Marathon Training Week 8 Recap

It’s getting better.

I was feeling pretty low after last week and while I still didn’t get/meet the mileage on my plan for Week 8, I’m a lot better about it. We’re just going to have some of those weeks where life is busy and it’s that much tougher to squeeze in runs.

My husband was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday last week and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get in my speed work on Wednesday but I did! I wrote about how well it went here 🙂

I didn’t get in a run Thursday or Friday but forced myself up on Saturday for my long run. I had 14 on the schedule and decided I’d just gauge it and see how I felt.

Early into it I decided 12 would be the magic number.

The first 6 miles were going great. I was averaging just under 10:00/mile which is where I wanted to be. At the end of the 6th mile, I passed a stenchy section of the canal where I run and my stomach begin doing somersaults.

I needed a bathroom. Fast.

Of course there wasn’t one in sight.

(TMI ahead!!!)

Around mile 7, I couldn’t hold it in. I found a nice bush and my running buddy kept watch. Luckily, she also had necessary bathroom supplies (which I now will always remember to pack in my water pack).

I couldn’t really recover after that. I finished the 12 with a 10:30/mile average which I still felt was pretty good considering.


On Sunday, a run was calling. I looked outside and the weather didn’t seem like it was going to cooperate. Haboob!

So I took it inside for a nice 4 miler.


Overall mileage for last week (Mon-Sun): 19

How has your running been going?

Ever had to “go” during a run?

A mini breakthrough

First, I want to thank you guys so much for the support and words of encouragement from my last post when I lamented on my recent struggles with running. I forget sometimes that there’s a lot of newness going on my life and with that there’s going to be adjusting and getting used to new routines. And my runs may suffer as a result.

A lot of you said that “bad” runs are usually followed by a good one and that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to do my usual Wednesday speed work session as my husband had been out of town the days prior and I wasn’t sure he’d be up to kid duty after a very long stressful couple of days of work and travel. But when he got home from work, he saw me still in myown work clothes and asked, “Aren’t you going to the track tonight?”

I love him.

I did a sprint upstairs to change and as I headed out the door he said, “Run fast!”

And I did! I have no idea how or what gave me the energy but I did. Maybe it was taking a couple of days off, maybe it was being so excited to get back out, I don’t know, but what happened was truly amazing.

PhotoGrid_1407982111753 Your eyes are not deceiving you–that is a 6!

The workout consisted of 1×1600, 2×800, and 4×400. During the first set, I was running with a run club buddy and trying to keep up. When we finished the first mile and moved to our quick recover, we high-fived and I decided I’d try and stay with him the rest of the workout.

It was tough but with his encouragement I was able to stay with him til the end.

I was pretty euphoric on the drive home and when I walked in and saw my husband I said, “You told me to run fast,” and showed him my time. 🙂

Happy Friday Eve friends!!

–Do you like speed work?

Unlucky Week #7 of Marathon Training

Welp, you’re gonna have one of them weeks….

Last Monday, I was still recovering from my 15 trail miles the day before so I skipped my scheduled tempo run.

Tuesday, I typically run with my running group but my kids were sick, again, and I had to rush home to pick them up from school. The bummer part is that they have to stay at least 24 hours and the next day was the first day of school/work! My husband stayed home so that I could be there on that ever important first day and when we saw the kids needed more time to recover, he stayed the following day as well. 😦 The poor kids can’t seem to catch a break.

Thursday I needed to run to unload some of the stress and got in a very late 4 miles:

10516658_746462862084684_8741482969828929247_n Friday was a rest day but I don’t recall getting any rest.

I had 10 miles on the agenda for Saturday and I somehow got out of bed at crazy o’clock to get it done. And that’s pretty much all I did. Get it done.

It was the hardest long run so far in my training.

I had to stop and walk multiple times. I just don’t know what it was. The adjusting back to work. The sick kids at home. A case of the bad runs. Or just a combination of all three.

I was not feeling it at all.

But, like I said, I got it done and that made me feel a little better.

10534681_747830638614573_784631177923549431_n I know that we’ll have weeks like these in training. And I knew with going back to work things would get a little harder. I just need to stay positive and focused.

Everything is going to be all right.


Weekly total mileage: 14 miles

How has your running been going? Give me a high since I’ve given you a low.

How do you shake out the negatives?