Technical Difficulties

Hi all! I’ve been MIA due to home Internet technical difficulties. It’s been such a pain trying to get our service back. I’ve spent quite some time talking to voice machines and when I finally do reach a human being, I still don’t get any answers. Grr… And trying to write a blog post on my phone is way too much for me to handle (hence, why this one is short and sweet! Lol!)

I hope you all had a great week and have even a better weekend! Who’s running? Who’s racing? 🙂

Anyone else dealt with Internet issues? Blah!



13 responses

  1. You have my sympathies. I’ve been without a real internet connection for almost two weeks. Such a pain. And yes doing posts from a phone is so tedious. I just can’t type that much on a phone.

  2. Boo for internet issues!! I hate those automated call things. I end up screaming “give me a real human!!!” at them by the end. Lol. I’m running the Electric Run this weekend. Nighttime running plus glow sticks and other cool things! So fun!

  3. Spent a whole day with century link trying to “troubleshoot” the problem. Ended up calling back three times. Then they needed to send out a technician. Took him an hour to swap out our modem. Such a pain in the a$$. I really hate technology lol