Plan shlam! My running weekend

So you all know I’ve been very badly following the Run Less, Run Faster plan for my fall marathon. Yeah….I haven’t been doing a good job of running less or running faster.

Saturday was long run day and I set out and 5 in the morning for an 8 miler. I joined up with with my running club for this one and lo and behold, Running Schlub was there! I “met” Richard through one of my other fave bloggers, Piratebobcat. Richard visited my page when I wrote about my hate for the Heat (Miami, that is) and we’ve been blogging (and now real life!) buddies every since. Funny, because during our run, we never talked basketball lol! He was nice enough though to run at my pace that morning–I was struggling 😦

And in typical Helly fashion, I forgot to take a pic–I’m so bad at the picture taking…

Me and the Running Schlub

Me and the Running Schlub

8 miles, 10:00/avg. mile

Sunday according to my plan is a cross training or rest day. I did neither.

Instead, my running club and a local Roadrunner Sports were hosting a Fun in the Sun 5k–nothing formal or timed, just a run to get us all together for a run and enjoy some sweet shopping discounts after.

Some of my friends wanted to get out there early for extra miles so of course I said yes. We got started at 6 and this was what awaited us:

at SIX in the morning!!!!

at SIX in the morning!!!!

Needless to say, this was not the best of runs 😦 We I drudged along for 3 hot miles.

And after that, I did it all over again with the rest of my running group!

Double duty Sunday

Double duty Sunday

That's me on the right with my flying ponytail :D

That’s me on the right with my flying ponytail πŸ˜€

I mentioned sweet discounts–I got myself some new shoes!!!

My new beauties <3

My new beauties ❀

I’ve been currently rotating my Brooks Ravennas and Asics GT2000s but missed my Kayanos of old. I have the old 18s that I use just when I’m out and about because they’re way long over used on mileage. But I had been wanting to try out the new model for a while so I can’t wait to break them in!

I’m not overly brand loyal–I typically stick with Brooks and Asics for shoes. How about you? Are your brand loyal?

–How was your running weekend? Anyone race?

–Does your ponytail fly all over the place like mine does?

–Do you stick with your training plan verbatim or break the rules like I do?

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  1. This heat is a killer! And throw in the recent humidity and just UGH! Love your new shoes! I’m so overdue and can’t decide if I want to stick with the new Ravennas or go with something else. Oh, and I never stick to a training plan. I follow it loosely but something always happens. (:

  2. Yay for new shoes! Plans and I have issues, I kind of stuck to one for this last half but it didn’t work out so well πŸ™‚ My hair used to do that and it drove me bonkers, so I cut it off. It’s getting longer now and I should get it cut again. 90 at 6? That’s crazy!

  3. OMG that picture of you and Richard as stick figures is cracking me up! I wondered if you two would ever cross paths!

    I am a loyal Brooks girl for shoes and a loyal Under Armour girl for capris (their hot weather gear rocks), but for tops, socks and sports bras I just go with whatever is cute, good quality and not too expensive πŸ˜€

  4. I’m brand loyal: Salomon, Asics, Saucony, Inov-8… um, never mind.

    No ponytail issues here!

    I actually stopped writing down training plans about a year ago and started just running on feel… somehow I got a bit faster… perhaps I’m on to something!

  5. I used to stick to a training plan religiously, but now that I’ve been doing this for a while I know more about what works for me. And also, I seem to have a habit of finding the perfect training plan about 3 or 4 weeks after I should have started it. oops!

  6. I can’t believe you ran in that heat! I would probably croak! On the flip side- I am having runner envy right now as I am stuck in Maryland for the week and can’t run outside due to a sun allergy and this hotel doesn’t have a treadmill! I will just live vicariously through you πŸ˜‰

  7. That sounds misrebly hot! Good for you for pushing through! This weekend was a five mile training run for me! Loving being back in the game and my body is already revolting! Time to make some teaching adjustments at work! Love the new shoes too!

  8. Those shoes are cute! Brooks were my first shoes and what I seem to like best when fitted. However, I bought a pair of Asics Cumulus a month ago that I love.

    90 at 6am? Ugh!! I probably would have walked right back in my house.

  9. That’s so cool you met Richard!! You did great just dealing with the heat, I have about given up and just run on the TM now. I love that you have a club, I am member of one but it seems they are always running at times I can’t. I love shoes for different reasons. I use Brooks a lot for my long run outdoor shoe, but I love Altra Torin’s for the gym and TM, they are amazingly light. I wear Torin’s if I am running 6 miles or less outside as well, but I need more for a long run.

  10. I also don’t follow training plans. When a plan tells me to do something I turn into a rebel. Seriously though, I should probably follow a training plan for my next half once this weekend’s half is over! Anyways, I have to give you props for going out in that heat. I ran in 90 degree weather a few times back in Philly and it’s not my thing at all. You’re awesome for doing that!

  11. I am brand loyal – I’ve been running with my Brooks Adrenalines the past 8-9 years, too scared to try something new. I kind of broke my training plan this weekend by running less than intended, but luckily it was a recovery week.

  12. Love your new shoes!! I am brand loyal to a point, but if something out there is just as good, I am willing to give it a try, that is how I found Brooks πŸ™‚ I used to run in the Kayanos and they were awesome, I hope you love the new model!

  13. When I was following RLRF I broke the rules a lot, too! It takes a certain person and training style to work well on that plan- although I’m considering attempting it again post baby since I think the fewer running days might be a good thing as I start to build back up.

  14. Oh my! My ponytail is all over the place when I walk! Once I tried braiding it for a run, and no it was a bad idea because I kept on hitting myself with it. True story lol! I’m taking a small break from running, so it was yoga all the way for me πŸ™‚ xoxo

  15. Oh, yes, my ponytail flies all over. And I’ve got curly hair so it’s looking weird than it looks on a regular person. But I got used to it in the end, because I love long hair.

    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  16. Yay for new shoes! I just got a new pair of trail shoes – I like the Brooks Pure series. And I have a whole bunch of race photos with my ponytail swinging around. I have to say I finished my long run on Sunday at it was 81F and I thought I was going to die!

  17. So cool y’all got to meet up! I felt bad writing that Heat post knowing that he’d see it. But at I least I don’t have to see him face to face! ahahaha! Love the pic of you two, btw. πŸ˜‰ And yes, I’m loyal – Brooks Pure Flow have kept me healthy for a couple years now, so I’m sticking to them!!!

  18. I am definitely not brand loyal, I still can’t figure out what shoes I like best. As for the pony..i got so annoyed by it that I just chopped it off recently!! And so glad that I did! I do typically stick to my plan because I need that push of what to do. I’m so Type A, I can rarely fly by the seat of my pants with my training…other things, yes…training, no πŸ™‚