Sunday Social and Week Recap

Yay!!!! I finally got my internets back! Actually, about 30 minutes after I posted Friday’s post from my phone, it was back! You guys brought me luck ❤

Last week was a tough running week but the running I did do was pretty awesome.

On Monday, I headed to the treadmill and hit 7 miles at a 9:29 pace. I felt so good and could’ve kept going but reeled myself in 🙂



Tuesday, I was back on the gym and rode the bike 10.5 miles. But in my typical break-the-RLRF-rules, I met up with my run club in the evening for a 4 mile run that ended up being AWESOME.



The reason this made me so happy is because I’ve been getting down on myself with my paces. I feel like I’ve hit a rut and have been struggling with every run it seems. I know the heat is a big huge factor, but not being able to get the times I “want” has been blowing my runner’s self esteem. Finally having a run that not only did I feel good but the times were what I liked was the pick-me-upper I needed!

That being said, I feel like this is something I need to work on–not putting so much focus on times and running for running. It’s hard for me to do this because I feel like there should be a purpose for every run and when I start to feel like there’s no improvement anywhere (pace, splits, distance, etc.) I start to get down on myself.

Anyway, Wednesday was supposed to be Christmas in July at track with my run club and I took my kids because my husband was out of town. I thought maybe my oldest would have fun running around the track. Yeah….no. As soon as we got there she threw a huge fit and we lasted all of 10 minutes before I packed both of them back in the car. On our way home, my daughter ended up throwing up all over herself and the car 😦 It turned out she had a stomach bug! I felt so bad for dragging her out in the heat and not realizing that her fussiness was due to her being sick. She had shown no signs earlier; but, after the car episode, the vomiting continued into the evening. I ended up taking her to the ER to get checked and I was so glad I did. She stayed home with me Thursday and Friday to recover and no running was done in those days.

Saturday, I met up with my run club for my long run. I had 9 miles on my plan and I was worried how I’d do considering I hadn’t slept well or run the past two days with my sick daughter. I ended up completing all 9 miles (yay!) and at a good pace– 9:52/mile.

Sunday, yesterday, I met up with the #RunEatTweetAZ crew for an early hike. My Arizona blogging buddy, Jeremy @ Confessions of an Amateur Athlete, created this group of local bloggers and once a month we meet up to run/hike and discuss all things running and blogging. There’s food afterwards of course 🙂 I missed the first meet-up but there was no way I was missing the second.

The alarm went off at 4:10 a.m. (<—-yes, crazy o’clock) and the plan was to meet at 5. I got there right on time only to find the trail CLOSED. What?!? Apparently, it didn’t open until sunrise and according to the ranger’s handy weather app, that wasn’t happening until 5:33…..

The line to park--

The line to park–

Once we got the parking situated, we all met up at the start and then headed on up. It was so fun to meet with bloggers whose stuff I’ve read and finally put the stories to a face. Like Zucchini Runner was late to the Phoenix Marathon this year (like, really, really late. Like they had already rolled up everything late.) but still ran it!! (<—Edited to add link to awesome story) And I also wanted to meet Shane because he seriously has the best collection of compression socks ever.

At the top, Jeremy (aka-King of Selfies), took the necessary achievement pic and we all hung out enjoying the awesome weather that was happening.

The #RunEatTweetAZ crew

The #RunEatTweetAZ crew (Photo Courtesy: Jeremy @ Confessions of an Amateur Athlete)

Our obligatory goofy pic (apparently, goofy means outstretched arms lol!) Photo Courtesy: Zucchini Runner

Our obligatory goofy pic (apparently, goofy means outstretched arms lol!) Photo Courtesy: Zucchini Runner

You know it's a steep climb when they add a pole to help you up.

You know it’s a steep climb when they add a pole to help you up lol!

Hello elevation

Hello elevation!

Photo Courtesy: Kristin @ Cook and Run With Kristin

Photo Courtesy: Kristin @ Cook and Run With Kristin

It was a great Sunday and a great weekend. My daughter was back to her usual rambunctious self and mommy got to run and hike! 😀

How was your running weekend?

Have you climbed the Empire State Building? Or an elevation similar to it?



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  1. I totally can relate to wanting every run to have a purpose and see increases in paces, etc. It can be really hard mentally for me when I am not making the gains I want to, but we have to keep everything in perspective–we are healthy, able to run, etc (that’s what I have been telling myself!) Plus, you live in a RIDICULOUSLY hot climate so you should be slower this time of year, just think, when the temps cool, you will be WAY faster! I’m so sorry L was sick, I hope she is feeling better….Ash got a stomach bug on Friday as well, I picked him up at daycare and he threw up all over me 😦 Thankfully he was better Saturday! It’s so tough when they get a stomach bug! Your blog meet up looked awesome!!!!

  2. That is an awesome selfie! What a fun activity! I want to hear this story about Zucchini Runner missing the start of the race!

    I hope your daughter feels better today!

    Do you feel like you only get down on pace in the summer? Or is it all year? I actually anticipate being slower in the summer due to heat and just turn my watch to overall time so I don’t even notice pace until I am done 🙂 But I never really care what my pace is, so maybe that doesn’t work for everyone, ha ha.

    • I realize I should linked to it so I edited–Done! (It’s a must read 🙂 )

      Thank you so much! She’s feeling a lot better thankfully.

      Yeah, I’d say the summer is when I see my pace go down. I haven’t ran a whole lot in the summer as I’ve been pregnant the last two summers lol! and don’t really remember life before that jaja!!

  3. I hopped to your blog from Salt’s only to find you live in Arizona too! The heat has been a major struggle and has been affecting my paces (although I’m extremely grateful for this little bit of a break in humidity!) so I decided to throw the idea of paces out the window except for my workout days, just recently. Glad you were able to get some feel-good runs in this past week! The Echo Canyon hike looks like a blast! I’ve lived here my whole life and have yet to hike Camelback!

  4. Ugh, I’m the same way about focusing on paces too much. It’s funny how much we love the sport and go crazy if we don’t run, yet we feel down on ourselves after a “bad” run.
    That meet up sounds like so much fun- what a cool idea!
    I’ve never run up the Empire State Building, but the race (or maybe a similar staircase race up) is on my bucket list 🙂

    • I’ve never run up the Empire but it would be awesome to do! I actually did the Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb a couple of years ago that was SUPER fun–you should look that race up (I also wrote about it 🙂 )

  5. Ha, nice! Looks like you had a great week, regardless of the ups and downs. Sorry about the lil one’s illness. I know how that is. Ugh, that line – reminds me of the line of cars to get into the Grand Canyon when we visited a few years back. And no, haven’t climbed the Empire State Building – but did take the elevator. They had long lines too. And at the top it was sooo cooold that we only stayed for about 25 seconds!

  6. That group must be so much fun! And so sorry about the stomach bug, that is no fun, hope she is feeling better!!

  7. OMG your stuff about is a run worth it if you’re not getting faster – I think that all the time!!! It’s so frustrating when I’m going so slow or bonk on a long run. It’s hard for me to accept this, but I really think that my body has off days sometimes and when I run on those days I’m going to be slower. It sucks but I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way sometimes! It sounds like you’re doing a great job lately which is awesome!

  8. I love the #Runeattweet group!! That looks like a fun meet up 🙂 Great job on the runs. I am really affected by the heat and humidity here, last summer I was running a while minute and half slower when summer hit. This summer I am just not running as much. I have become attached tot he treadmill but have a hard time staying on for longer runs. Impressive you knocked out 7 miles! Don’t beat yourself over the pace thing, you will sailing again when it cools 🙂 I am glad you got internet back, it’s terribly frustrating to fee cut off.

  9. I started to follow his blog after you mentioned it previously. Looks like everyone had a great time. Camelback was the mountain I was running for the past couple months. FYI next time try the cholla side, no gate to wait for lol

  10. You do some of the most fun adventure runs!

    I know what you mean about feeling in a running rut when things don’t seem to be improvi. I’m going through that right now. But it’s also important to enjoy just running, so I try to hang on to that when my paces aren’t where I want them to be. Trying…

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