Week in Review

I feel like last week was my first week in a long time where I finally felt back on track running and working out consistently.

I long ran Sunday so Monday I rested and did planks and bridges at home. I’m feeling so much stronger with my planks (more about this later).

Tuesday I planned our day so that I could run with my running group in the evening. Our gym allows for daycare on Tuesday evenings since the group run is part of their weekly workout schedule. With my husband out of town, I finally took advantage of this so I could run outside with friends.

It was a glorious run.


8:42, 8:51, 9:03, 9:06

I just felt good. I felt I could have gone even faster but reeled myself in and made sure I pushed but not too hard.

Wednesday I was back at the gym and tried out my new pair of Asics Cumulus on the treadmill. I’ve been using my Newtons on the road but thought they felt weird on the treadmill. When I bought the Newtons, the other pair in the running (see what I did there) were the Asics and ultimately I chose the Netwons. But remembering this, I went to an Asics Outlet and bought the Cumulus for treadmill running since I knew I’d be doing it a lot more now that my husband is traveling often.

I went for an easy 2 miler and felt fine. It had been easily over a year since I last ran on the treadmill!! I then rode the bike for 20 minutes, more planks, more bridges.

Thursday was a 4 miler on the treadmill. I’ve never minded the treadmill; I know many abhor it, but it’s never been an issue for me. I get caught up people staring or just thinking about random things. Now, they’ve upgraded, and each treadmill has a T.V. I simply put HGTV on and totally zoned out on House Hunters. The miles/time flew by.


Back at the gym on Friday for 30 minutes on the bike, planks, and bridges.

My husband was home for me to run my long run with buddies on Saturday morning and me and Runner Jenny ran 7 miles together. They felt good, they felt easy, and we surprised ourselves with our pace! We had chatted the entire way 🙂


That evening my husband challenged me to a wall sit challenge and I made it to a minute and thirty! He killed me on the plank going for 4 minutes but I did a plank PR at 1 minute and 15! I also love side planking and always do those too 🙂 Overall, it was a fantastic week and I’m feeling like all this gym time cross training and working on my core has helped.

Total miles: 17

–How was your running week?

–What’s your wall sit/plank PR? There’s this girl I follow on Insta, Run Rhea Run, who did a 20 minute plank once!! She’s also ridiculously fast.


Week Roundup and Shwings Giveaway Winner!

Last week was getting-back-to-routines week. I was exhausted from our trip to Ohio–traveling with two under two is no joke.

We got back on Monday night and Tuesday was my usual 10k Tuesday run.

Wednesday I was back on the track and shocked myself with a few things.



It wasn’t a continuous run so I have to put that disclaimer. The drill consisted of a 1600, followed by 2×800, followed by a 1600. I threw in the extra .1 for good measure 🙂 Between each set was a 30 second rest. Regardless, I was verrrry pleased with how I did. I truly think incorporating speed work has helped me improve immensely as a runner. That was my fastest 5k and my fastest mile to date.

Wednesday was also a special day because my daughter turned 2!! I no longer can say I have two under 2 lol! Dad was out of town on a work trip so we just hung out and had lunch. We had her birthday party while we were with family in Ohio–Sesame Street themed since she’s currently obsessed with Elmo 🙂


Thursday, I was back at the gym on the bike for 10 miles.

Friday was a much needed rest day and Saturday I planned for a long run of 8 miles.

I started of the run aiming for negative splits. The first mile was in the mid 9s and each mile was falling under and under. When I reached mile 6, I decided to push it a little to finish strong. I was motivated by a cool guy in my running group who was slowly increasing his speed as well. I figured I’d try and stay as close with him as I could to the end.

We were going strong and I could feel myself work. I looked down at my watch and it read 6.66. Nice, almost at mile 7.

I’ve said this before that I run mostly the same routes all the time so I know where pretty much each mile is. We reached mile 7 but no beep from my watch. Yep, it froze again.

I was SO bummed. I had pushing it hard and really wanted to see what that mile split was. I tried moving screens and nothing. The time was ticking but the distance wasn’t moving. I finally stopped the watch and restarted and then it was back to “normal”.

By that time we were almost done and we sped up to really finish strong. My running buddy wasn’t wearing a watch so I didn’t know what my final time was but I know that it was good. I felt it.

I tried really really hard to not let it get to me. I know we shouldn’t get hung up on times but it really helps motivate me to see the numbers. Two friends finished behind me and I tried to gauge my time by theirs. I guesstimated the last two miles of the total 8 to be around the 8:15ish pace. Awesome for me at the end of a long run.

On Sunday I was back on the trails. My running group had a 14+ mile trail run on the agenda. It was a super tough run but it was an absolute gorgeous day and we had a large group. That always helps. 🙂 My watch froze again–I didn’t even let it phase me.; I wasn’t concerned with time on this run. I stayed with a group the entire way and our total at the end was 14.76 miles.


View of Phoenix, AZ

View of Phoenix, AZ

So, overall total mileage for the week (Mon-Sun): 32.07 miles

And now….for the Shwings winner 🙂




Yay Yesenia!! Check your e-mail inbox for important info.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

–How was your running week last week?

–Any big (or small) races coming up?