4 Fitness Trends No Way In Hell I’ll Try (and 1 I will!)

Well hello there Friday, how you doin’?

Hi everyone!! I’m linking up again with the DC Trifecta ladies Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney for their weekly Friday Five. Today’s topic are fitness trends you’re just not that into.

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There’s a few of those on my list and I’ve included 4, but I thought I add one trend that I am into as well:

1. Mud Runs

Even before the poop fiasco that caused severe eye damage to a woman, I was never into mud runs. It’s just not my thing and not something you’ll find me doing. Ever.

2. Taking Running Selfies

I have a few friends who take pretty awesome pictures of themselves running and have been asked how they do it since, well, they’re running. I guess you prop your phone/camera and video play while you run, then snapshot it when you see a good angle?? I’m not entirely sure how it’s done but I find it kind of a lot comical thinking of re-enacting myself running to get a picture. I’m already awkward as it is.

3. Plexxus, Shakeology, Herbal Life

Man, there’s so many of these types of shake thingys, I can’t keep track of them all or know what each one is all about. What I do know is that I like food. A lot. And not in liquid form.


4. Body Wraps

They may have worked for somebody, but I’m not interested.

5. Being Social <—–

This is a yes, most definitely. I’m all about joining/running with a group and/or keeping tabs with running friends online through social media–it makes training so much more fun!



Thank you for your encouragement and support on Wednesday’s post regarding my fundraising 🙂 And shout out to Olivia @BalancingMommy and Allison @InvertedSneakers –Thank you for your donations! I hope everyone has a great weekend! ❤ , helly

–What do you think of my list? Had you heard about the poop fiasco?

–Is there a fitness “trend” you’re just not that into?

–What fitness “trend” do you enjoy?
**Please know that these are my opinions and if you’re into any of the things I noted, please do not take offense.

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  1. So I did Tough Mudder a few years ago, but I will never do another mud run again unless I absolutely positively 100% know that there will not be chemicals and animal feces in the mud… While it was a fun experience, I understand completely why these new articles are now popping up everywhere about the mud runs. I was sick (nothing serious, just a cold…but it definitely stemmed from the event) and had chemical rashes all over my skin for days afterwards – and so did my friends! I would not choose to go through that again that’s for sure!!

  2. I’m not into the hybrid things: Yogalates. Piloxing. and whatever other Franken-classes are out there. Not my bag. I do love a good mud run (and a dose of Cipro). And body wraps are so not my jam. Carbs however are. This is why we are friends. I’ve got olive oil and pasta in my blood. 🙂

  3. I love SoulCycle. It’s a total cult atmosphere but I love it. I also really want to try OrangeTheory… but I’m with you… I don’t think a Mud Run or Color Run or whatever is really my style.

  4. No to mud runs…and ew no I had not heard about the “poop fiasco” :/, no to running selfies…my work just started a “summer selfie” contest where we’re supposed to tag ourselves doing something active and I’m not too enthused about it. They said someone else could also take our picture, so at least there’s that, plus I would probably drop my phone! No to liquid “meals.” Yes to the social:) I could never do one of those detox things. Nope, not giving up food:D

  5. I was never a fan of mud runs before all the nasty news they been getting. Why is running through the mud fun? Obstacle course, ok, but mud- hell no. Haha, I did tray to take a few of timer running pictures a year ago. They were hilariously scary and I deleted them quickly. 🙂

  6. Love your list and I feel like mine would be the exact same. And for the wraps – I just don’t get them either…and don’t enjoying following those that use them. Move your butt, be social, eat what you love 🙂

  7. Mud runs! Lol, top of my list of not todo. That and obstacle courses! They just seem like they’re trying too hard to appeal to newb fitness types, and you can already get that kind of variety in less trendy trail running or orienteering races.

    Taker of running selfies here. Yes that’s kind of how it’s done, and the awkwardness is part of the fun 😉 I use a timer on my iPhone, but lately I’ve been pressing a button on the apple watch that then takes a photo from the iPhone camera #secretsrevealed

  8. Ha! I agree with all of yours and I never heard of the poop fiasco – that’s so crazy! I am so not into the shakeology/beach body culture – so many people love it but I think it’s annoying, plus the shakeology is so expensive!

    • Right?? I got some flack about this post but oh well. Can’t please everyone. And it’s cool if people want to add protein shakes to their diets but to completely replace a meal with liquid? Not for me. Neither are dietary supplements or the like.

  9. Omg I’m in COMPLETE AGREEMENT over all of these!! One of my friends texted me about the poop fiasco when I was whining to her about my terrible muddy Ragnar experience and I was like WHY would you send that to me!? Thank goodness I seem to be ok though 🙂
    I feel like shakes and wraps are more of gimmicks than trends…hence me never wanting to try them. If you want to lose weight, why don’t you do it the old fashioned way? It’s the tried and true method people!
    Maybe I’m not a trendy person. Just pass me a watch, some weights & a yoga mat, and I’m a happy camper. Also my phone for twitter & IG needs 😉

  10. Love the list! I’m with you on the mud runs. I hadn’t heard of the poop incident, I’ve just always been worried of injury and don’t want to be sidelined. How about those detox teas you see all over insta?? No way! And my other no-way-jose fitness trend – indoor cycling with weights. No – just no. Not supposed to and its ineffective! Great post!

  11. Omg I have not heard of the poop fiasco and I am scared to google it buuuut I probably will anyway! I did two Warrior Dashes several years ago and while I enjoyed them at the time, I can’t see myself doing one now. I don’t understand how I completed the course without injuring myself!!

    One fitness trend I will not try- cross fit. I love lifting but I don’t like a lot of the things cross fit teaches. It is just not for me!