Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 9

And just like that, we’re halfway there….

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Easy Runs–9:40-10:40
Long Runs–9:30

Last week was a good one and I felt like each run was a success.

Monday, August 29th–5 Miles Easy, 10:30 avg pace

I met up with my good buddy Jen who is training for Chicago marathon. We kept the pace nice and easy and had a great run catching up. I haven’t been able to run with her as much as I’d like because of our different training plans/schedules so it was a good way to start my running week.

Tuesday, August 30th– .5 mile WU, 6x800s (w/400 R), .5 mile CD

I shortened the warm up and cool down because of the route we take with our Tuesday night group run. It’s not ideal but….oh well. It was a great run nonetheless and I was super excited to see that I nailed the workout. The goal pace was 7:30 and here’s how I did:


This was a Cloud 9 run 😀

Wednesday, August 31stREST DAY

I ended the month with another monster total mileage (for me). I also only missed 2 days when I had some shinny shin shin pain. Luckily, some modifications have helped it and I’m a-okay!


Thursday, September 1st–1 mile WU, 8 miles Tempo, 1 mile CD

This run had me scared as it was my first 8 mile tempo run (of three). The tempo runs are set up in thirds so that from here on it’s 3 eight milers, 3 nine milers, and 3 ten milers. So I’ll be having a medium-esque long run (10+ miles) on Thursdays from here on out.


So the first one was tough…it was 84 degrees and 55% humidity at 4:45 in the morning and what has usually been a relatively comfortably hard pace was just brutal. Plus, I think I’m definitely feeling the accumulated fatigue now. The goal pace was 8:45 and this run was at about an 8:52 pace average for the 8 tempo miles. Ugh.

Friday, September 2nd–4 Easy Miles, 9:44 avg pace

This run was faster than it should’ve been (and shorter) because I skipped my early morning hill run workout to let my husband run. I keep saying I forget that he’s training for a marathon and I say that half jokingly, but I sometimes do forget. I’ve been pretty selfish about making sure *I* get my runs in and I haven’t been more accommodating to him.

Side note: I’ve found Hanson’s to be a pretty lonely training plan. It’s so much running and pace specific that it doesn’t work well with running with other people. I’ve missed out on running with friends quite a bit and while I’ve tried to make it work, it can get tough with different training plans, different life schedules, kids, and a spouse also training.

Saturday, September 3rd– 15 Long Run Miles @ 9:28 pace

I switched my long run days so that I can run with friends (see Side note above). I have two friends also training for NYC Marathon and it has been difficult getting our schedules to match. I hate that we haven’t run together more, especially since we’re training for the same race.

Anyway, it was a great run. I didn’t worry about my pace; the run was about hanging out with friends.

At the mile 12 mark, my friend said she needed musical assistance so she plugged herself in and got in her zone. I started to pull away from her then as I felt good and I finished the last three miles at goal marathon pace–8:46, 8:43, 8:32. This is where I really feel/see the benefits of Hanson’s. I can’t believe I felt that good at the end of a 15 mile run.


start time–4:30 a.m.

Sunday, September 4th–5 Easy Miles, 10:14 avg pace

Easy recovery miles around my hood to finish off the week.

It was a 44.16 mile week of good running and I’m stoked to be at the halfway point feeling strong. I know things will start getting tough as the fatigue settles in and the mileage keeps climbing. Here we gooooo!!!

–How was your running week?

–How many of your runs are solo runs? The majority of mine are and I don’t mind running by myself, but there are times when I really do enjoy company.


Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 8

Still truckin’ …

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Easy Runs–9:40-10:40
Long Runs–9:29

Monday, August 22nd–4.4 Easy miles @ 10:18 avg/pace

The plan said 6 but my route said 4.4 so that’s what happened. This became a theme this week in that my runs were shortened due to time, life, excuses.

Tuesday, August 23rd– .5 WU, 3×1600 @ 7:30 (w/400R), .5 CD

The warm-up was supposed to be longer and I really had all the intentions of doing it as I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get this workout done. But, it was raining cats and dog, thundering, and lightening. I still drove to my group run though, thinking maybe the storm would pass. We all waited in our cars but after 10 minutes, I chose my bed.

I ended up doing this workout in the evening (99 degrees–at least it wasn’t triple digits) and shortening the warm up and cool down.

So 1600s are not in the beginner plan but like I had mentioned last week, I really wanted to do this workout just to see. My goal someday is to better my 5k and if I was to do these miles consecutively at this pace, I would get a PR. So that was a big reason I wanted to do it.

And I nailed it.


and negative splits, too!! 😀

Wednesday, August 24th –Rest Day

What wasn’t resting was my fundraising. This was a monumental day as donations came in like whoa and I’m now LESS THAN $100 AWAY from my goal!! (So if you want to donate and get me even closer, you can do that here 😉 )

Thursday, August 25th 1 mile WU, 6 Tempo miles, 1 mile CD


This was such an amazing run. The goal pace was 8:45 and I nailed it feeling good the entire way. It was another confidence builder for sure. BUT, I somehow still doubt I can do this for 26.2 miles, lol. Ugh, I hate you doubt.

Friday, August 26th–4.5 Easy Miles @ 10:50 avg/pace

The plan said 5 but my route said 4.5. Plus, my husband and I both squeezed in early morning runs because right after….we were beach bound!!! 😀

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.22.36 AM


Bathing suits ready but mom wants one more pic!

Saturday, August 27th–5 Easy Miles @ 9:40 avg/pace

The plan said 6 but our route said 5. We ran this outside the condo we were staying at where on one side was this


and on the other, a road on which we ran our workout. It was cool to see the elevation map say that for a little while, we were below sea level lol!!



The rest of the day was spend having fun with family ❤


Sunday, August 28th–12 Long Run miles @9:30 goal pace (actual–9:22)

There was no way I was missing morning beach time so I told myself I’d do my long run when we got home. A four plus hour car drive later, the realization hit me that I really did have to do it. I also was NOT going to shorten this one as last week I shortened the 10 miler to 8. I needed to do a double digit run so begrudgingly, I went out the door.

And surprisingly, it ended up being a great run!! I felt good the entire way and never felt like I was working for the pace–despite it being 100 degrees out.


So despite shortening a few runs, it was an amazing week of running. 38.68 total miles and thankfully, everything is feeling good 🙂

–How was your running week?

–Are you a beach bum? I’m definitely more of a mountainous gal, but I love the beach with my kids 🙂


Hanson’s/NYC Marathon Training: Week 6

Week 6 sucked.

It happens and it’s over and I’m moving on–but I’ll give a quick recap in case you’re wondering what the hell happened.

Marathon Goal– 3:50
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs– 8:45
Easy Runs–9:40-10:20
Long Runs–9:29

Monday, August 8th–Rest Day

You read that right. I didn’t run. So after the previous day’s 12 miler, I started feeling a little niggle in my right shin. I iced it and continued my usual rolling and stretching but in the evening, I could still feel it. My husband was leaving Monday morning for an out-of-the-country work trip (for the whole week!) but I’d planned on running before he left for the airport. I couldn’t though. I could still feel a little throb when I woke up and even though it was insignificant, it was significant enough for me to say rest. So I did.

I iced throughout the day and felt a little better. But that night, I hardly slept. I’ve always been a horrible sleeper but it intensifies when my husband’s not home (Michelle, you are my hero). I must have gotten maaaaybe 3 hours of not continuous sleep.

Tuesday, August 9th– 1 mile WU, 2×1200 w/400 R, 1 mile CD

I modified the day’s workout from 4 x1200 to 2 x12oo for a few reasons. One, my shin. Two, I was completely exhausted from not having slept the night before. Three, I had to do this workout in the evening in 100+ degree weather. Not an ideal time to do speed work. Nonetheless, I was able to nail it.


I was really proud of this run. I did it solo and felt good despite everything and really wanted to do the full workout but I reeled myself in. I definitely needed this confidence booster though.

Wednesday, August 10th Rest Day

This is Hanson’s regularly scheduled rest day. I wrote a post on how I decided to modify the plan (and more on why) to ensure I make it the whole way through.

Thursday, August 11th– Rest Day

The lack of sleep was catching up to me and I just couldn’t. Tempo run, not done.

Friday, August 12th–3.75 Easy miles

The modified plan said 4 miles (four!) and I almost got all of it in. I took my son for a run around the block and we chatted the whole way. It was a fun run as I hadn’t done a run with him in a looong time. I’m excited for cooler weather to do it more often.


Saturday, August 13th–6 Easy miles

One of the things I plan on making sure I do better this time around is running my easy runs easy . My easy range is 9:40-10:40 and my easy runs have been around the 10:00 minute range. I want them more at the 10:20-10:30 range from now on. I think this will help my situation. Sunday’s run: 10:16 average pace. Getting there.

(And my husband came home this day ❤ )

I channeled my inner Olympian for this run :D

I channeled my inner Olympian for this run 😀

Sunday, August 14th–5.8 Easy miles

This was my Moms Run This Town Summer Sparkler 5k . I had been planning and organizing for months for this race and was excited the day had finally come. My chapter co-leader and #brf Foxy Jen (she’s running Chicago for Team Fox) and I ran 4 miles before the race, then we ran 1.5 miles mapping the 5k course.


We had such a great turnout!


At the start line!


Foxy Jen and I ❤

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.26.20 PM

Medal and swag (a “sparkle” towel)

I ended this week with ~20 miles. Quite a down week in mileage compared to previous weeks but I needed it. My leg is feeling SO much better and I’ve been catching up on sleep. I’m def ready to take on the rest of the training plan 🙂

–Have you ever organized a 5k (or any race)?

–Have you changed/modified your training plan mid way through?

–Do you fall asleep quickly? I wish I did. My husband does and I ask him all time, “Don’t you have thoughts?!?”