Week 1–St. George Marathon Training: Road to BQ

I know all of you have been anxiously awaiting my weekly training reports, LOL! Last week was Week 1 of 20 on the road to BQ. I still can’t believe I’m attempting it. I’m a ball of emotions right now (you bet I’ll write about it) but all I can do is trust the process ❤



Monday, June 5th–4 Easy Miles, 8:42/mile

I joined a friend for this run in the early a.m. –I’ve been getting up SOOOO early this training cycle. #gottagetthemgoals


Tuesday, June 6th–1 mile WU, 8 miles indoor bike, strength training

My training schedule is opposite of my usual run club days and I no longer run on Tuesdays and Thursday 😥 But, since I can’t be away from my friends for too long, I join them for a warm up mile (at 4:45 a.m.!!!!) before heading inside to the gym. That’s loyalty, amiright?

Wednesday, June 7th–6 miles hill cut-downs

Holy hilly hell. This was hard, but this. was. FUN.

1 mile WU
4×1:30 uphill controlled
4×1:00 uphill strong
4x30sec uphill very strong
4x15sec 100% effort
1 mile CD

Team BTB (Believe Train Become)

Thursday, June 8th–Strength Training

I’m supposed to cross train Tuesdays and Thursdays, but today we drove to the beach so all I squeezed in were some core exercises and squats. Something is something.

my lil beach bums ❤

Friday, June 9th–5 Easy Miles, 9:36/avg

the beach at Puerto Penasco, Mexico

This was my endpoint.

Saturday, June 10th–12 Miles Long Run, 9:27/avg

This was a tough run. My husband and I had to really make it work with the route we had to get to 12 miles. Our biggest obstacle, besides the undulated hills, were dogs! There were so many loose dogs on this route and we weren’t even in the actual city! But we got it done and I was SO proud. Getting in a long run while on vacation can be tough but when there’s a goal to be met, you do what you gotta do 🙂

Sunday, June 11th–Foam Roll Recovery

Sundays are my new rest days and I actually did rest this time because we traveled back home. Other Sundays I’ve still been meeting my MRTT group for some easy miles which I’ll continue to do if life permits.

And that’s Week 1– 8 miles cycling, 27 miles running

–Do you plan ahead to make time for your workouts/runs on vacation?

–Are you a beach person? Where is your favorite beach? I’m not particularly a beach person and haven’t explored many, but love to see where people go 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you follow along for the rest of this crazy BQ journey of mine!

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Saying No

There’s a lot of things I’ve been saying no to lately. This wasn’t always an easy thing for me to do. Still isn’t.

But as the years have gone by, I’ve found it necessary to say no to things that inhibit my growth as a person, a parent, a teacher, and a runner.

Here are few things I’ve said no to recently:

Saying no….to over scheduling. With school out, I’ve felt a little pressure to sign my kids up for all the things. At my daughter’s Pre-K graduation, several parents asked what camps my daughter would attend. Ummm…none? It didn’t even cross my mind to sign her up for anything. I just figured we’d hang out all summer together. It made me start questioning myself, “Should I put her in something? Am I being a bad mom for not signing her up for a class/camp?” But, no. She’s fine. I’m fine. She’ll be plenty busy when school resumes and summer time will be family time.

You guys, I have a Kindergartner!

Saying no….to all the the races. When I was training for New York City Marathon, I did not race at all during my training cycle. My eye was on the sub-4 prize and I didn’t want to lose my focus. I have the same feelings now about St. George. I’m on a mission to Boston Qualify and I don’t want to worry about races/PRs before that happens. I was signed up for Rock and Roll San Diego, a race I’ve been really wanting to do. As a Rock and Roll ambassador (Rock ‘n’ Blogger–did I even tell you guys I was selected?!?) I have the ability to go to any race. I jumped on San Diego…. But then life stuff came up and San Diego no longer fit in that plan–so I pulled out of the race. I have a ton of friends going this weekend and the FOMO is for real. But, I have to stay firm on my no. Beyond the life circumstances that came up preventing me from going, I also have to keep my eye on the BQ prize. So as of right now, I have zero races leading up to St. George.

Saying no….to negative thoughts. I mentioned in previous posts that I’m trying to get my diet together. I gained some weight after New York City and Phoenix Marathon and I’ve felt it (and seen it, sadly). It’s tough to put on clothes and them not fitting as they should–the negative thoughts start creeping in and it’s easy to let them overtake you. But no, I’m fine. I’m doing what I can (healthily) to lose those pounds I’ve gained, and I just need to be patient.

Saying no….to fear. I’ll be back to teaching this fall. Yay!!! And while I’m excited, I’m super scared and nervous to be at a new school, teaching a new subject–still English, but I’ll have two sections of beginner writing for non-English speakers. This is a foreign territory for me (see what I did there? I crack myself up!) and I have a thing about the unknown. I like knowing. Unfortunately, that’s just not how life works, lol!

Saying no….to comparisons. I’m really good about not comparing myself to others. I love following people’s training journey, and I’m able to be happy for their successes without feeling like I’m lacking or slow in comparison. I have a very good friend who is also training to BQ at St. George and people have joked if we’ll remain friends afterward. I think that’s so silly–we don’t compete against each other. We really don’t. We are genuinely happy when one has a good run or race. We don’t base our progress/success on whether one is faster than the other.

BQ training buddy ❤ #makeithappen

BUT, it’s very difficult for me to not compare myself to myself. I’ve written about this before. I’ve come off two marathon training cycles and I’ve allowed myself to rest/recover. Right now, as I begin my next cycle, I feel like I’m starting over–which I am. And I have to allow myself to be okay with that. I can’t expect my fitness to maintain year-round; my body needs some down time. I look at pictures/paces from last year (and even a few months ago) and I wonder if I’ll ever get back to those times. I know it’s dumb, but those negative thoughts again…they creep in. I re-read the post I wrote last year and I found myself nodding at my words:

“…right now it’s important for me to focus on the present. I shouldn’t be working on becoming someone I was a long time ago, I should work to be a better version of me–”

And as always with time and growth– each year, each marathon, you learn.

“I’m a better version of myself now than back then because I know more. I know more about training, diet, mental strength. I’m stronger on a lot of levels. And I know that with hard work, I can be faster than back then.”

I can say yes to all of that!

–What have you said ‘no’ to lately? Is there something you feel you should say ‘no’ to?



Squat & Diet

Yep that’s pretty much what’s been going on over here….

I’ve been running, but what I’ve really been doing is squatting like I’ve never squatted before and trying to eat better. I have no idea who I’ve become.

So my coach right now is really focusing on pre-habbing (you know, doing the stuff people do when they get injured but BEFORE they get injured). Every Tuesday and Thursday I’m supposed to cross-train/strength train and like a good student, I’ve been doing all of my assignments. There’s more that I do besides squatting, but there’s def more of those than anything else. My Moms Run This Town chapter also has a month long squat challenge so everything has coincided quite nicely (or not? lol!).

Nothing has humbled me more than single-legged squats. Holy shit, those are hard.

I’ve become one with squats. After almost a month of squatting, I no longer dread them but accept them as part of my daily routine. While I have two scheduled days of strength training, I’ve found myself squatting and doing core work every single day. And after almost 4 weeks, I can finally begin to feel the hard work paying off.

It took me longer to get as motivated for the diet part, though. No surprise. But, last week was my first full week of being mindful of what I was putting in my mouth. My coach gave me a list of food ideas–this I love because I’m totally a person who likes being told what to do, in this case, eat.

Tuna has become my best friend. I’ve made this quite a few times. I’ve also been making a lot of smoothies which pairs great with our 105 degree temperatures 😀

1 cup almond milk
1 banana
mixed berries (to your liking)
spinach (or kale–I switch b/w them)

and voila! A yummy smoothie! Sometimes I’ll throw in chia seeds or Greek yogurt for funsies but with or without, it’s yummy.

I’ve been easing myself back into running. My coach has given me a break from speed work and tempos to concentrate on getting everything healed (foot feels amazing!). I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal with everything. I definitely felt my mojo drop a little and now that summer is arriving (my happy season), I’m ready to get to work.

100+ degrees? No sweat!

–Do you like squats? (They were seriously my death but now I don’t hate them as much anymore) Am I the only one who dances around trying to hold a single legged squat?

–What’s in your favorite smoothie?

–Your thoughts/feelings on summer approaching?