Friday Five: Fave Race Memories

Hooking up again today with the DC Trifecta girls Mar on the Run, You Signed Up For What!?, and Eat Pray Run DC for this week’s topic of “Favorite Races”.

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This is a tough one.

But, if I had to narrow things down, here are my top 5 so far:

1. Bisbee 1000

My husband and I did the Bisbee 1000 Ultimate Stairclimb race a couple of Octobers ago. Bisbee is 25 minutes away from where we grew up and we actually had never heard of the race til a few months prior! Once we did, we knew we had to do it. It was actually my husbands first race ever!! What a way to start–with a 1000 stairs to climb lol! The steps weren’t consecutive, but they totaled 1000 once all was said and done. The course ended up being a little over 4 miles and it was definitely a challenge but sooo much fun.


2. Rock n Roll Arizona 2014

This was my first big race post baby #2 and I had the ambitious goal of getting a 1/2 marathon sub 2 hour finish.

And I did it!!!

I trained so hard for this race and knew that I was putting maybe too much pressure on myself considering I had given birth to my second child 6 months prior. But I really wanted to challenge myself and I really wanted to work towards something. My husband also ran this race and the feeling I had when I finished and fell into his arms is something I’ll never forget. 1:58:11!!!


3. Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon–Madrid, Spain

It’s Spain, need I say more? 🙂 This was another fun race my husband and I did. Actually, I’m noticing a trend. All my faves so far I’ve run with my husband 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.25.47 PM It was a hilly couse and definitley different in a lot of ways compared to American races but I was extremely pleased with my 2:08 finish.

4. Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim

Doing R2R2R is something I will NEVER forget. By far the most challenging and most exciting thing I’ve ever done.

Over 45 miles in two days. 100+ degree temps. Insane elevation changes.

It was simply amazing.


at the finish line of the Canyon :)

at the finish line of the Canyon 🙂

5. Phoenix Marathon

My first. You’ll never forget your first.

Again, I was ambitous attempting this 7 months after having my son, but I wanted to do it. I didn’t have any “real” goals. I had a time I was shooting for but wouldn’t be devastated not getting (I didn’t get it)–I just wanted to cross that finish line.

And I did in 4:44:12 🙂

My husband didn’t officially run the race but he might as well have as he carried my the last 6.2 miles. When I hit the wall, I thought I was done and I was frustrated I couldn’t keep going. He kept pushing me though and ran/walked with me those last miles. And I’ll never forget his words when we saw the “final mile” sign: “This is the last mile of the first marathon of your life. Finish strong.” I ran that entire last mile.

Crossing that finish line=best feeling ever

Crossing that finish line=best feeling ever (my husband took this pick 🙂 )

Yep, I'm a finisher!

Yep, I’m a finisher!

–What would say is your favorite race or race memory?

Have a great weekend amigos!!

43 responses

  1. My favorite race / race memory is my first 10K this past May. I did the Zooma Annapolis race. I had spontaneously signed up for a month into my C25K training because things were going so well. As it approached, I started having knee pain (runners knee). I was really nervous that I’d make my knee worse, but I ran the race anyway. As it turns out, my knee didn’t bother me at all, the weather was great, the race was awesome, and I finished faster than I thought I would. That’s the day when I really felt like a runner.

  2. I love that you raced in Spain! I need to go read your post and see why you were there. And R2R2R! What a treat… especially since they are talking now about not letting people down there!

    My favorite races are trail ones with my girls. No mud runs, but technical trail 🙂

  3. I love the variety of your races–from stairs, to halfs, to international, to trail, to marathon–You aren’t afraid of any challenge, and that is so cool, so inspiring, and even sweeter that you do these with your hubs.
    Are there any particular types of races that truly aren’t your jam?
    I can’t see myself doing a mud/color/foam run. I don’t see getting pelted with dust bombs or ruining all of my gear and getting icky that much fun. Trail is one thing, but purposely inviting the mud into my shoes is another.

  4. All great ones!! I didn’t put my first marathon MCM on mine and I really should have. It is definitely my favorite memory, but I wanted to go back to my routes and what started my love of running. You are amazing and have done some pretty cool races. And our marathon times are very similar, I think i finished in 4:43…hoping to shave 43 minutes off this year…

  5. Great list. That first one with the 1000 steps sounds so challenging! And it’s great you got the rim 2 rim in since I heard they’re thinking of not allowing running in the Grand Canyon in the future.

  6. That Bisbee 1000 sounds so cool! I want to do a staircase type race someday. & R2R2R of course 🙂
    My fav race memory is a toss up between my fastest half marathon or my BQ marathon. My half showed me something I didn’t think I was even capable of, but I never doubted myself during the race, and I finished feeling so strong. & My marathon…well that was a runner’s high I’ll never forget.

  7. Those sound like some amazing races! That’s so fun that your husband runs with you :). One of my favorite race memories was my first half last November- The Women’s Running half. I had never ran in a race with thousands of people before (even though it’s smaller compared to a lot!) and just the atmosphere was so fun!

  8. Great recaps and memories! My favorite by far was the Flying Pirate Half Marathon last year. I didn’t PR, but the circumstances around the race made it awesome. You can’t plan them all, but when they do fall into place, it’s heavenly!