?


A mini breakthrough

First, I want to thank you guys so much for the support and words of encouragement from my last post when I lamented on my recent struggles with running. I forget sometimes that there’s a lot of newness going on my life and with that there’s going to be adjusting and getting used to new routines. And my runs may suffer as a result.

A lot of you said that “bad” runs are usually followed by a good one and that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to do my usual Wednesday speed work session as my husband had been out of town the days prior and I wasn’t sure he’d be up to kid duty after a very long stressful couple of days of work and travel. But when he got home from work, he saw me still in myown work clothes and asked, “Aren’t you going to the track tonight?”

I love him.

I did a sprint upstairs to change and as I headed out the door he said, “Run fast!”

And I did! I have no idea how or what gave me the energy but I did. Maybe it was taking a couple of days off, maybe it was being so excited to get back out, I don’t know, but what happened was truly amazing.

PhotoGrid_1407982111753 Your eyes are not deceiving you–that is a 6!

The workout consisted of 1×1600, 2×800, and 4×400. During the first set, I was running with a run club buddy and trying to keep up. When we finished the first mile and moved to our quick recover, we high-fived and I decided I’d try and stay with him the rest of the workout.

It was tough but with his encouragement I was able to stay with him til the end.

I was pretty euphoric on the drive home and when I walked in and saw my husband I said, “You told me to run fast,” and showed him my time. 🙂

Happy Friday Eve friends!!

–Do you like speed work?

Marathon Training Week 6 Done!

It was a pretty good running week last week 🙂

On Monday, I was on the treadmill with 6 on the schedule. I was rolling but saw that I was pushing for time (I was meeting my husband for lunch) so I cut it back a mile and stopped at 5.

I was really happy with the run and felt like I pushed myself a little. I wanted to, considering all the cake that was consumed the previous weekend and little man’s birthday party 🙂


Tuesday I was back out in the heat with my run club. I pulled off a nice 4 miler and treated myself to some horchata after. Have you had horchata ? It’s rice milk and bomb diggity.


When I posted the pic on Insta and Facebook many commented having had it with rum. I haven’t tried it that way lol!

On Wednesday, I met with the eye of the tiger at track. We had an AWESOME date run.


Even though it was sweltering, I somehow managed to pull those times off. Our assignment was 6x800s and I nailed each one at my goal time 🙂

Thursday was supposed to be a cross training day but I rested. I did do an ab videoo though.

Friday was a full and complete rest day.

Saturday I planned to do an 8 miler but my son had other plans. He was up all night and while he’s always been a champion sleeper, this recent sick spell has thrown him off 😦 I was awake when my run alarm went off but only because I hadn’t slept. I ended up skipping the run.

Sunday I was on a mission to get my long run in. Even though I hadn’t slept well the past few days, I didn’t want to miss Sunday. A few of my run club buddies were heading to a trail I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while. I knew I wouldn’t get many more opportunities to head out there, so sleep deprived be damned, I was up at 3:30 to meet up at 4:30.

The trail is a loop of a little over 15 miles. It starts off with rolling hills and then finishes with a nice mostly downhill.



I could feel the fatigue and the heat and the humidity, but I didn’t worry too much about my pace. I never do out on the trail. It’s so much more peaceful.

I did a lot of walk running and 3 hours and 4 minutes later I was done!

I was so glad I was able to finally run that trail. Now I know why so many rave about it. It’s not crazy with hills, not very technical, and it’s really just an overall great place for a run.

Total mileage for the week: 27.25

How was your running week?

Did you long run this weekend? or race?