Friday Five! Snapshots of my week

I’m linking up again with the DC Trifecta girls Mar on the Run, You Signed Up For What!?, and Eat Pray Run, DC–this week’s theme: Fitness Snapshots


Well, there wasn’t a whole lot happening this week in the way of running or fitness 😦

Monday I was getting my hives on on the treadmill (if you missed my last post, I had a second allergy attack while running) and my 6 mile run was cut short.


I actually felt good on this run….you know, despite the itching and swelling…

and Tuesday was spent trying to remain positive:

"Find the beauty in the storm."

“Find the beauty in the storm.”

Wednesday, I went out for a rare mid-week morning run. My husband was leaving out of town for work the rest of the week so I squeezed in a 4 miler before he left. I started out tentatively but eventually found my groove and felt great the entire way. It was just what I needed to lift my spirits after what happened on Monday. I didn’t want to not run or be scared of running so I went out there and hoped for the best.

Could've kept going :)

Could’ve kept going 🙂

I thought about heading to the gym yesterday for my cross training day and dropping my kids off at the gym daycare, but I worried something might happen to me and with my husband gone, I didn’t want to risk it.

So we went backpack shopping instead 🙂 My kids start daycare on Monday and I’m pretty nervous/excited/freaking out about it.

She's ready to go!

She’s ready to go!

Fridays are typically rest days but I’m planning on heading out for another short 4 miler this evening. I have 8 planned for tomorrow morning so it’ll be nice to get my legs warmed up from having rested the past few days.

And then the rest of the day and weekend will be spent getting things ready for this big guy’s birthday! Less than 2 weeks til he’s ONE ❤

I'm in denial.

I’m in denial.

My 5 Snapshots! 😀 I hope you all have a great weekend!!

What are your weekend running plans? Anyone racing?

Tell me a snapshot of your week!

17 responses

  1. Your kids are so cute and first birthdays are totally the bees knees.

    This weekend I do my first group run with my half marathon training group – not too worried about it, but excited to meet the group.

  2. Hey you really turned the week around after the allergic reaction. Could of been real easy to fall off but you still got some good runs in, great job. Backpack shopping is awesome lol, hope they love daycare. Omg 1 year old birthday, one of the huge ones. Have fun planning and prepping and enjoy every moment of it.

    Does the roadrunner 5k count as a race?? Weekend plan is to run with TnT both Sat and Sun but we will see how my legs feel.

  3. Love the photo of your son – too cute! Snap shot of the week: smile face, birthday cake, little arms around my neck after being away for 2 days. No racing for me but I am playing in a soccer tournament {speed training} 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  4. Allergy attacks are no fun! So sorry you had to deal with them, but glad the rest of the week seemed ok for you. Those are some great 4 miles! Enjoy your son’s birthday party. I bet that year flew by.

    No races this weekend, but the training plan has 4 miles scheduled, and I’m hoping to sign up for the gym and get some brief laps done in the pool – which will be interesting, as I haven’t done laps since highschool gym class haha.